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    FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

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    One of the best games of all time? Maybe...
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    *                       Author: marshmallow                           *
    *               E-mail Address: marshmallow@planetn2000.com           *
    *                          Version 3.5                                *
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    Welcome to the only COMPLETE Body Harvest FAQ on the entire Internet 
    (that I know of). Here you will find walkthroughs for each of the five 
    time periods, information on all of the enemies, lists containing the 
    locations of Alien Artifacts and Weapon Crystals, tons of codes, and 
    everything else you could possibly ask for. 
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    *               T A B L E    O F     C O N T E N T S                  *
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                Chapter 1 -- "Revision History / Updates"
                Chapter 2 -- "Important Legal Information"
                Chapter 3 -- "The Story So Far"
                Chapter 4 -- "Basic Information"
                Chapter 5 -- "Minor Enemy Characters"
                Chapter 6 -- "Body Harvest Walkthrough"               
                Chapter 7 -- "Major Boss Characters"
                Chapter 8 -- "Codes"
                Chapter 9 -- "Weapon Crystals / Alien Artifacts"
                Chapter 10 -- "Credits"
                Chapter 11 -- "Contact Information
    Saturday, December 4th, 1999 (Version 3.5):
    I gave this FAQ a HUGE, HUGE make-over.
    Thursday, July 15th, 1999 (Version 3.0):
    The Weapon Crystals for Siberia and Greece are complete, as are the 
    Alien Artifacts for Siberia, plus the person who sent me all of that 
    stuff is in the credit section. Then there are the tons of codes in the 
    Secrets Section. You should have also noticed the above "artwork"...
    Do you know what this means? It means that this Body Harvest FAQ is 100% 
    COMPLETE! The only Body Harvest walkthrough on the Internet! This is the 
    longest FAQ in terms of time that I have ever written. I started in 
    December, and I'm finishing it in June. Well, since EVERYTHING is done, 
    I won't accept anymore submissions, only comments and questions. 
    Saturday, July 10th, 1999 (Version 2.7):
    I added the third Crystal Weapon to the American Stage, and updated the 
    Credits section for the person responsible.
    Saturday, June 20th, 1999 ~ Part Two (Version 2.5):
    Oops...I forgot to put in the Alien Artifacts for the Java Level, as 
    well as the credits. It's fixed now. Sorry 'bout that.
    Saturday, June 20th, 1999 (Version 2.3):
    Added the last of the WEAPON CRYSTALS to the Java Level, and the person 
    to the credit section. I also have to warn you all, I won't be at my 
    house for the next week or so, I'm visiting Florida (Vero Beach, about 
    100 miles away from Miami, if you have to know) to see my Grandparents. 
    Ah, soaking up the rays of the sun, fishing for big whoppers with crazy 
    old Grandpa...ah, the memories...I can't wait! 
    Tuesday, June 15th, 1999 (Version 2.0):
    The ALIEN COMET level is up...I'm rather saddened to see it all go. 
    <sniff> So are the last few bosses, with their correct names, and the 
    last enemies. I also added the *special weapons* for the ALPHA 1 in the 
    weapons section, and all of the Alien Artifacts for JAVA and AMERICA. 
    Also added a new introduction (look above). Now, if anyone would be so 
    kind to send me the locations of Alien Artifacts or Weapon 
    Crystals...c'mon!!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!
    Tuesday, June 10th, 1999 (Version 1.3): 
    I have awakened from my crypt to continue my Body Harvest Walkthrough. 
    Or, as it seems more likely, I have typed up more gibberish that no one 
    is gonna read. Either way, you can't stop me!
    The AMERICA and SIBERIA levels are up...Also, I added some enemies and 
    the Boss for America/Siberia. I also want you guys to help me find Alien 
    Artifacts and Weapon Crystals...C'mon!
    I'm almost finished with the ALIEN COMET...just wait a bit longer.
    Tuesday, March 9th, 1999 (Version 0.7):
    Oh! I did do one thing. Since I've recently received a Spellchecker, I 
    obviously, spell-checked the entire document! 
    Friday, January 29th, 1999 (Version 0.6):
    Guys, guys, guys...can't you be a *little* patient? Look, so I haven't 
    updated this FAQ in about...4 months, what's the big deal? OK, well, I 
    can understand that you might be stuck and want help...but what about 
    me? Anyways, as the new introduction (look above) states, I did the 
    first release on a rental, but I got it for Christmas. However, I also 
    received Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Turok II: Seeds of Evil 
    (both I have done Walkthroughs for!), so I didn't exactly play Body 
    Harvest a lot. In fact, I barely booted it up! So, anyways, when I get 
    done with those two games, I'll start working on this one. It will be 
    slow and painful, but I promise that someday, this FAQ will be 100% 
    complete. I never leave a FAQ dead in the water like this for all 
    eternity (unlike some other Authors, *cough* *cough*) Note that I have 
    updated a few sections, however...
    Monday, December 21st, 1998 (Version 0.5): 
    First version is out!
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    - A scant few others I have given permission to. Don't worry about them.
    Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs 
    updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact 
    I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
    share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem 
    to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
    job, guys and gals. 
    I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
    get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
    though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
    the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
    I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
    this note) to put an end to it! 
    Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
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    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
    their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo, 
    DMA-Design, Gremlin Interactive, Midway, nor any companies that were/are 
    involved with this game.
    This document is © 1998-1999 marshmallow
    All rights reserved
    "In the late nineteenth century a new comet was discovered in the skies 
    above Earth. Regarded since ancient times as the harbingers of 
    destruction, the new comet was named "Shesha" the snake, after it's 
    long, unnaturally brilliant tail.
    Rumors started a few years later. Stories of monstrous beings. Fantastic 
    tales of insects who would appear out of nowhere, consuming men, women, 
    and children, and then destroying everything in their path.
    It wasn't until 1916 that eyewitnesses and radio reports confirmed an 
    attack on the islands of Greece. Rescuers rushing to the scene found an 
    impassible barrier, a 'shimmering blue wall' that could not be broken or 
    breached. For a full 24 hours the walls remained in place. The rescuers 
    watched - helpless - as those inside the barriers beat against the wall 
    with their fists, begging and screaming for help as they were hunted 
    down and devoured by the huge predators. At dawn the next day, the walls 
    were gone. The rescuers found the land silent. Devoid of human life. Not 
    a single survivor was found.
    The following day the barriers appeared over the coast of Southern 
    Spain. Twenty four hours later they were gone. The day after that 
    Eastern Canada was the target, then the South island of Japan. The 
    pattern of attacks was completely unpredictable, but the method was 
    always the same. The barriers would appear in the night, remain for 24 
    hours, then vanish. Leaving nothing but wreckage. No survivors of any of 
    these attacks were ever found.
    Then the creatures vanished. Humanity struggled to comprehend this new 
    reality, this new threat to the entire planet. Where had the creatures 
    come from?  How could they be stopped? And the questions that every 
    single person in the world was asking - where would they appear next?
    It was in India that the answer to the first question was found. The 
    comet Shesha, the great snake, had not vanished back into the depths of 
    space but had somehow maneuvered itself into a much smaller orbit around 
    the sun that should have not been possible. It was now heading away from 
    Earth, back towards the sun. But it would be back. "Twenty five year," 
    said the astronomers, "twenty five years before it's once more at it's 
    closest approach to Earth". Enough time for the humans to devise, co-
    operate, and place it's defenses. Twenty five years...Would it be long 
    Thousands of years ago, alien insects came to Earth and planted us 
    humans on this planet. They would return, someday, to feast upon their 
    seeds. We were cattle to them. Centuries later, the Earth was a gigantic 
    smorgasbord, free of charge. The year they decided to visit us? 1895...
    The year 2016. The Earth is almost devoid of human life, while their 
    friends the animals can finally live in peace :) High above Earth, in 
    the Space Station Omega, scientists are building several genetically 
    engineered soldiers to go back in time in crucial moments, hoping they 
    can change the future for the better. But then the aliens visited (this 
    is the 5 minute opening sequence, the aliens visiting the ship). They 
    killed all but one of the soldiers. The last one managed to survive and 
    hop into his own ship, the Alpha 1, and escape into the first epic 
    battle of the bugs: Greece, 1916.
    * - A Bit Of Science (May want to scroll down): The most widely accepted 
    theory (last time I checked at least) is that there are several time 
    lines. Therefore, if the past is changed so the bugs die, Adam Drake 
    would live in a timeline where everything is fine. Yet the scientists 
    would still live in a humanless world, so did they really do anything 
    worthwhile? Yes! They saved the future for at least ONE 
    timeline...wasn't that educational? 
    *******************     4-1: CONTROLS     ******************************
    Walk/Run: Analog Stick.
    Action (depending on situation): A Button
    Firing A Weapon: Z Button
    Semi-First Person Mode With Cursor: R Button
    Strafe Left/Right: During shooting, press Left C/Right C
    Turn Around: During shooting, press down C
    Camera Controls: C buttons
    Receive In-Coming E-mail: L Button
    Switch Weapons: D-pad (up and down)
    Walking Into A Vehicle: Get next to it, then press C down
    Exit Vehicle: C down
    When inside a vehicle, you can fire your weapons, run over 
    aliens/people/, and you have the nice addition of armor. If you get 
    shot, the vehicle will take the damage, it has it's own armor...
    Swimming is not advised, as you will slowly lose energy. This wouldn't 
    be as bad, but you're stuck with the worst swimmer in the entire world! 
    So slow...
    **********************     4-2: ITEMS     ******************************
    Fuel: This is what you fuel your vehicles with (duh). Most already have 
          a full tank, but you'll need fuel for those long distance trips.
    Health: Pick it up for some energy. Small recovers some, big fills you 
            to 100% and appears after killing hard enemies (Harvesters, 
            Boss Parts)
    Alien Artifact: Collect all three in a level and you can fight the boss 
                    whenever you want by going to the "Replay Boss" option.
    Ammunition: For your weapons.
    Weapons: Usually found inside buildings
    Weapon Crystals: Find three of these to amass a large, devastating 
                     alien weapon. A unique one exists for each level.
    Save Points: These will fall down after you destroy a Processor/Boss.
    *****************     4-3: REGULAR WEAPONS     *************************
    You may use these while walking on foot, and most of the them when 
    inside of a vehicle.
    Pistol: You start each mission with the Pistol. Your backpack is 
            constantly making extra bullets, so you'll NEVER run out of 
            ammo. It has limited range, but is somewhat powerful.
    Machine Gun: This thing has a HUGE range! It can also fire several, 
                 several bullets at once, all of which are powerful. You 
                 should be able to find ammo for this all over the place!
    Rifle: Though not as long a range as the Machine Gun, it certainly has a 
           longer one than the Pistol! You have to reload after each shot, 
           but that's OK, considering the fact that the bugs aren't exactly 
          speed demons. The Rifle is quite powerful.
    Shotgun: This weapon is VERY powerful, has limited range, and has to 
             reload like the Rifle. 
    Rocket Launcher: This elusive gun is very, very powerful. Best used 
                     against large and tough opponents (Shield Generators, 
                     Roach Gunners, Processors, Harvesters, etc...). Has a 
                     long range, too.
    ****************  4-4: ALPHA 1 SPECIAL WEAPONS     ********************* 
    The following weapons can only be used while on the ALPHA 1, which is 
    used to fight bosses and used throughout the last level. They are 
    accessed by using the D-pad.
    Chaingun: Has infinite ammo, the chaingun is extremely powerful and 
              causes massive amount of damage. Now, only if the targets you 
              used them on didn't have huge amounts of armor...
    Fragcannon: Shoots about a dozen small bombs that can cause a lethal 
                amount of damage when used close up, but their effectiveness 
                diminishes the farther away your target is. The pick-up item 
                looks like a brown ball with little swirls in it.
    Lazer Missiles: Each missile causes a fair amount of damage, but they 
                    can be shot very quickly, causing a huge amount of 
                    damage in a very short span of time. Used best against 
                    large, slow opponents, as their accuracy depends on 
                    yours. The pick-up item looks like a small blue ball 
                    with a comet going through the center.
