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Reviewed: 07/28/01 | Updated: 07/28/01

Very good racing game!!

This is one of the best games for racing. Not only for it's kick ass graphics and nice style. But for the fact that instead of having to search through makes, models, and years. You basically have Beatle A and Beatle Bailey. (hehe, just a joke) You can't do much customization like in Gran Turismo or a NASCAR game. That's the only reason I took a few points off. But, we won't let that get to us, will we? This game is truly excellent for being made by a 3rd Party. (Electronic Arts Victor) Now, for those of you who are looking for some specific qualities. Trust me, they are all good.

Controls-9-You'll love the smooth and easy to use controls. Unless you really love to ride the brakes. Then, they get a little tiresome. I focused on this because, well, I just loved them. They are fun and easier to use than most racing games controls.

Graphics-9-Wow!! These are some of the best graphics that I've seen in a long time for a racer! The smooth framerate will leave you sick and breathless. Although it does slow down a little bit. But thats only when you do major things. Like ''kick up dust'' and things of that nature, but overall, it's still good.

Fun-10-This is never-ending fun. With large, sprawling tracks, and many shortcuts, this game always leaves you wondering. Even about where all of those ''Flower Boxes''. That is, of course, unless you've read the FAQ.

Replay-8-This is the game that you never want to stop playing. Like I said in the ''Fun'' section, it always leaves you wondering. The difficulty levels will draw you in and keep you stuck until your mom/dad come in and pull the plug on you. In which case, you will disown them, pack up your N64, a few ice cubes, and some deodorant. Then leave.

Audio-7-It get's to you after awhile. The music is sort of ''disco'' like. But all of the other audio is excellent. Skidding out really is cool. Sqqqeakkkkkkk!!! BOOM! That's pretty much it.

To buy or to rent-I would say that this is a best buy for mostly all gamers. From your average gamer to your ''Grand Turismo Guru'' all gamers should and most likely will love this game.

For the people who aren't gamers and just use the boards and have this laying around-This is the buy for you. Easy to control. Lots of fun. BUY IT!!! Happy Gaming!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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