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Reviewed: 07/31/03 | Updated: 07/31/03

A very fun racer for the N64

One day, I found this game. I was interested in it, so I bought it. This game is one of the best racers for the Nintendo 64, and I recommend this game to anyone who likes racing games and fun games.

STORY: X out of 10
Since this game doesn't really have any storyline, I gave it X out of 10. You race around in a VW New Beetle completing the racetrack, trying to get 1st place and find things to get continues and many more things.

GRAPHICS: 9 out of 10
Good graphics for it's time. The track itself, the things you find in the track, and the Bugs themselves are 3D, and the background and some things like bushes are in 2D. So, the graphics are pretty good, but I think that the 2D things you find on the track could have been improved.

MUSIC: 8 out of 10
The music is catchy and pretty much well done, but I've heard better video game music than what is on Beetle Adventure Racing. It's also pretty repetitive, so that is what gets the music score down to 8.

SOUND: 10 out of 10
Typical sound you would expect from a racing game, such as cars crashing, horns honking, etc.

GAMEPLAY: 10 out of 10
Let me tell you one thing: most likely, you will NOT get bored with this game easily.

When you first start on the first track on the easiest difficulty level, you will notice that it's very easy because it is, after all, the first difficulty level. But as the game progresses, the game will get harder with harder stages and drivers. Across the stage, there are bonus boxes which you can get to get continues and unlock beetle battle stages.

The tracks are well done, with lots of shortcuts, and are also unique. The stages are places like a huge metropolis, a tropical island, and small, rural farmland. There are also other things that make the stages unique, such as a T-rex, driving on train tracks, etc.

When you start, the beetles aren't really that good. But, as you advance, you get better bugs.

CONTROLS: 9 out of 10
Controls are easy and most of the time, responsive. However, there are times where you can't get your beetle to turn when you want it to turn.

REPLAY VALUE: 7 out of 10
I really liked the long tracks and how they were designed. 2nd player mode is also very fun. But with 1 player mode, it is really easy and you could probably unlock all of the tracks in one day. But you could still race on the tracks.

THE BIG QUESTION: Buy or rent?
I would suggest you buy it. It's one of the best racers for the Nintendo 64 money can buy.

OVERALL: 9 out of 10
Well, I don't really like racing games, but this game is really fun and enjoyable. Beetle Adventure Racing is, no doubt, one of the best racing games for the N64.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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