    Resonator: Similar to the weapon used when flying a FLYING SAUCER, the  
               resonator will instantly destroy any creatures around you, 
               but not necessarily on the screen. Best used against a large 
               amount of creatures, especially on the ALIEN COMET. Save 
               them, there aren't a lot of these. The pick-me up looks like 
               a small purple ball.
    Plasma Bomb: Only two can appear on screen at once, the Plasma Bomb will 
                 erupt into a rather impressive wall of flames, melting the 
                 opponent in seconds. However, the ratio of it causing me to 
                 die instantly to killing the enemy is not exactly what I 
                 was hoping for...er...yeah. Pick-me looks like a small ball 
                 of flames.
    Here's the Set-up:
    Height/Length: My guess.
    Notes: Etc...
    In each level, the color of the bugs will differ...including the blood
    Greece: Green
    Java: Brown
    America: Purple
    Siberia: Blue/Gray
    Comet: Jet Black/Dark Purple
    Height/Length: 20 Feet    8 Feet
    Notes: There are only a few of these per level. They are stationary, 
    winged, beetle-like creatures which fire pulses at you. They have a 
    tough shell, and it takes a lot of shells to get through. They tell the 
    Harvesters where to go, and plans everything out, basically.
    # 2 - HARVESTER
    Height/Length: 10 Feet       9 Feet
    Notes: This is the head honcho of the Harvester Waves (i.e. waves that 
    are meant to kill humans). It controls the green blobs, and can 
    regenerate any allies that have been lost in it's wave. Because of this, 
    you should always kill him first. Tough skin, though, it will take a few 
    shots. Harvesters look like giant spiders. They will poop eggs at you, 
    chew you to death, and even shoot electricity at you! This will be the 
    one who eats the most humans...usually.
    # 3 - SCOUT
    Height/Length:: 2 Feet       9 Feet
    Notes: These dragonflies fly high in the sky, surveying the area and 
    mark houses and buildings so the other bugs can destroy them. Very weak!
    # 4 - GOLIATH
    Height/Length: 7 Feet      6 Feet
    Notes: Some humans are out in the open, but the majority have this 
    annoying habit of living inside houses. It's the job of these over sized 
    beetles to destroy houses and buildings to flush out people into the 
    open. Don't get too close, as with the Harvester, their mandibles 
    (mouths) are very dangerous.
    # 5 - WAR SCOUT
    Height/Length: 2 Feet       6 Feet
    Notes: They look like Scouts, just with different features. They look 
    more like wasps. Their job is to shoot you and blow up houses, assisting 
    the Goliathes.
    # 6 - DRONES
    Height/Length: one foot      three feet
    Notes: Their main job is to annoy the hell out of you! These beetle like 
    creatures will sneak up and chew on you.
    # 7 - SLIME JELLS
    Height/Length: One Foot   One Foot
    Notes: These green jellies are produced by the Harvester. They hunt down 
    people, suck them in, and take them to the nearest creature for 
    ingestion. Very bloody. The jells themselves are not living 
    creatures...if you see one carrying a person off, you CAN save them by 
    shooting the jell.
    # 8 - FLEAS
    Height/Length: Less than a foot   Less than a foot
    Notes: Almost useless to the enemy, this small green bugs try to go to 
    you and attack. They are spawned from other creatures.
    # 9 - DOODLE BUGS
    Height/Length: Less than a foot   Less than a foot
    Notes: These small brown creatures fly overhead, bombing the terrain. 
    Very small target.
    # 10 - LASER BUG
    Height/Length: One Foot     Three Feet
    Notes: This rare insect will come out of no where, flying above, and 
    fire a strong laser down at you. Their erratic patterns make them 
    difficult targets.
    # 11 - PIRANHA
    Height/Length: Unknown
    Notes: They fire depth charges at you. They are VERY powerful, so be 
    careful when they're near. The Piranha only take a few shots to kill. 
    They love to travel in groups.
    # 12 - SNIPER 
    Height/Length: 8 Feet    Two Feet
    Notes: A small, funny looking creature in a gigantic machine gun is the 
    Sniper. If will fire off several rounds at you in a very short amount of 
    time. Easy to take out, though, since they are stationary. In the later 
    levels they are armed with lasers!
    # 13 - GUN DRONES
    Height/Length: 10 Feet     4 Feet
    Notes: One of their arms is inside of a large laser gun, while the other 
    one can be used for slashing. They are very aggressive, and very 
    # 14 - MANTASAUR
    Height/Length: 25 Feet      10 Feet
    Notes: These things are absolutely huge! not only do they fire a single 
    laser at you, but they will attempt to hack you to death with their 
    mantid like arms! It takes a ton of shots to kill, and they are very 
    powerful. Go underneath their legs, turn around, and fire at them before 
    they have any time to turn around! Very fun to battle with...
    # 15 - MUTANT
    Height/Length: 20 Feet    5 Feet
    Notes: If six or more humans are eaten by the aliens, a Mutant is born 
    and the other aliens vanish, never to be seen again. The Mutant is a 
    large, black creature that hops up and down, firing lasers at you. The 
    laser is not very powerful, but the jump is. Whatever it lands on will 
    be destroyed instantly. In a vehicle? Its gone, leaving you on the 
    ground. Get hit when out of a vehicle? Game over! The only way you're 
    gonna kill this thing is if you're lucky, have strong weapons, and have 
    a large amount of distance between you and him...
    # 16 - BOUNCY BUGS
    Height/Length: 2 Feet   4 Feet
    Notes: Native to Java, they hop up and down, attempting to drive you 
    # 17 - AQUASAUR
    Height/Length: 9 Feet    4 Feet
    Notes: These large creatures float on a small boat out in the water and 
    fire lasers at you. Very annoying.
    # 18 - HELI-BUGS
    Height/Length: 1 Foot   6 Feet
    Notes: These strange insects look like helicopters! They shoot pulses at 
    you, just like a Processor.
    # 19 - BLOOD BUGS
    Height/Length: 3 Feet  7 Feet
    Notes: Strange, fat creatures that float in the air. They actually SPIT 
    BLOOD at you!
    # 20 - ROACH GUNNER
    Height/Length: 11 Feet  5 Feet
    Notes: These oversized roaches have machine guns on both of their arms, 
    and they're not afraid about using them! Use your strongest weapons 
    against them, like the Shotgun. 
    Height/Length: 15 Feet   5 feet
    Notes: Large, transparent with purple stripes. Sits on electrical 
    generators and fires VERY powerful electricity bolts at you...stay away! 
    At least have a powerful vehicle handy. Note that a single Rocket will 
    put them down.
    Height/Length: 15 feet      20 feet
    Notes: Found in America, these over-sized arachnids are not golden, but 
    the plate on their head is, hence their name. Like all America aliens, 
    they are purple. Mounted on their back are two very powerful plasma 
    guns. Also, let's not forget their deadly claws which can swipe your 
    vehicle up to 20 feet away (no kidding). Causes MAJOR damage. A shotgun 
    shell to the face will kill them, in one hit.
    Height/Length: 15 feet    25 feet
    Notes: Boasting twin rocket launchers and a gun that shoots electricity, 
    the Missile Scorpion has double rows of serrated teeth and plenty of 
    energy, which is very intimidating, to say the least. Destroy as quickly 
    as you can!
    # 25 - HOVEROS
    Height/Length: 10 feet     5 feet
    Notes: Similar to Heli-Bugs, Hoveros, as their name implies, hover over 
    the ground and shoot rather powerful lasers at you. Fun to battle!
    # 26 - ZOMBIES
    Height/Length: 4 feet  1 foot
    Notes: Found in Siberia, these strange creatures constantly yell 
    "moooooo..." Is that supposed to be scary? :) More fun than a threat, 
    these sprite beings are invincible, but you can run them over to see 
    gushes of green blood, and that sound is hilarious! Just wait until you 
    find the Combine Harvester...
    # 27 - CHOCO WORMS
    Height/Length: 15 feet     30 feet?
    Notes: It's clearly obvious that the creators of this game watched the 
    movies "Tremors" and "Tremors II: Aftershocks"...For those of you who 
    aren't familiar with the movies (...philistines!!), it's about terrible 
    worm creatures, later named "Graboids", who attack a small town. Then, 
    in the sequel, they change into...nevermind, where was I? Yes, well, 
    shoot them before the spit globs of acid at you. Nice ground effects, if 
    I do say so myself.
    ...heck, they even have ORANGE blood...like in the movies!
    # 28 - JET GUNS
    Height/Length: 5 feet  10 feet
    Notes: Looking like organic airplanes, these will zoom across the sky at 
    lightening speeds and shoot machine gun fire at you. Use the RIFLE to 
    peg them from far away. 
    Height/Length: 10 feet   20 feet
    Notes: These are rare, found in Siberia...they drool and attack very 
    quickly. The enemy designers must have stayed up too long...
    # 30 - FODDER
    Height/Length: 10 feet    10 feet
    Notes: Flying in from no where, their lasers are weak and their health 
    bars are low. They deserve their name. Found in the Alien Comet.
    # 31 - JADE DRAGON
    Height/Length: 10 feet  15 feet
    Notes: Appearing in large groups, they look small from the ALPHA 1, but 
    the threat they hold is very large. The electricity blast from one will 
    not do much damage, but if there are 10 or 12, you are simply 
    overwhelmed. Either use the RESONATOR or back off until you can't see 
    them, then they will start to come one by one, and since your guns have 
    a long range and they don't shoot until they're over you...your 
    advantage. Found in the Alien Comet.
    # 32 - SHART
    Height/Length: 15 feet  20 feet
    Notes: Appearing only on special tiles, these mechanized beings will 
    constantly shoot you with glowing plasma balls. Again, more dangerous in 
    groups. The vertical explosion that appears when they die looks pretty 
    cool. Found in the Alien Comet.
    # 33 - TROJANS
    Height/Length: 15 feet   20 feet
    Notes: At first they look like a piece of the scenery, then they burst 
    out in a dangerous line of plasma rounds. Ah! Found in the Alien Comet.
    # 34 - QWERTY
    Height/Length: 6 feet  10 feet
    Notes: Possibly the most easily underestimated opponent of the Alien 
    Comet, QWERTYS are basically motorcycles with eyeballs, machine guns, 
    and a lot of gas. Shooting relentlessly, don't let your guard down for a 
    moment, even when they back off into the distance, because they will be 
    back...that's money in the bank. 
    # 35 - ELIMINATOR
    Height/Length: 15 feet   40 feet
    Notes: Yes, another scorpion creature, these are a dark purple and will 
    send streams of laser AND machine gun fire at you, not stopping unless 
    you get out of their vision. In fact, this is the biggest weakness of 
    any of the scorpion creatures...if you can get to their side, they can't 
    shoot at you, because they're too busy turning around. Fatal mistake! 
    Found in the Alien Comet.
    # 36 - SUPPRESSOR
    Height/Length: 25 feet   20 feet
    Notes: The most dangerous and powerful enemy in the entire game, 
    SUPPRESSORS are almost square with huge teeth and twin-rocket launchers 
    which will keep firing until you die, they die, or your N64 explodes. 
    These rockets are insanely powerful, and will take off about 1/10 of 
    your health. Even your MACHINE GUN barely phases it...if you expect to 
    get through the ALIEN COMET, you must use *special weapons* on these 
    guys...like LAZER ROCKETS, or the RESONATOR...the latter is very good 
    when you see two or three (which is almost impossible to kill 
    otherwise). Good thing, there are only about 15 of these in the entire 
    Note: Each level has several, several buildings to explore. Each one has 
    books to read, barrels to search, and puzzles to solve. But I will only 
    include everything you need to do to beat the level.
    ******************     6-1: GREECE: 1916     *************************** 
                         G R E E C E  :  1 9 1 6
    Go forward to reach your first village, and the first encounter with the 
    aliens! Destroy them all, it should be easy, then continue on foot to a 
    house. Go inside the door and talk to the man. He'll let you hit the 
    switch which will lower the drawbridge. Now go back outside and climb 
    into the truck, drive across, and make your way to another village, 
    which is also under siege, kill 'em all! Continue, destroying the waves 
    that will attempt to kill you, passing the giant boulder. Follow the 
    road to a black hole in the wall; go inside. Walk forward and open the 
    chest to find some DYNAMITE. Also, one of the torches is really a switch 
    that opens a secret door. In the secret room is a MACHINE GUN and some 
    other items.
