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Reviewed: 07/16/02 | Updated: 07/16/02

One of my favorite racing games of all time, here's why...

Beetle Adventure Racing is your standard racing game in a lot of respects. You start out with a choice of terrible cars, get better cars and different tracks as you progress and end up with a bunch of conquered courses. Sounds like any racing game, but the true fun of B. A. R. starts when the game is finished. But we won’t get into that now – lets analyze the game from beginning to end.


When you first start out playing this game, you may find it somewhat difficult. But as you keep playing the game you’ll discover tons of shortcuts that make it easier to progress. This is one of the coolest aspects of the game because sometimes a shortcut is not a shortcut at all. Everybody has his or her own theories as to where the best route is which makes racing a human very fun. On a similar hand, there is a cool bonus system for enabling cheats were you drive your car into the bonus boxes. The boxes are spaced out across each course so that you must hit every short cut perfectly. Going for the bonus boxes is one of the more challenging and fun parts of B. A. C.

The controls are set up much the same way Super Mario Cart’s controls are set up making it very easy to grasp early on. The physics of B. A. C. are great; I’d say they’re probably exaggerated a bit, but this isn’t Grand Turismo we’re talking about, B. A. C. is kinda wacky and unreal.

Although the racing segment of the game is my favorite, there are a bunch of courses set up for battle. The weapons are somewhat original and there are status ailments to inflict upon the enemy as well. This part of the game kinda reminds me of Twisted Metal, at least the weapons.


I think the graphics are great for their time. Most of the track elements are 3D, although there are some 2D effects which mostly chill in the background. There’s never really a point along any of the tracks where you can sit and comfortably watch the scenery anyway. All in all the graphics are better than most of the other games released on N64 at that time.

The music in the game is somewhat repetitive, but kinda catchy at the same time. As a matter of fact I’ve got one of those songs stuck in my head right now…geez. Most of the time I just turn the game music off and throw in a cd.


I’ve been playing this game with my roommate for three or four years and we still try to beat each other’s records. The tracks are really long so there is always room for improvement. The time trial segment coupled with the battle segment make this a game that could be played forever…if you liked it in the first place.


I would suggest renting B. A. C. first. I like it a lot but there seems to be a lot of people who haven’t played it which tells me it wasn’t that popular to begin with. So rent it and try to progress a little so you can see some other tracks. If you like it buy it for sure.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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