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  • At the level select menu, the time it takes for the planets to revolve around the Sun is exactly accurate to real life, although sped up. It takes the Earth 1 minute to orbit the Sun, which represents a year, and within that time the Moon revolves exactly 13 times around the Earth. With Mercury, it takes approximately 14 seconds to revolve around the Sun, which is equal to 88 days, with Venus 37 seconds which equals to 225 days, Mars 1 minute and 53 seconds, which equals to 687 days, and Neptune 2 hours and 45 minutes, which equals to 165 years. Apparent retrograde motion also occurs when viewing the planets from a certain vantage point.

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  • Several of the music tracks in the game are remixes (and downgrades, considering the N64 sound chip) of actual songs. The Simian Acres theme reminds of Rednex' Cotton Eye Joe, Argent Towers invokes the feeling of the Shaft theme song while Angel City reminds of Circutry by Front Line Assembly. Though for gamers, the most interesting example is probably that Jade Plateau features a remixed version of the boss theme from Donkey Kong Land. Composer Graeme Norgate worked on both of these games.

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Famous Quote

  • Amber: You're just trying to impress me!

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Connection to Other Media

  • The levels Gibbon's Gate and Baboon Catacomb are designed to look like Pac-Man. In Pac-Man you go around a one-screen labyrinth eating dots while being chased by four differently colored ghosts. In these levels the Backlash take the role of Pac-Man, driving around in the labyrinth lighting up RDU's and being chased by four Ramdozer-like vehicles which are of the same colors as the ghosts.

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