    Return to the truck and continue past the trees, it'll be a tight 
    squeeze. Turn left until you get inside a village: Destroy the bugs then 
    return to the boulder. Park about 20 feet away and climb out, then use 
    the DYNAMITE on the boulder and it will blow away, revealing a path. 
    Explore the valleys, don't worry, they're all a dead end. One house will 
    have an old man in it, talk to him and he'll tell you to go look for his 
    lost key. Go into the next room, open the drawer...aha! The key! Give it 
    to him and he'll tell you to go use the tank against the aliens...Then 
    go get the Motorcycle and explore the rest of the valley, then exit. It 
    seems as if this one town is being attacked...just follow the 
    road/arrows and then go across a bridge to find it. Blast the bugs, but 
    the houses will be on fire. You *could* go back to the previous town, 
    talk to the fire chief, get the fire truck, drive back, and put them 
    out...but what's the point? All you get is an extra e-mail telling you 
    "good job!" But still go back, more precisely, back to the HANGER (it'll 
    be on the map now).
    Defeating all the nasties, go up the hill and to the hanger. Go inside 
    and you will automatically take control of the Armored Car (actual name 
    way too long to spell out, let alone remember)! Ooh! New mission 
    objective: Kill the Processor guarding the hole in the portal to the 
    next area. Shouldn't be too tough...the road to it will be near the town 
    that was on fire. Just use the map a lot, especially when coming to 
    forks in the road. After blasting a million or so insects, you'll come 
    upon some trees. Run them over (they would have blocked anything else) 
    and go get the Processor! Just use the Armored Car's unlimited supply of 
    shells and strong armor to put him out...
                           PROCESSOR # 1 ELIMINATED!
                         GREECE: STAGE 1 - COMPLETE!
    Save, naturally, and drive on ahead through the hole in the blue 
    barrier. Destroy the bugs attacking the monastery and keep on going, 
    you'll reach yet another village with insectoid problems. After killing 
    the alien scum, go forward until you see the ocean. Drive so it is on 
    your RIGHT side, and you'll see a small path leading to the left. Follow 
    it up and around the mountain, killing dozens of insects, until you 
    reach the summit, where a temple is. Go inside, go straight to find the 
    SUN SHIELD! With this you shall be able to kick anything's rectum! Go 
    back outside and drive the Armored Car, or whatever you may have, down 
    the mountain and continue so the ocean is on your right. You'll soon 
    reach a temple with a statue on it, holding a torch. Aiming at the torch 
    (notice how your cursor will flash red as when you target enemies), fire 
    the SUN SHIELD and it will light, unlocking the door. Go down under and 
    through the underground passage that goes under the river to another 
    Lookie at all 'da buggies! This is your first chance to test out the SUN 
    SHIELD on raw flesh...let's just say, it will melt anything in seconds 
    (save bosses and processors). After everything is cleared out, continue 
    on the road and you'll spot a Bull Dog! Take it for a drive and follow 
    the road to find a green hill. Using it's hill grasping tires, go up it 
    to discover a house. You'll find fuel, health, and MACHINE GUN AMMO, 
    among other things. Now drive it down the road, following it to a 
    building with a flag. Go behind it and inside, talk to the General and a 
    secret door will open. Collect the MACHINE GUN AMMO and the HOWITZER 
    SHELLS and then return to the General, he will give you permission to 
    use the Howitzer, a vehicle with a payload of infinite bombs, all of 
    which are very powerful.
    Ok, boys and girls, go back and turn right...or was it left...I don't 
    know! Check the map....yeah, it's right. Keep going, turning right at 
    the next turn, and keep on going straight until the road suddenly ends. 
    If you fall in the water as the Howitzer, you're f'ed. Try again :)  
    Park it, get out, and turn right and run the man all the way until you 
    spot a boat in the water. By now a Harvester and his crew have landed in 
    the village across the river, but that's ok, you will be there in no 
    time! Shoot them all, then take the boat downstream to the Howitzer. Get 
    out, get inside it, and fire shells across the river several times, from 
    several distances. Go look, and if all the debris is gone, you can 
    Go down the path to find a windmill. You need the COG from it, but you 
    can't retrieve it until the mill stops. Simply go outside, aim at the 
    turning thing (the cursor turns red...) and fire! It will stop, and you 
    can get the COG. Return to the DAM with the boat and give it to the man, 
    then hop in the boat and travel down the stream, blowing up the 
    Piranhas. After a while of this, you'll hit land! With a PROCESSOR...you 
    should have about 500+ bullets for the Machine Gun, and since you won't 
    use it that much...BOOM! BOOM! =)
                             PROCESSOR # 2 ELIMINATED!
                            GREECE: STAGE 2 - COMPLETE!
    Of course, save, and then return to your regular boat and travel 
    upstream to a hole in the barrier (check the map, it's near the bottom). 
    There will be about 12 aliens to kill in one little area, which is quite 
    a lot! Follow the road until you find an Armored Car - use it to kill 
    the rest of the buggies in the next village. Go down the steep road (or 
    check out the map for a gap...rhymes...), trying to cross it will result 
    in a cinema of a man in black running across, then the camera focuses on 
    some dynamite under the bridge, which explodes, therefor blocking your 
    path (obviously!). 
    Turn left and follow the road to find the three POINTER STATUES. Funny, 
    they aren't pointing at anything :) Keep going and you will find a cave. 
    Inside is a man looking at a map, talk to him and he'll give you a 
    CRANK. Return to the POINTER STATUES and go inside the first one, 
    through the red door. Go up to each block with a circle and press A, the 
    crank will go in. After all two have been cranked, return outside. A 
    cinema will show the island underwater rise up, revealing a large 
    temple. Now you just need to get there...
    Turn left from the POINTER STATUES and keep going...all the way down to 
    CAPTAIN PUNTO'S BOATSHED (check the map). Go inside and talk to him, 
    he'll rent you a boat! Go down the river, blasting the Piranhas (if you 
    don't they could cause you trouble later). When you get to the temple, 
    go inside. Go straight and left, activate the torch, it's really a 
    switch that will open up a secret door. In the next room are three 
    chests; two have items, but one will open up another secret room. Enter 
    it, and activate both torches, which are really switches. Both chests 
    will open...Get the goods and go into the secret room to receive the 
    Exit the temple and go into the Boat, there is a path near here that 
    will lead directly to the POINTER STATUES. Return to the cave and place 
    the HIEROGLYPH MAP PIECE into the hole in the wall, like the man told 
    you to do. A door will open! Follow the halls to the end...Ah! Scary! 10 
    or so bugs in a circle, closing you in! This is the best place to use 
    the SUN SHIELD because you can incinerate everything in a matter of 
    seconds. Grab the car and go forward from where it was towards a bridge, 
    go over it, and save the village by shooting everything in site. Then 
    use the car to go across the green hills near the church, it's near the 
    village. Sooner or later you'll find an airport like place. Upon 
    entering it, a cinema will occur, showing the man in black sabotaging 
    some airplanes and running as they explode. 
    Go to the hanger and go inside, talk to the guy in the chair and he will 
    offer you a training plane for saving him! Say yes to his question and 
    you will be in this little practice thing. All you have to do is destroy 
    six balloons and then land. After doing this, return to the hanger and 
    get the 2nd airplane, use it to go back to the bridge and attack some 
    enemies! They will attempt to knock down the bridge. You don't get 
    anything for saving it, but it's a good idea to. Why? Because your human 
    meter will go up dramatically if it falls (when it's full it's GAME 
    Soon after this, a Harvester will descend upon the neighboring village 
    once again! Use your aerial skills to kick some bug ass. And if you 
    don't have any skills, you could always park and do it on foot =) The 
    next objective is to destroy the processor...just keep flying past the 
    airport (or check the map). Once there, park, and use any remaining ammo 
    to destroy the bugs. As for the PROCESSOR, it shouldn't be a problem. 
    Just use your MACHINE GUN or SUN SHIELD. 
                            PROCESSOR # 3 ELIMINATED!
                           GREECE: STAGE 3 - COMPLETE!
    Now only one more task remains: Destroy the SHIELD GENERATOR along with 
    the BOSS. Fly your plane to the center island, through the hole in the 
    barrier to find a large island. In it's center is your final destiny for 
    this stage [See "Boss" Section for more details]
                        GREECE, 1916 IS NOW COMPLETE!!!  
    ********************     6-2: JAVA: 1941     ***************************
                           J A V A  :  1 9 4 1    
    This land is quite swampy, and very wet...and it's raining during the 
    entire level (well, except towards the end...) Although swimming is 
    usually not advised, in this level you are forced to several times!
    Go forward to find your first Harvester Wave of this time period! Since 
    you only have the Pistol, it may be a little difficult to kill them all 
    quickly, but it shouldn't be real hard. After this, go in the house and 
    pick up the RIFLE and AMMO. Now, this isn't required, but makes 
    everything A WHOLE LOT easier...
    Talking to the only man with a boat, he tells you that the boat needs a 
    few extra parts to run correctly, but the parts are on ANOTHER 
    island...No problem, with the cable car. Ahaha...the cable car is 
    busted, too. Or is it? After clearing out the houses and aliens, climb 
    otop the cable car building and use the RIFLE to look across. There 
    should be one more alien on your radar, across the water, that you can't 
    see. With the RIFLE'S farther range, you will be able to lock onto it, 
    unlike you could with the PISTOL. Well, kill the alien, who was 
    evidently messing with the cable car, and the trolly will come on over. 
    You could've also used the MACHINE GUN...I suggest you go into all the 
    buildings you find, looking for RIFLE AMMO...
    Stepping on the ^ switch, the car will move forward, towards the island. 
    Use the RIFLE to pick off any other aliens you can see before stepping 
    off. Go inside the building and open up both chests to find the SHOTGUN 
    and AMMO. Now, as with the RIFLE, this isn't required, but makes things 
    a _whole lot_ easier in the long run...not to mention more fun. Though 
    the SHOT GUN has about the same range as the PISTOL, it packs one 
    helluva punch!
    Stepping on to dry land (er...not really) you realize that a Harvester 
    Wave is about a mile from your location. What do you do? Climb in the 
    truck and get there fast! Kill off the alien groups and keep on going. 
    When you come to a large Roach Gunner, just step out and hide so it 
    won't fire. Now this is a perfect example of how the RIFLE is a good 
    thing to pick up...simply take it out, aim, and fire! BOOM!
    Up the hill is another small village with insectoid problems, but they 
    won't have it for long. In the grove of trees is a shack, "Rob's 
    Reliable Parts." Go inside and take the BOAT PARTS, then leave. Travel 
    back to the cable car, killing any and all bugs, but...there seems to be 
    an electrical failure. Go back and you will stumble upon an electrical 
    plant with a jelly on it; kill it! Now the power is back and you can 
    return to the first island...
    After doing this, go to Bob's Bargain Boathouse and give him the parts. 
    Now you can use his ship to reach the PROCESSOR, which is on an island 
    near here. If I were you, I would also go to the house near the Armored 
    Car and get the MACHINE GUN. The PROCESSOR like the rest, only with a 
    few Snipers near it, shouldn't be very difficult...
                            PROCESSOR # 1 ELIMINATED!
                            JAVA: STAGE 1 - COMPLETE!
    Save (duh) and then continue through the hole in the wall to arrive at 
    the next area. Just in time for a Harvest, too! Run there and kill 'em 
    all! Just be careful of the minefield...to avoid the worst of it, move 
    slowly to the left. After many SHOTGUN blasts another Harvest will beam 
    down in another village not far from here. Hop in a car and speed over 
    there! Kill them all and then go inside the large house to gather 
    information and ammo. The next thing that you must do is go up the 
    winding mountain trail to pick up a little item. Inside the ELEMENTAL 
    EARTH TEMPLE is a simple puzzle: Walk along the right wall and a door 
    will open...that's it. Walk up to the monkey statue to receive the KRIS 
    KNIFE BLADE. Exit.
