Review by FFlechas

Reviewed: 12/05/99 | Updated: 12/05/99

The best racing to date! Even a WHOLE LOT better than Gran Turismo!

Look, I know I may seem cynical with the one-line summary, but to me, this awesome video game is WAY better than Gran Turismo! The first time I played Gran Turismo, I left it alone. I'll write that review in the new year (which won't be too long from now). Now, on to the review!

Gameplay - 10 --> The controls for this game are simply, how should I put it, "magnifique". There may be only 2 tracks once you start, and in total there are 6 tracks, but all 6 tracks are worth it, plus the police beetle (tons of fun).

Sound/Music - 10 --> The music is just so freakin' energetic! It's cool! Plus, the sounds are awesome!

Graphics - 10 (If I could, I'd give this subject a 100) --> The game's graphics are killer! I didn't notice a single mistake with the visual entertainment. Plus, the introduction is cool (and funny)!

Replayability - 10 --> You'll want to play this until you get EVERY single multiplayer track, EVERY single track, and EVERY single car!

Rent or Buy First? - Buy --> The first time you play this game, you won't be able to put this down until you retire. Trust me, this has GOT to be the best racing game to date.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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