Review by Chunkey Simmons

Reviewed: 02/06/06

Best game ever!

I've seen many racing games in the past like Mario Kart 64 or even some of the new racing games like "Need 4 Speed: Underground 2" that don't have what Beetle Adventure racing has. What exactly does Beetle Adventure racing hold? It holds excitement, Adventure, amazing cars, and don't forgets about the secrets and shortcuts. If any racing game out there should make equal, it's this one!

What do you mean when you say secrets and shortcuts?
When I say secrets, I'm talking about battle zones you have to unlock, secret boxes that are hidden throughout the levels that make the game a lot. The secrets are frustrating at first but you will look back at those times and thank them because it helped you kill some time. The shortcuts are one of my favorite parts of this game. The shortcuts make the game a lot more fun. As a matter of fact, taking all of the shortcuts makes the game a lot more exiting then following the main roads. A lot of the shortcuts are really cool looking and is satisfying to drive in.

Are the layouts of the levels good?
I wouldn't change the layouts; the layout are perfect. I wouldn't change a thing to the Layouts because they are not too flat and not too bumpy, kind of in the middle. However, you may want to change the layouts. Why? Because the layouts have tons of un obvious glitches. For an example: in some levels, when you face your car towards the fence and then hit the accelerator, sometimes your lucky enough to go right through the fence. To be honest with you, I like the glitches and that's why I said I wouldn't change a thing, but you might want to change that. So I give this a ten out of ten.

How good are the graphics?
Some of the graphics like the backgrounds are done well but then there are the opponents cars that look all blocky. The graphics are not too bad for a 3D racing game. Regardless of where you are, you are always surrounded by something which is a good thing. I like some of the advertisements on the levels, it makes the game more exiting. So this game has earned it's ten out of ten.

What features do Beetle Adventure Racing have?
This game has quite a few features. It features unlockable arenas for Beetle Battle, Champion chip mode where you first unlock all of the levels and race against the computers on certain difficulties, Beetle Battle itself, unlockable cheats, and much more. It has just enough features to be rated ten out of ten.

What is Beetle Battle and is it any good?
Beetle battle is a game that requires two or more players where you collect beetles as they change colors. Your goal is to grab all of the colors before the opponents do. It's not as bad as it sounds though because there are nine levels to select from and there are weapons to defend yourself. It's not racing but it's still fun. When you have a group of friends in your house that are bored and have nothing to do, be a good host and introduce them to Beetle Adventure racing - Beetle Battle. I give the Beetle Battle part of Beetle Adventure racing a ten out of ten once again.

Is the two player mode for Beetle Adventure racing any different from the one player mode?
Other then the fact that the screen is divided horizontally into half, there both not too different. You can still race computers in two player mode, you still have all of the levels and cars; nothing like that is changed. The only differences are the shortcuts that have breakables in them like doors or houses no longer have them, and you cannot select Champion chip mode. Because it is almost exactly like one player mode, I give it a ten out of ten.

How fantastic is the sound?
The sound is like real life in a way; when you crash, you actually hear a clear crashing noise, the taking voice comes in crystal clear, the car engine sounds the way it should. I like how some of the car engines have a different sound and don't have the same like some racing games do. I give the song a ten out of ten.

Is the music catchy?
The music in this game is good for a Nintendo 64 game. It can be catchy at times but can still be a great game without the music. When I say the music isn't bad, it isn't bad because I am not a music fan. I as well give the music a ten out of ten.

How long will it take to finish Beetle Adventure racing?
There is six levels total, you start out with two and you have to earn the other four separately by winning all of the races with the levels you have in order from the easiest to the hardest on champion chip mode. So it will take a while to beat this game. Probably about two to three hours will do in order to beat this game.

Once I finish this game, will I play it again?
Yes. There is lots of things like the arenas and the cheats that you have to unlock before you are done with this game. Even when you finish with that, you still got the glitches witch to me makes the game more fun. So yes, this is a game you will go back to.

Is this a game I should buy or rent?
To me, this is the best game ever of what I played. This is a must have game that deserves to be bought. Renting is okay too but I recommend you to buy it, you will have it much longer.

10 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 10

2 - 3 hours



Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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