    Remember the first village in this area to get a Harvest? Well, go there 
    and near it will be a path (look behind it), follow it to a military 
    base. They won't let you in, on account that you're not authorized to, 
    so the doors won't open...simple! A truck is circling the area. When he 
    gets up to the doors, they open. Just follow him in to a Military Base 
    with TONS of bugs, which should be immediately taken out. After the 
    onslaught your weapons should need some ammo...no problem! Step into the 
    building with a large brown door to find stockpile upon stockpile of 
    ammo. Talk to the general and he will grant you access to the TANK 
    FACTORY, which is just a few feet away from the building. Inside you'll 
    take control of a real TANK. Use it to blow open the doors, then go down 
    the road to find another similar situation with doors (you have to cross 
    a bridge to find it). Blow them open and go inside! 
    Push on the gas...HARD! Make the Tank go as fast as it can down the 
    path, you'll hit a ramp, and go soaring over some water. You could swim, 
    but it's a little dangerous. You won't exactly make the jump...but 
    you'll only have to swim for a few seconds. Get out and climb to shore! 
    Run to the Radio Station to find a girl who is running an out-of-
    electricalpower radio station. If she can get power, she can send a 
    signal to HQ to fire and kill the Bugs blocking a passage. But she 
    can't, as the generator is being tampered by the bugs...solution? Go 
    down the path, blasting flying insectoids along the way, to find the 
    Generator Guardian. Kill it! If you stand behind the corner, it can't 
    hit you!
    After this, a beautiful cinema will play out, showing some guns killing 
    the Gunner Roaches. Ah, revenge is sooo sweet...
    Go to where the Roaches were and swim to the path, it's only a few feet, 
    so the chances of making it across if you try are...100%. =) Suddenly a 
    Harvester will beam down on a nearby town, many miles away (like 
    always). Get in the TANK, which has been mysteriously placed on the 
    road, and drive to the town and kick some alien rectum. Go in the blue 
    bunker like building to find ammo for various weapons and some GRENADES. 
    On the way to the village was a  large stone face, right? It's the 
    tunnel to the next area, and it won't budge. Just throw some GRENADES 
    into the EYES (notice how the cursor turns red...) and the block will 
    move, allowing you access to the next area.
    Climb in the truck and move out! A Harvester has descended into a highly 
    populated village! It should be easy to catch up and kill 'em, though. 
    Now all that's left is the PROCESSOR which is on a path, mysteriously 
    NOT hidden. Kill it! Should be real easy, like all the others. But since 
    this is the Java Stage, it will take a few more hits than the Greece 
    ones (each time you travel to a new level, the enemies get slightly 
    stronger...haven't you noticed?)
                           PROCESSOR # 2 ELIMINATED!
                           JAVA: STAGE 2 - COMPLETE!
    Get in the Armored Car (check out the map) and use it to get through the 
    blue barrier portal. Quickly race to the next village to save it from 
    the human eating buggies. After killing them, hop into the AIR BOAT and 
    go down the volcano river. It seems as if some citizens need some 
    saving, and have climbed into a lifeboat. Get there, get in the LIFEBOAT 
    and then drive it back to the village, where the people will get out. 
    This isn't vital to your mission, but if the ship explodes your human 
    meter will jump up a few half-dozen notches...I also suggest picking up 
    the ROCKET LAUNCHER here [See "Secrets" section]
    Get back in the boat and drive it forwards, towards the volcano. Get out 
    and go up the path. After which you will encounter the man in the black 
    suit from Greece. He'll send nearly 40 insects at you AT ONCE! Kill them 
    all (SHOTGUN is more fun, but the MACHINE GUN is faster). After they're 
    all lying dead on the ground, follow the path around the volcano. When 
    you find a temple, slide down the left side and enter the temple. Go 
    through the first door and then go up to the monkey statue to receive 
    the RUA-RUA IDOL. Go back outside and follow the path, kill all the 
    aliens tormenting the townspeople. Then do the same for the village 
    around the path. The only way to escape this tiny city alive is to go to 
    the path that is actually ON the lava. It is gray in color, and hard to 
    see from a distance. You'll circle alllllll the way around, back to the 
    1st village after the Volcano. 
    Talk to the man in the Boatshop, ask him about the boat. He'll trade the 
    RUA-RUA IDOL (a small piece worth millions) for his rusty old ship 
    (worth uh...not so much). Well, since you need it to complete the game, 
    make the trade. Use his boat, blasting the various aliens that beam down 
    on the sides of the river, to circle around the volcanoes and get to 
    another area...
    Dock the boat and climb out. Run to the nearby village and take care of 
    the slimy creatures. After this, hop in the jeep and go back to the 
    docks. There should be a path here, leading away, towards the Elemental 
    Fire Temple (check map). Follow it; at the foot of the mountain you'll 
    find a house. Inside is the Witch, known for her greatness in making 
    medicines, potions, and elixers for dangerous and often fatal diseases. 
    Talk to her and she'll fork over some SWAMP FEVER MEDICINE. Return to 
    the previous village and give it to the owner of the boat. Now he'll let 
    you use the boat...simply hop in and go get the damned PROCESSOR! Since 
    it's on such a small island, you'll be forced to use the boat's 
    rockets...but that's not so bad, considering how powerful they are...
                           PROCESSOR # 3 ELIMINATED!
                            JAVA: STAGE 3 - COMPLETE!
    Ok, go through the hole and get in the jeep. Run full force at the ramp 
    to go careening over a river and landing in a town...with aliens. 
    Quickly use the car's missiles to kill the HARVESTER! JUST THAT! Then 
    leave the town and go up the path, around, to the second town. Another 
    town with a bug problem. Get out and take care of all 30 or so bugs. 
    THESE GUYS ARE REALLY PISSED OFF! If you didn't focus on the Harvester 
    in the 1st town and then, after its dead, immediately go to the 2nd 
    town, the Human Meter will fill to the brim, which would mean an 
    automatic game over. After all the chaos, return to the car and go 
    around the path again, towards the 1st town. Take care of the rest of 
    the bugs if you wish, but it is not necessary.
    Now go back to the path that connects the two towns. See the smaller 
    path that branches off? If you run full force at it, you can go over the 
    cliff and make it to a large area with many bugs and a Generator 
    Guardian (use the Rocket Launcher on him...one shot, one kill). After 
    clearing this place, return to the chasm you just leaped over. Fall in. 
    At the bottom is some water and a boat. Drive the boat around, past the 
    alien barrier, past a large Battle Ship, and dock it. Use the 2nd car 
    here to get to the battle ship via a dirt path. Climb aboard (you'll 
    need to go up in the dirt to get on deck) and open the door.
    Go through the many doors, at the end is a switch. Hit it, and well, the 
    engines will turn on. Go back and talk to the Captain, then leave the 
    ship. After an awesome cinema showing the Battle Ship running through 
    the Alien Barrier, return to the boat. Go through where it used to 
    be...CHARGE! Kill all the alien scum, then take control of the 
    Use this flying device to go to the WATER TEMPLE, which is not very far 
    away. Once inside, solve the simple puzzle of turning on candles to 
    receive another part of the KRIS KNIFE BLADE. Once back outside, DO 
    NOT...I repeat...DO NOT step into the Gyropcopter. Though it does have a 
    nice flying ability, the landing part is VERY dangerous...one little 
    mis-guided inch and your vehicle could easily blow up. So what vehicle 
    shall you use? The air-plane, sitting out in the water (it's the kind 
    that can land on water, naturally). Now go to the FIRE TEMPLE and get 
    another part of the KRIS KNIFE BLADE. If you start to run out of gas, 
    there's always the batch of planes near the East-Rua Rua village. Now go 
    to the ELEMENTAL TEMPLE, which is just a few miles away from the EARTH 
    TEMPLE. Once in there, go through the open door behind the sitting man 
    and place the KRIS KNIFE BLADE into the piece of rock that looks like a 
    cake. Cinema time! The weather will clear up, giving everything a nice, 
    clear look.
    Now you have to destroy the final PROCESSOR, which is south of the 
    airfield where you got the original GYROCOPTER...fly there, through all 
    of the enemies and missiles and carefully land behind the PROCESSOR...it 
    can't get you now. Kill the two Roach Gunners and then venture out in 
    front of the PROCESSOR. Using the ROCKET LAUNCHER, kill it with about 
    four shots. Why would you want to kill it so fast? Well, this is the 
    second type of PROCESSOR. One that has a MUCH tougher shell. And one 
    that fires green shots. These shots are twice as powerful as the purple 
    variety, nearly taking 1/5 of your health in one shot. If you don't have 
    the ROCKET LAUNCHER, then I suggest the SHOTGUN. And a lot of strafing 
                           PROCESSOR # 4 ELIMINATED!
                          JAVA: STAGE 4 - COMPLETE!
    Now all you have to do is fly to the shield generator that is in the 
    middle of the level...wait, what's that? When you landed behind the 
    PROCESSOR your vehicle exploded? No worries! Just use your map and the 
    nearby truck...
    [See "Boss" Section for more details]
                        JAVA, 1941 IS NOW COMPLETE!!!
    *******************     6-3: AMERICA: 1966     *************************
                        A M E R I C A   :  1  9  6  6
    The insects are starting to get a bit irate at your little plan, so 
    they've sent in all they've got for this stage! Don't expect a bunch of 
    little mantid creatures like in Java or Greece; no, no. Nearly every 
    alien is 10 times your size!
    As you begin the level, go to the nearby building (to your right) and 
    get the weapons inside, which would be the SHOTGUN and AMMO. Once 
    outside, hop into the EDZIL, turn around, and go down the big road (if 
    you see a dumptruck, wrong road). You will soon see a humungous scorpion 
    like creature with double plasma guns mounted on its back...not good. 
    Well, a good shotgun shell to the face will do it in. Behind it is the 
    now unforgettable blue wall, blocking your path...But, right in front of 
    it is a small house with a GREEN DOOR. Next to this house is a large 
    sewer pipe. Don't go in, though. Continue down the road, exploring, and 
    you will eventually find a church and a Harvest Wave. Take them all 
    down. Since this is a dead end anyways, backtrack and enter the pipe.
    After the short and simple tunnel, you will appear on the other side of 
    a road block (which looks like a gate). You immediately get word of a 
    Harvester Wave, so move out! Escape from the caged area, but go in the 
    OPPOSITE direction the Harvester Arrow points (or, to your right), you 
    will see some grating along with two Police Wagons; climb inside, then 
    motor to the Harvester Wave and kill em' all, especially the roach guns. 
    After a few seconds, a cinema will show some nasty bugs destroying a 
    school, as kids run away, terrified. YEAH, BABY!! Well, it's only a few 
    meters away, so follow the arrow and kill the bugs. There's also a 
    nearby building with a lot of SHOTGUN AMMO. Now, here's the tricky 
    part...you have to lure the children to the church, which is near the 
    last Harvester Attack. Behind the school is MR. LOLLY, an ice-cream 
    truck. Hop inside and, being careful not to run over the kids, drive 
    near the church while using the hilarious ice-cream tune (push Z). The 
    eager kids will follow, and when you get to the church, go inside, 
    freeing you up. If that wasn't original, then I don't know what is!
    If you do not do this, aliens will beam down in front of the school 
    every few minutes, no matter how many times you kill them. Eventually a 
    Mutant will be born, and your human meter will go really high. So, if 
    for some reason you can't perform this mission, it would be better to 
    just run over the school children, this way no mutants will be born. :)
    Now, you have to find a way to get to the next...um...area. Near the 
    school, but not in the parking-lot area, is a GATE. Use a SCHOOL BUS to 
    knock it down, revealing a huge gap. Like your partner says, you need 
    something fast to make it over that. Still in the SCHOOL BUS, drive to 
    the pipe where you came from. Remember the police-vehicle you got into? 
    Well, bash down the grating there and presto! You have opened up the two 
    areas that were previously separated. Now, you should recognize this 
    place...the pipe next to the house with the GREEN DOOR...and KARL'S 
    KUSTOM KARS. Go inside and talk to Karl, also getting some AMMO, and he 
    will allow you to use his car, which is just outside, called the V8-
    HIBOY. Return to the large gap, and get as far away as you can and floor 
    the gas. With your awesome speed, you will soar over the gap and into 
    the next area...
    As soon as you land, head right to find a Harvest Wave in action. You 
    will also see three Roach Gunners (!) protecting a door, inside the door 
    are several SHOTGUN AMMO boxes. By now you should have gotten the 
    message of where the PROCESSOR is. It is near a hospital, but the bridge 
    to it is out. So, as you have guessed, you have to take the long way. On 
    the map, locate the HALSALL STORM DRAIN. Make your way there, using the 
    map to guide your way. Once inside, make your way through, collecting 
    some RIFLE AMMO and the RIFLE. When you emerge to daylight again, use 
    the zoomed out view, it's easier to see. Follow the path, and go 
    straight across to find the MONSTER BUG, which is a truck type vehicle. 
    Use its speed and water-floating abilities to jump over gaps and such, 
    including meeting a new type of missile-launching alien. At the end of 
    this straight-forward area is another drain, go inside, collecting gobs 
    and gobs of AMMO. Once you emerge back outside...
    WHOA! Not only do you see a new type of machine-gun creature, there's a 
    Harvester Wave happening right before your eyes. Kill 'em all, then make 
    your way to the very large, blue building. Once inside, you learn this 
    is the hospital your partner was talking about earlier. If you need 
    health, go left. If not, head right, getting major amounts of AMMO from 
    the drawers, then enter the door.
    Uh-oh...a PROCESSOR is on the roof of this hospital! How did he ever 
    manage that? Well, you are behind him, but he is so big, and the roof so 
    small, that you can not simply walk in front of him, his shield pushes 
    you off the building. Solution? Get in the Helicopter (of which there 
    are three), and hover in front of the beast and use its high-power 
    machine gun to blast it to Hell. This, however, will take a bit of 
    practice on your part, as the controls for the craft are a bit strange, 
    but work very well considering. Outline: 
    B Button - Descend
    A Button - Ascend
    Control Stick Forward - Craft moves forward (push only once)
    Control Stick Back - Craft remains hovering in the air
    Naturally, you could also stand on the nearby hill and use the Rifle. 
    But, you will sustain HEAVY, HEAVY damage, and this would be an awful 
    time to die, considering the save point is just around the corner.
                          PROCESSOR # 1 ELIMINATED! 
                        AMERICA: STAGE 1 - COMPLETE!
    Save at the beautiful, nay sexy, savepoint, and breathe a sigh of 
    relief, for the worst level of the America stage is over. This next 
    stage is pretty straightforward...since there ARE NO MORE CITY AREAS. 
    Alrighty then, hop into one of the three helicopters and fly to the 
    shield portal (check the map). Since it's on the ground, you'll need to 
    continue on foot, through a narrow canyon (get used to that). You should 
    have a plentiful supply of SHOTGUN shells (say, 60-100), so you can 
    simply trash anything that gets in your way, and I suggest you do. In 
    the next town, kill the Harvesters, hop into a car of somekind, and 
    In the next town area, prepare to face the Man in Black, as he will 
    shoot at you himself. When he's about to die, he will disappear and send 
    dozens of buggies to rip you apart. Doesn't matter, though, you have 
    your trusty SHOTGUN. Speaking of which, go into the house he was 
    standing in for a lot of AMMO (say, 30 rounds or so). After that, go 
    into the canyon (see, I told you this would be pretty straightforward).
    Next town...battle the Choco Worms, which I think are awesome, until the 
    town is clear. On the right side of the village is a white house with a 
    RED DOOR, go inside. Go near the left wall and a secret passage will 
    open, go inside, and get the ROCKET LAUNCHER from the chest. Back 
    outside, the entrance to the next area is blocked by a huge rock, so 
    take aim with the ROCKET LAUNCHER and, with a single shot, take it down.
    Turn right, and you have two ways to go, and there should be a blue 
    forcefield in front of you. TURN RIGHT. You will see the entrance to a 
    mine, go inside. Go forward and open the chest to find a HEALTH. Turn 
    right and go down the manhole. Notice, the upper wall has a highlighted 
    part...remember this. Go to the far left and open the chest for some 
    RIFLE AMMO. Head up, open that chest for a HEALTH. Down the manhole, 
    then go straight and turn the valve to lower the water, allowing you to 
    get the WEAPON CRYSTAL from the chest. Now, return to the highlighted 
    area, it is now open, revealing a manhole. Down there are four chests, 
    containing: SHOTGUN AMMO, FUEL, RIFLE, and RIFLE AMMO. Climb the ladder, 
    to find a single chest, inside is a TOTEM POLE SECTION. The importance 
    of this item will be clear later...so exit and continue on your path.
    After several alien encounters and passing a military base (which you 
    will get into later, so don't worry), you will happen upon a Native 
    American reservation (damn you politically correct people, damn you to 
    Hell!). Well, save it from the Harvesters, which will appear shortly 
    after entering. The main feature of this town is a hill, with a fork in 
    the road, choose the right to find a house, and the left for a mine 
    entrance; choose the house. Inside, you will find an old, wise Indian, 
    who tells you a tale of a Totem Pole that was broken into three pieces. 
    He says that to continue, you must find all three. After talking to him, 
    the wall behind him lifts, showing three chests, one containing a TOTEM 
    POLE SECTION. Remember that mine entrance on the hill, right by this 
    house? Go there!
    Turn the valve, go down the manhole, turn right, go down that manhole, 
    go down and enter that manhole, turn the valve, go up the lower ladder, 
    go left and down the manhole, turn the valve to lower the water, go down 
    the manhole, AND PRESTO, the chest. Of course, in front of it is a wall 
    that goes down/up when you hit the light part of the floor. So, if you 
    go around it, you can get the chest. But, if the wall is down, then 
    touch the light part of the floor to raise it. Simple, right? Inside the 
    chest is a TOTEM POLE SECTION. Exit this maze.
    With the three sections of the totem pole in hand, go back and talk to 
    the old Indian, he will ask you if you want to take part in the "Vision 
    Quest." Say "yes", of course. It will show a nearby wall being blown up, 
    allowing you to move on. Now, in this town are two other roads, but they 
    both lead to the same place, WAKON-TINKA RIDGE. Tread very careful, as 
    the ledge is narrow, and if you fall you would land in a pool of water. 
    Eventually, you will find the open path that was shown in the "vision 
    quest." At the end is a mine opening, go inside. After an easy tunnel...
    Remember that military base I told you about a little bit ago? 
    Well...there ya go. All it consists of is two bunkers, a UFO (it's 
    locked), and three Helicopters, equipped with machine guns. Inside one 
    bunker is a Rapier Launcher, the other has many AMMO caches. Well, climb 
    inside a Helicopter, locate the PROCESSOR on the map, and fly to it. 
    Land in front of the PROCESSOR, and with your machine guns, shoot until 
    it dies. If you blow up before then, you might not make it, because 
    about 15 aliens are shooting at you. If you want to even have a chance, 
    though, use the Rocket Launcher. 
                         PROCESSOR # 2 ELIMINATED! 
                        AMERICA: STAGE 2 - COMPLETE! 
    Save, of course...
    Now, get into a Helicopter, and fly to the shield portal, you're now in 
    stage 3 of America. Follow the path, and then turn left to find an Inn. 
    Go inside, turn right, go into the secret passage, and collect the many 
    items. Then go back outside...behind the house is a path, go back there, 
    blowing up the Roach Gunner, and get into another open-spaced area. Get 
    into the nearby vehicle, and go forward from where it was (i.e. in the 
    direction you face when you get in). You will pass many nasty creatures, 
    including the Jet Guns, some Missile Scorpions...etc. Well, you will 
    find the entrance to the Military Base, but this is MUCH larger than any 
    previous base. Take out the Harvesters, the Jets, and the Roach Guns, 
    and anything else than even dares to stand in your way.
    Explore around, going in the various buildings to collect ammunition. 
    You shall soon find a set of double doors that close when you get 
    close...near there is a white building with a RED DOOR. Inside, you'll 
    find some NITRO FUEL. With this, you can go very fast, enabling you to 
    get past the closing doors. 
    Explore some more, this area is slightly smaller than the last. This 
    time, two Harvester Waves will happen AT ONCE...good thing they're in 
    the same area, right next to each other. After that, enter the very 
    large building in the center of this place.
    Turn left and go up the stairs. Besides some other items in the drawers, 
    you will find a RED ACCESS CARD. Exit this room. Go up. Now, use it on 
    the card reader, then open the door. Follow the path...you have hit the 
    MOTHERLOAD! You should max out almost every weapon, to its ammunition 
    limit. You'll also find some ROCKET LAUNCHER AMMO. Eventually, you will 
    find a man standing in front of a hall. Go through the door at the 
    bottom, you have two choices: up or down. Down for more items, but to 
    finish the level, go up. Then right, then through the normal door at the 
    You're back outside, but the only place to go is another bunker...so go! 
    Inside, besides a lot of items, you'll find a little Gray (small alien 
    with big head and eyes). However, he speaks gibberish, so ignore him for 
    now. Exit through the next hallway, and you'll be in another outside 
    area, but you have no where to go except another bunker, straight ahead. 
    Inside, the man will confuse you for the enemy and sound an alarm. 
    Before leaving, open the boxes, you'll find a TRANSLATOR there. As you 
    exit the bunker, your partner tells you to prove to the soldiers that 
    you are on THEIR side. Well, what timing, a Harvester Wave! After making 
    shreds of them, return to the Gray, now you can understand it. He tells 
    you that he used a card to escape the lab, and gives it to you...the 
    GREEN ACCESS CARD. Talk to him again, he tells you how his planet was 
    destroyed by the aliens. 
    Returning to the guard who sounded the alarm, he apologizes and let's 
    you through (but you still need the GREEN ACCESS CARD). Exit to get back 
    outside. Now, go into the nearby WHITE HANGER, you will find a man in 
    black who will allow you access to all military aircraft, since you want 
    to help capture the DOOMSDAY DEVICES. So, go outside, get in the 
    Helicopter, and go kill that darn PROCESSOR! It's not too far away, in 
                             PROCESSOR # 3 ELIMINATED!
                            AMERICA: STAGE 3 - COMPLETE!
    Save at the wonderful Save Point. Mmmm...
    Although there are only three PROCESSORS in this level, there is one 
    more stage, and the shield portal is within a stone's throw away. So, go 
    there. It seems that the Man in Black (Busy little bee, isn't he?) has 
    stolen five of the DOOMSDAY DEVICES. If you've been reading the various 
    books found in the buildings, you should have heard of them...they were 
    found from the Grays, and when working together, can destroy an entire 
    planet. Quickly go there, arm your ROCKET LAUNCHER (or the LIGHTENING 
    GUN if you've found all three WEAPON CRYSTALS). 
    You have 2:30 to destroy five DOOMSDAY DEVICES...but they are hidden in 
    a maze like area. On foot, you should be able to destroy one every 
    thirty seconds, at the very least (I usually have about 20-30 seconds 
    left). Remember to use the radar, it helps tremendously! And don't 
    forget that the ROCKET LAUNCHER/LIGHTENING GUN has an incredible range, 
    so you can blow them away from quite a distance. Obviously, if you do 
    not destroy them all, you get a Game Over. Keep trying! After you win, 
    go save at the Save Point, and return to the military base, where you 
    got the Helicopter. Talk to the army guy in black, who is in the white 
    bunker, and allowed you access to all military craft...he will 
    congratulate you, and give YOU the honor of flying a...FLYING SAUCER! 
    You automatically get on one when you talk to him. NOTE: According to 
    Bobby Johnson, you can get the UFO right after you destroy the last 
    PROCESSOR...I haven't tried this myself, but I trust him. He says it 
    makes the DOOMSDAY DEVICES a lot easier. Stupid me.
    Go to the center of the level, through the shield portal (it is possible 
    to get through with a Helicopter, but very difficult due to the blades). 
    Now, you may have been disappointed when you fired the FLYING SAUCER'S 
    weapon, but when you try it out on the SHIELD GENERATOR...heck, it 
    almost destroys all four caps instantly! 
    Save, and then destroy the very difficult boss.
                      AMERICA, 1966, IS NOW COMPLETE!!!
    ********************     6-4: SIBERIA: 1991     ************************
                         S I B E R I A  :  1 9 9 1
    Siberia is the epitome of all the "normal" levels, especially in the 
    difficulty level. If you are not in a vehicle and even attempt to fight 
    the bugs, I don't care how powerful your weapons are, you will die 
    almost instantly. 
    From the start, go to the green dot on your scanner to get into the 
    VLADACAR, a red car. Your partner will tell you she is picking up some 
    strange life readings in this area, then makes the incredible discovery 
    of...ZOMBIES! Yes, nearly every human in this area is a brain-eating, 
    rotting zombie. Don't worry about running them over (which is 
    hilarious), but make sure the aliens don't kill them, because it adds to 
    your human meter (for reasons unknown). Now, keep going forward, and you 
    will find an icy lake. There is one part where you can drive across in 
    the car, just barely, so do so. By now you will get a Harvester Wave 
    warning, just ignore it for now. Go fast after crossing the lake, but be 
    sure not to drive into the main part of town, otherwise several 
    HOVEROSES will come and beat your face in. Park behind the nearest house 
    and go inside, you will find an almost-dead person lying on the ground, 
    talk to them. He tells you he was the train operator, when some gas 
    leaked and nearly killed him. He hid the handle to protect the 
    train...then the wall behind him opens, revealing some stairs and then a 
    chest, which contains the TRAIN STARTING HANDLE. Exit.
    Get back into the VLADACAR, and go across the lake again, and motor to 
    the town that is under attack. Kill the HARVESTER and all the other 
    creatures, then a second wave comes in the exact same spot, releasing a 
    GOLDEN SCORPION and even more nasties. Once clear, explore the nearby 
    houses. For some fun, go south and talk to the farmer, he will allow you 
    to use his COMBINE HARVESTER, in which you can have some hysterical 
    laughs by running over ZOMBIES. They're pretty good sports, too, they 
    get right back up for more blood splattering! 
    Back to business, in the town where you fought two Harvester Waves you 
    should find the train that carries along a tube, filled with a 
    mysterious gas. Make sure you have some FUEL, you'll need it later. 
    Since you have the STARTING HANDLE you can drive the train. Go straight 
    ahead, you will plow right through the avalanche rocks, clearing the 
    path. Keep going in the train, taking care of any threats with the 
    train's high-power machine gun. Eventually, you will find a small 
    village, and another Harvester Wave. Climb out of the train and hop into 
    the APC, a six-wheeled military vehicle with its own machine gun, and 
    have your way with the drooling insectoids.
    Using the APC, which should be running low on fuel, continue down the 
    tracks, your partner will soon tell you that you have arrived at the gas 
    factory, you should also see some yellow grating on an incline. With the 
    APC, ram through it to arrive at the factory. Sure, there is another 
    way, but this is the easiest. Kill the bugs...you now have TWO decisions 
    on a vehicle: the APC, with OK armor and awesome guns, or the TANK, with 
    awesome armor and OK guns. If you're a good player it really won't make 
    a difference, but if this is your first time through the level, take the 
    TANK. Remember awhile ago when I told you to get some FUEL? Well, which 
    ever vehicle you choose, it will be low on gas, so fill her on up. Now, 
    go into the factory, get some items, and talk to the scientist, he will 
    tell you about the zombies and what the Man in Black did with his 
    precious formula. Sounds a little bit like Resident Evil to me...but 
    hey, what's wrong with that!? Anyway, be sure to get the MACHINE GUN and 
    AMMO inside, because you'll need that later in the level as well.
    As you exit the factory, the Man in Black will steal a gas-carrying 
    train and run off. Hop into your vehicle and give chase, it will lead to 
    a large town, split in the middle by the tracks. Once there, the damage 
    has been done, as you see a cinema of the train hitting the blue force-
    field, exploding, and covering the village in gas (Note: according to 
    Bobby Johnson, you can ram into the train to stop it, then shoot it a 
    lot to blow it up. I haven't tried this myself, but I trust him. Sort 
    of...). Suddenly, you get double Harvester Waves, one for each section 
    of the town! This is an orgy of insects...you got two HARVESTERS, two 
    ROCKET SCORPIONS, a handful of HOVEROS, a few GOLIATHES, and many 
    SCOUTS. This is where the importance of your vehicle comes in hand...you 
    will be under heavy fire, so this is why the TANK is the best choice in 
    my opinion, since even double rockets from the ROCKET SCORPIONS barely 
    phase it. And the cannon shells may take time reloading, but they can 
    take out ANY INSECT IN THE ENTIRE LEVEL with a single shot (except for 
    PROCESSORS...but that's more of a boss. Shut up). Regardless of your 
    vehicle, you should immediately kill the two HARVESTERS, since they can 
    respawn any other insect (that's basic knowledge, but easy to forget in 
    the mess). 
    Now, near this town are a few small bunkers, and parked there is a 
    POLOKOV 3850...or simply a HOVERCRAFT. Once inside, take it to the large 
    lake and go to the PROCESSOR. Kill, maim, destroy, murder, 
    annihilate...etc., etc...If you need life, blow up the flying enemies.
                              PROCESSOR # 1 ELIMINATED!
                             SIBERIA: STAGE 1 - COMPLETE!
    Save at the radiating save point...yummy.
    Strangely, this next section is pretty short, not to mention EASY. Walk 
    through the shield portal, then hop into the GUNBOAT, go down the river, 
    and blast down the sharks, and go into the next town. You could go down 
    the river, but a giant ice boulder blocks the way...so into the town! A 
    Harvester Wave, but not to worry, an APC is sitting right there. After 
    that, you'll find that one of the houses has been locked, and it was 
    ordered by a scientist. Go into the nearby hills, and you'll find a 
    laboratory. Inside, collect everything, and go inside the genetics lab. 
    There, you will find a twisted experiment: a women with four insect 
    arms, and she is obviously not happy about it. In the drawer next to her 
    is the ACCESS CARD. This allows you to go deeper into the lab. Once you 
    exit, the lab explodes (but why?), so hop into the nearby HOVERCRAFT and 
    kill the insane alien that comes running at you. Nearby is a snowy maze, 
    or more appropriately, tunnel. At the end you will be right back at the 
    town with the locked door, but since you have the ACCESS CARD...go 
    inside! You will find many treasures, including a ROCKET LAUNCHER. Exit, 
    and go to the shore, get in the GUNBOAT (you can go back and save at the 
    Save Point if you want to...just in case), and drive to the iceberg that 
    is blocking your path. Nearby is a place you can stand, so make it into 
    pieces with the ROCKET LAUNCHER. 
    Whew, a paragraph break, haven't seen one of those in awhile! In the 
    next section, there's another town/Harvester Wave situation. Get inside 
    the VLADACAR and destroy everything, then explore around. Behind a house 
    is an APC, but it's low on gas, so you need to be quick about this next 
    part. Once in, go to the trail that leads to the NUCLEAR INSTALLATION. 
    Ignore all enemies, simply get near the foot of the base. After a few 
    seconds of waiting, all the enemies you ignored will flock around you, 
    so make them into chunks. Go into the installation, and right inside the 
    first building you find. 
    The following information was sent by Markus Pohl 
    Do you know how to save the power plant on the Siberia level? I do. You 
    destroy those house-like things (a house and then an orange colored 
    thing together) before you talk to the guy in the house. You then talk 
    to him and he will tell you to save the plant. Leave, and re-enter. He 
    says good job, but now the reactor is over heating. He gives you a 
    reactor key, which opens the big middle building. Go in it and turn 
    right. Keep going and you'll see a person on the ground. Talk to him and 
    he tells you that the Man in Black came and set the reactor to overload. 
    He says to go in the room and pull the switches in order... He had 
    pulled the first one of four switches. The combination, if you don't 
    want to keep guessing for a while, is 1,2,4,3. There is a good area 
    right outside the room, so get healed after! Then, proceed on the 
    And that's how you do it. 
    Now you have to find the PROCESSOR, which is very close by, simply take 
    the TRACTOR to get near the separation (where the water is) and go where 
    the shallow part is. There are two shallow areas, actually, but on one 
    the hill is simply too steep to climb...the other isn't. Once near the 
    PROCESSOR, quickly jump into the nearby APC. Now, it may have OK 
    shields, but against the likes of two MISSILE SCORPIONS, a GOLDEN 
    SCORPION, and a SIBERIAN PROCESSOR, well, it's a little shaky. First 
    destroy the SCORPIONS...yes, they will keep beaming in as long as the 
    PROCESSOR is there, but when your armor gets low you can use the giant 
    hearts they leave behind to re-fill. With that stragedy...no problem!
                             PROCESSOR # 2 ELIMINATED! 
                           SIBERIA: STAGE 2 - COMPLETE!
    Save at the thingy...
    Now, find the shield portal, which is not so far away (unless you go 
    there on foot). I'm happy to say, this next area is EXTREMELY short, but 
    pretty original. Go to the two bunkers and talk to the man, he will ask 
    you to save his men from the oil rigs, which were accidentally set to 
    self-destruct. So, you have 2:50 to do it all...how do you save them? 
    Simple! Get in the HANGMAN B, a double bladed helicopter with a cord 
    that can lift up other vehicles and take them to another location. Fly 
    to the lake, landing on each of the four oil rigs. Once you land on the 
    H-pad, the men will start to run into the chopper. Once you hear the 
    sound five times, fly to the next. It really doesn't matter if you 
    rescue them all or not...but return to the two bunkers and kill the two 
    GOLDEN SCORPIONS, then talk to the guy again, he will ask you to try out 
    the new prototype submarine, since you were so successful with the 
    Well, this submarine controls exactly like a car, except underwater. 
    With its infinite amount of torpedoes, this baby is practically 
    unbeatable! If you need more life, kill the shark aliens. Wander about 
    until you find the PROCESSOR, which can hurt you a lot, but if you keep 
    up a steady stream of missiles then you will kill him right before you 
    are about to die...told you this stage was short.
                               PROCESSOR # 3 ELIMINATED!
                             SIBERIA: STAGE 3 - COMPLETE!
    You can't save underwater, so the save point will be dropped near the 
    two bunkers. How do you get back? Simple! Floating above the PROCESSOR 
    is a boat...so exit the submarine, which will automatically take you to 
    the surface, get on board, and return to the base, then save. Get in the 
    helicopter and fly to the shield portal.
    Prepare yourself for a teeth grindingly hard stage...
    In this town, kill everything, and continue (killing EVERYTHING, or they 
    will follow you, no matter where you go). Once you reach a bunker, go 
    inside, through a short tunnel, and you'll reach a military base. Now, 
    go to the very large building in the center. Explore around if you wish, 
    but go to the science area, talk to the scientist and he will allow you 
    to use the TANK and HANGMAN B. Go use the TANK, and go through the very 
    long path, but don't bother killing anything, just go. You will soon 
    reach the area with the enemy target, but you can't do anything. You 
    will see a VLADACAR, SCUD MISSILE LAUNCHER, and SPECTRE. Ignore these, 
    and wait for the dozens upon dozens (I estimate 50, at the very least, 
    and it barely slows down) of creatures catch up to you, and then blast 
    them away. See, I told you the tank was powerful, it can take tons of 
    damage!! After this, get in the SCUD MISSILE LAUNCHER, then immediately 
    back out, into the TANK, as more enemies are waiting in ambush. OK, now 
    get inside the VLADACAR and retrace your steps back to the base, killing 
    newly respawned enemies. Now...return to the area with the SCUD MISSILE 
    LAUNCHER and climb inside the SPECTRE, a sweet fighter-plane that can go 
    at blinding speeds. Now, climb inside, and fly around the area...you 
    will trigger another attack, so quickly get back inside the tank and 
    finish them off. NOW...using the SPECTRE, fly back to the Military Base 
    and land it near the yellow grating. Climb inside the HANGMAN B, and 
    travel back to the SCUD MISSILE LAUNCHER. If you did everything 
    correctly, there should be no enemies AT ALL. Position yourself over the 
    SCUD MISSILE LAUNCHER and use the rope (press Z) to lift it up, and 
    carry it back to the Military Base, and land it in the yellow grated 
    Get back inside the SPECTRE, which should be there, and go to the radio 
    station in the previous area (where the first Harvester Wave in this 
    stage was), you will note two PARASITIC JELLYFISH on towers...so kill 
    them with your missiles. Then quickly go back to the Military Base and 
    talk to the scientist, he will tell you to go into the next room and get 
    the SCUD LAUNCH CODE...so do so. Now you can launch the SCUD!! YEAH!! 
    When you do, you will get to control it as it rockets through the 
    air...it's just like controlling an airplane. Aim for your target and 
    you're set! When you're near it, nose dive right into the large ball 
    type building. BOOM!
    After getting the SCUD LAUNCH CODE, try going back to the previous Save 
    Point and saving. If you die and come back, some interesting things 
    happen. For one, you can launch the scud missile even though it's not in 
    the yellow grated area. Another, when you come back to the first town, a 
    HARVESTER WAVE will happen anyways, so just kill the HARVESTER, and get 
    into the TANK that you would use it get the SCUD MISSILE LAUNCHER. By 
    the time you get there, there will be so many enemies that the game will 
    actually slow-down! That's saying something, considering that it's 
    almost always silky-smooth. I estimate anywhere from 60-70 insects on 
    screen AT ONCE. Very impressive.
    Alright, after that, the TANK that was locked (near the yellow grated 
    area in the Military Base) is now unlocked, so go get that darned 
    PROCESSOR! Or you could use the SPECTRE...but the TANK is much safer, 
    and much easier to use. 
                              PROCESSOR # 4 ELIMINATED!
                            SIBERIA: STAGE 4 - COMPLETE!  
    The ALPHA 1, your homebase, is under attack, so you must go back and get 
    it as soon as possible...get in the SPECTRE, and fly through the shield 
    portals that allow you to get into the SHIELD GENERATOR, and you will be 
    at the first area of the game very quickly, so take out those HOVEROS 
    with your missiles, it only takes seconds. Then, go back into the center 
    of the level and take out the SHIELD GENERATOR. Even if the SPECTRE 
    blows, there are several other vehicles to use.
    Then, you have to take care of a nasty boss...
                      SIBERIA, 1991 IS NOW COMPLETE!!!
    ****************     6-5: THE ALIEN COMET: 2016     ******************** 
                   T H E    A L I E N    C O M E T  :  2 0 1 6
    Alien Comet...it is one of the most oddball levels in the game, with 
    pink and blue floors, green and red roads, red acid instead of blue 
    water, and icy mountains near the perimeter, topped off by enigma-like 
    flora. This is the final level of Body Harvest, not to mention the most 
    difficult. No, it's not the puzzles this time, it's the sheer amount of 
    enemies. You are inside the ALPHA 1 the entire time, and if you get it 
    destroyed, consider it a game over, as the enemies make some of the 
    bosses look like melted cheese. On foot you have a SHOTGUN, RIFLE, 
    MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET LAUNCHER filled to the max. compacity, but even 
    a ROCKET takes a small, small amount off of the enemy's health bar, so 
    don't even attempt it. 
    If you are having a bad time against the enemies, remember to use the 
    *special weapons*...described in the weapon section. I also suggest not 
    using the semi-first person view, because it limits your dodging. Much 
    easier game if you lay off the R-button.
    Starting the level off, look at the map. The bar of land on the right 
    side of the map, it is divided down the middle. You will first go to the 
    very end (the very north), then come back down the otherside, go across 
    a bridge, and arrive at the ALIEN RADAR STATION. It looks complicated 
    when playing, but it is VERY straightforward...just be sure to consult 
    the map every once and awhile, to make sure you're going north. Once you 
    are as far north as you can go, it seems that it is a dead end, but you 
    notice a large structure with two SHARTS on it (shoots balls, vertical 
    explosion when killed). Shoot the large, crystal object until it blows 
    up, and you will find the southern path -– just be careful of the acid. 
    You should have no problem going to the ALIEN RADAR STATION...
    When going north, blow up the large trees and you can collect FRAGCANNON 
    AMMO. When going south across the lava, destroy the green crystals for 
    RESONATOR AMMO, which is VERY, VERY useful and can save your 
    life...don't waste it on simple enemies. If you destroy the blue-diamond 
    like buildings then you get LAZER MISSILE ammo. Save this for the very 
    end. In this bar of land you will also encounter about six or seven 
    SUPPRESSORS, I suggest using either the RESONATOR (against more than 
    one) or the FRAGCANNON. 
    Once at the ALIEN RADAR STATION you will be ambushed by many HOVEROS, so 
    don't let your guard down. In fact, NEVER let your guard down, the 
    enemies are far too powerful for you to allow that. There's nothing to 
    do here, except go across the lava fields, killing the QWERTYS. Once at 
    the other side, you will find a strange red diamond with electricity 
    flying out of it...shoot to kill, and you will get the message of,  
                       "Would you like to save your progress?
                             - Yes           - No"
    Gee, that's a hard one...
    After saving, continue through the gates and you will be locked in a 
    square area, and the Man in Black will tell you how foolish you are, 
    etc., etc...then suddenly six ELIMINATORS beam down, so get your butt in 
    gear and kill them! You shouldn't have to use *special weapons* if 
    you're good, but if you do, well, how did you get this far? :)  
    After they are dead, get the healths that drop down and continue, the 
    exit gate has opened. Another semi-acid area awaits, but you'll need to 
    fend off a few JADE DRAGONS before continuing. You will constantly fight 
    them as you go west, then you will come to the blue force-field wall and 
    have to go north...check the map, you should now be going north, you are 
    now at the very bottom of the bar of land on the far left (west) of the 
    map screen. If you check out the map, you will see there are strange 
    things called "ACID PROCESSORS." If you destroy them, nothing much 
    happens, so you can ignore them if you want...but if you want PLASMA 
    BOMBS, destroy them! 
    As you go north, you will have to destroy several flocks of JADE DRAGONS 
    and ELIMINATORS...if you are on the brink of dying, use the RESONATOR, 
    it has saved my life many times. Once you are as far north as you can 
    go, you'll need to cross the land bridge into the CRYSTAL WASTES, a 
    nearly flat stretch of nothing but crystal buildings and the occasional 
    acid pool. When you first get there you will be swamped by about 10 
    HOVEROS, and many FODDER. Use one RESONATOR to clear most of them out, 
    then take out the rest with your CHAINGUN. Continue going east...you are 
    at the very north land bar, if you were to look on the map. You will 
    meet very little resistance as you make your way across, save for the 
    occasional SUPPRESSOR...also, be sure to stock up on LAZER MISSILES by 
    destroying the crystal buildings.
    As you make your way up the narrow road leading to the ALIEN CITY, you 
    will have to fight a few QWERTYS...use your CHAINGUN. Before entering 
    through the gates, you will see a red diamond spurting out electricity. 
    Shoot it until it blows, you then get the message of,
                    "Would you like to save your progress?
                         - Yes            - No"
    Again, a no-brainer.
    Through the city's entrance, you are immediately greeted by the Man in 
    Black, who reveals a startling story... <SPOILER>
    ...he is your brother.
    Then he comes out with his own version of the ALPHA 1, and challenges 
    you. I won't even include this fight in the Boss Section...if you can't 
    kill this guy WITHOUT using *special weapons*, you are pathetic. Before 
    dying, he beams off to some other location.
    Now you must go to the holding cell on the far side of the city, to 
    rescue a girl named Daisy...Daisy?...DAISY!?! Oh, come on DMA Design, 
    surely you could have thought up of a girl's name who needs rescuing 
    OTHER than DAISY!! 
    Sorry...but damn!
    Anyways, once there, go inside and hit the switch to get her out, then 
    go back outside, you are informed that the comet is aimed on a direct 
    collision course with the Earth. Seeing that the comet could easily 
    annihilate every living creature on the planet, your partner will tell 
    you to destroy the four thruster engines, this will stop it. Well, using 
    your map, you should be able to easily get to them, with very little 
    resistance...once at the engine, destroy the four buildings around the 
    flames, then attack the engine itself, and move on to the next. There 
    are four engines: EPSILON, GAMMA, LAMBDA, and OMICRON. After this you 
    can save your game at the Save points, near the thrusters.
    Going back to the alien city, you are forced to fight SCORPIO, a very 
    powerful scorpion like creature. See Boss Section.
    The only place left to go now is the CENTRAL COMMAND TOWER. Once inside, 
    you find that the head of every insect, the driving force behind each 
    human killing, the foe of this entire game, a game that has taken you 
    hours of labor and frustration to get this far is...a green brain in a 
    tube. DAMMIT! It should have been a titanic alien creature, but NOOOOO, 
    it has to be this cliché brain thingy. Oh well...talk to it, then exit, 
    because the building explodes as you exit. Get back in the ALPHA 1, and 
    prepare for the final battle of the game. 
    The Man in Black runs across the center of the alien city and transforms 
    into a 50 foot tall monstrosity, with four arms, each with a gun at the 
    end, and large claws, and plenty of friends. See Boss Section.
    Is it me, or did DMA rip off of Star Wars?
    "...strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could 
    POSSIBLY imagine!"
    "Only now, at the very end, do you understand..."
    Actually, I think that adds a little touch of coolness. He also explains 
    how he is your brother...<SPOILER>...he was cloned from you, duh.
    You have successfully beaten Body Harvest, a game that I honestly think 
    should have been a million seller. But no, due to the fact that the 
    gaming industry today revolves around how much hype a game can generate, 
    not the quality of its actual gameplay, this has been a sleeper game 
    that little have heard of. A pity, too, as I haven't found a single soul 
    who dislikes this game...
                            T H E     E N D 
                             ...or is it?
    Location: End of each level
    Description: A large, red tower with four missile launchers at the 
    Power: Each missile is quite powerful, lethal against a soft body.
    Tips: Facing one close up without a vehicle is suicide, but a few dozen 
    yards should be enough. Get your cursor on each rocket launcher and 
    fire! When they are all destroyed, you can start hurting the main unit. 
    After that, a cinema will show it blowing up that will put even Banjo-
    Kazooie to shame in terms of graphical aweness. Dynamite and Rocket 
    Launchers work well...After destroying the Shield Generator in a 
    particular level, you will face the boss (see below)
    NOTE: The following are fought in the ALPHA 1. Sorta like the Hovercraft 
    in Diddy Kong Racing, just easier to control and with twin Machine Guns. 
    Another neat thing about the following bosses is that they fill up the 
    entire SCREEN!
    # 1 - LEVIATHAN
    Location: Greece - 1916
    Description: A huge, gigantic green crab with four arms w/claws. 
    Power: Quite High. it fires rockets at you, plus it will attempt to hurt 
    you with it's claws.
    Tips: You must first destroy each of the claws before you can hurt it's  
    face. Each time you destroy a claw, a heart will fall down to replenish 
    your health. You'll need to practice circling the creature so you can 
    shoot at it without taking damage.
    # 2 - CERBERUS
    Location: Java - 1941
    Description: A large scorpion like creature with huge claws, it's tail 
    fires lasers at you and even shoots flying heads at you! Be afraid. Be 
    very, very afraid. And scared too. 
    Power: Very High
    Tips: Like the Crab, you must eliminate all of it's claws, right after 
    destroying the electrical thing on it's underside. After which you can 
    hurt it's face. After it's face has blown off it will flip over and 
    attempt to pierce you with it's tail. Move back and shoot it until it 
    blows! Practice strafing around it without taking damage...and be sure 
    to take care of the flying heads.
    # 3 - MOLOCH 
    Location: America - 1966
    Description: The body is a vertical cylinder. At the bottom are two 
    large rockets that make it fly (well, hover above the ground at least). 
    Two arms, with very long claws, and a head with big teeth!
    Power: Extremely high
    Tips: To destroy it, shoot the middle part. Then, shoot each arm until 
    their energy runs out and they fall off. Then the entire creature will 
    start hopping around; its entire body is vulnerable now, so fire away 
    until it dies!...if only it were this simple. This guy has a wide range 
    of attacks, from missiles, electricity, swinging arms, and strangely 
    enough, rolling tires with spikes on them. When shooting for the arms, 
    run at it, go under the body, and then brake, turn around, and shoot at 
    the arm, it won't be able to do anything because it's turning around, so 
    you can get a few more shots in, then repeat the process. If you need 
    some energy, shoot at the tires, they will explode and leave a heart. 
    The monster itself also leaves a giant heart when you blow off both 
    arms. When he hops up and down, be very careful not to get caught 
    underneath him, you will suffer tremendous damage.
    # 4 - BEELZEBUB
    Location: Siberia, 1991
    Description: A long tail with a stinger on the end, two high-power 
    blasters for arms, a round head with slanted eyes, topped off by a huge 
    jaw that should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 10. Joke.
    Power: Terribly high
    Tips: First, naturally, you must shoot off its arms. But, you need to 
    use a different stragedy than any of the other bosses, since there are 
    so many creatures shooting at you! Instead of using the semi-first 
    person view by pressing R, use the zoomed-out perspective, and shoot at 
    the arms as you SLIDE TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT. This way, you "slide" around 
    his shots...trust me, it works. Then, his tail is the target. Well, this 
    can be harder than the last, but not by a lot. Again, slide around, 
    since he will want to charge at you and impale you on his stinger. After 
    a bit of this his tail will fall off and this awful creation will start 
    to crawl around the ground like a titanic worm! When he starts charging 
    you, keep shooting. If you have full health then he won't last 
    long...speaking of which, if your health is low, shoot the little flying 
    creatures, you can get gobs of energy this way.
    # 5 - SCORPIO
    Location: Alien Comet, 2016, before Central Tower
    Description: A large scorpion like creature, each pincer is flowing with 
    Power: Massively high
    Tips: If you don't have a good supply of LAZER MISSILES  or other good 
    weapons for your ALPHA 1, well, you're going to have to have some pretty 
    fancy moves to get past this thug. Stay far away as possibly, as his 
    electricity shots can cause 1/10 of your energy to evaporate.
    Location: Alien Comet, 2016, very end
    Description: Aw...this is sad. It's just a big beetle face on a 
    cylindrical body, which has four arms fitted with a special gun for 
    each, all on top of a large treadmill. DMA, what were your boss 
    designers smoking when they made this pathetic excuse for an end boss of 
    a game filled with drooling insectoid alien creatures bent on world 
    domination? But I digress...
    Tips: First, kill the two ELIMINATORS that come down with it, the 
    enemies that appear after those are rather tame in comparison. Then, you 
    must destroy the two arm guns...they both shoot lasers. Get up close and 
    use the RESONATOR, which will take a big chunk of their health away. You 
    know you got them both when they light on fire and poof away, then the 
    second pair of arms come down. Same deal. Then the boss will use its 
    laser beam eyeballs to scorch you, which does minimal damage. A few 
    Lazer Missiles here and there, then he transforms back into the man in 
    Black, but very weak. A shotgun shell in the face and your long journey 
    comes to a rather sad end...unfortunately.
    The codes are not my responsibility, they come from Cheat Code Central. 
    Therefore, if they do not work or are incorrect, do not complain to me, 
    complain to them, thank you. Also, remember that it is a lot more fun to 
    beat the levels and bosses on your own, so don't use of these cheats 
    unless you can beat the game.  
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press A, Right, C-
    Down, C-Right, C-Up, A, Left.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press C-Down, C-Up, 
    Up, Z(2), Left, C-Right.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then, press A, C-Up, C-Up, Up, Left.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Down, Up, 
    Right, A, B, Left, C-Right.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Up, C-Down, 
    C-Right, Z, Up, Left.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Z, C-Right, 
    C-Right, B, Left, C-Right.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press B, Left, C-
    Right, C-Right, Down.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press C-Left, C-
    Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, Left.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press B, A, C-Up, 
    A, C-Up, A.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Down, C-Left, 
    A, Right, Z.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press C-Down, Up, 
    Z(2), C-Right, Right. Enabling this cheat while facing a harvester will 
    transform that alien into a mutant. Repeat the code to disable it.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Left, A, 
    Right, Down. Repeat the code to disable it.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press Down, Up, C-
    Up, Down, C-Right, C-Right.
    Enter "ICHEAT" as a name. Then while playing a game, press C-Down, Up, 
    Right(2), C-Right, A, Left to make the buildings jump. Repeat the code 
    to disable it.
    At the difficulty selection screen, repeatedly press Left to access the 
    "Very Easy" setting or repeatedly press Right to access the "Very Hard" 
    When you collect all three Weapon Crystals in a stage, you will assemble 
    a huge weapon of massive power. By collecting all the Alien Artifacts, 
    you can play the boss of that level as many times as you wish by going 
    to the "Boss Repay" option in the Options Menu.
    ***********     9-1: LOCATIONS OF WEAPON CRYSTALS     ****************** 
    1. After going through the dam on your way to the second Processor, keep 
       going straight and find a house. Go through the side and find it 
    2. Same house; search the dead body after reading the note on the wall.
    3. In a house in the area before the bridge that the man in black blows 
    Thank MisticNail@aol.com  for #'s two and three.
    1. Near the generator in the first area is a pair of two white houses. 
       behind one is a path that goes down to a shelter; it's inside.
    2. In the final area where you have to get the big navy ship to smash 
       through the alien barrier –- it's inside the ship. Talk to the 
       captain, then walk straight up so you hit the wall, then head right 
       and you will find a semi-hidden box. 
    3. In the Blackfield area, or the army place where there is a Harvester 
       Attack (last area here), you will see a fighter-plane parked on a 
       large building. Get in a GYROCOPTER and land on the building, go 
       through a door, and you will find a WEAPON CRYSTAL inside. 
    1. In the first stage, after making the jump across the gap near the 
       school with the V8-HIBOY, search for a house with a TIPPER 
       (dumptruck) next to it, inside you will find a tree-huggin' hippie. 
       On the third floor, in the drawer, is the Weapon Crystal. HINT: It's 
       on the same road that runs along the HALSALL STORM DRAIN.
    2. In the second area, remember where you had to blow away a large rock 
       with a Rocket Launcher? Well, in the area after that, go in the 
       nearest mine, where you got a TOTEM POLE SECTION. It's pretty easy to 
    (the following Crystal Location is brought to you by: Andy Lewis 
    3. It's near the beginning of stage 3, in the house which conceals the 
       valley leading to the base (when you go into the house, there's an 
       old man in the front room talking about weird lights and UFOs. Go 
       downstairs then come back up, and he's been replaced by a man in 
       black. The crystal is downstairs.
    Thanks goes to "Flatblob !!!" <flatblob@hotmail.com> for these.
    1. In Siberia stage one when you get the hover craft travel on the left 
       side of the river. About 2/3 the way down you should see two houses 
       the crystal is in the bigger house. 
    2. In Siberia stage two at the nuclear plant there is a pump house that 
       you can enter and find the crystal. 
    3. In Siberia stage four near the area where you get the scud missile 
       there is a house where the crystal is housed. The house is on the 
       same ground as the alien target, which means you'll need a flying 
       machine to get to.
    ************     9-2: LOCATIONS OF ALIEN ARTIFACTS     *****************
    Thanks goes to "Flatblob !!!" <flatblob@hotmail.com> for number three.
    1. Same place as the first Weapon Crystal
    2. Before going to the first Airport, go to end of a path to find a 
       Church. Search inside.
    3. In Greece 1 there is a small town in the north west 
       part of the map. The artifact is found the only house that you can 
    Thanks to N64 Code Center <www.n64cc.com> for these
    1. After getting the BOAT PARTS, start to go back to the CABLE CAR.
       Except, stop before the generator. You will soon see a rock, across 
       from that will be a long, very thin path (a Roach Gunner used to be 
       there). Drive across, at the end is a house, inside the is first 
    2. Once you get inside the military base and have access to flying
       vehicles, return to Java 3, and fly along the Shield Portal wall. 
       Eventually, you will find a corner, and there will be a mini-airport, 
       with a few airplanes, and a small shack. Check inside
    3. On the long battlefield leading to the final PROCESSOR, on the west 
       side (when looking on the map), there will be a small bunker type 
       house. Inside is, well, you know. I suggest you use a GYROCOPTER for 
    Thank Bobby Johnson <tomegatherion121@hotmail.com> for these
    1. Second stage, first Harvest, look for a DUSTY (vehicle) behind a 
       house, and you will see a very small path behind it...you'll find a 
       house. Guess what's on the second floor? 
    2. In the very first area of America...OK, you're facing the blue wall, 
       next to it is a sewer pipe, near that is KARL's KUSTOM KARS. So the 
       wall is in front of you, turn left on the road. Turn left at the next 
       turn. Then right.  You should see a small sign with an EDZIL behind 
       it, turn left, then left again, you will see a super-market, it's 
       open. Inside, go downstairs. Open the drawer. Yay.  
    3. In the second stage, after clearing the canyons so you can hear your 
       partner again, take the MONSTER BUG nearby, then go down the river. 
       Cave, bingo. 
    Thanks goes to "Flatblob !!!" <flatblob@hotmail.com> for all of these.
    1. In Siberia 1 there is a small cave on the mountain side on square E7 
       of your map. The Artifact is inside. 
    2. In Siberia 4 there is an Artifact in the radio station at Vadensk 
       (the town you need to blow up). 
    3. In Siberia 4 to the south of Zhivago there are three houses, the 
       Artifact is in the bigger house. You need to solve a puzzle to get 
       the Artifact.
    Nintendo: I have to give them credit, I don't know why, it's just one of 
    those strange rules everyone follows for no good reason. 
    DMA Design: Those nuts in Scotland, they're even crazier than me 
    N64 Code Center <www.n64cc.com>: All the Alien Artifacts of Java. Yay!
    Cheat Code Central <www.cheatcc.com>: Take N64CC and then add it to 
    Gamesages and what do you have? The biggest collection of codes you 
    could possibly imagine. This is what Cheat Code Central is! Thanks goes 
    to them for the large list of cheat codes.
    I'd like to thank the following people
    Bobby Johnson <tomegatherion121@hotmail.com>: Sent in corrections for 
    America and Siberia, plus ALL of the Alien Artifacts for America. But, 
    what I find rather sad is that someone else on Hotmail had that 
    name...tsk, tsk, what a sad world we live in.
    ??? <MisticNail@aol.com>: Sent in the Weapon Crystals for Java, at least 
    the second and third ones. I already had the first one. But still, this 
    guy was a great help!
    Markus Pohl <markapollo13@hotmail.com>: Sent in the information on how 
    to save the Power Plant in Siberia. 
    Andy Lewis <ajlewis@puresoftware.co.uk>: For the third Weapon Crystal of 
    "Flatblob !!!" <flatblob@hotmail.com>: He sent in all of the Weapon 
    Crystals for Siberia and all the Alien Artifacts for Siberia. Very nice! 
    Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
    any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
    condemnation, or death threats at: marshmallow@planetn2000.com. 
    Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
    daily basis. 
    I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
    immediately. Who knows...you may get an answer hours after sending it, 
    or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
    questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
    <prepare for a shocker> do have a real life outside the Internet. 
    School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
    the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  
    If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
    definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
    up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...
    Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
    work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
    comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
    question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
    support. As for your problem..." 
    I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
    that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
    acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
    they're always good for laughs.
    Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
    site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
    money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?
    No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
    don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
    think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
    on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
    won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
    brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
    cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
    loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
    finally, I will *not* make out with you!  
    I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
    questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for a T rated 
    game with copious amounts of explosions, blood, and drooling alien-
    insectoids, I assume you will not be offended by a little sexual 
                               ~ End of Document ~

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