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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Basicly, this game is mostly to VW lovers and to people who like cool short-cuts and secret stuff.

Just to inform you, THIS IS MY FIRST REVEIW, there WILL be mistakes.

First and formost, VW Beetles are the only type of car in this game.(duh)If you REALLY hate em', then don't waste your money on this game. For all youVW fans out there, you will LOVE this game.

Beetle Adventure Racing is a pretty cool racing game-one of a kind in fact. B.A.R isn't your usual racing game. Packed with secrets,short-cuts,plenty of 50's and 60's phrases, and those O-So-Cute Beetles,B.A.R. really keeps your attention.

B.A.R. starts off fairly boring, but don't get impatient. After the first1st place win in the beginning competition, the game starts to heat up. Funbonuses, new tracks, and better beetles become available,making the game easierand more fun. Short cuts are in the most obscure places, and some of them leadto cool places,adding the fairly new element of exploring a track,not justdriving on it.

One of the most fun elements of the game is the "Beetle Battles" There aren'tmany options at first,like other things in the game, but as time goes on,it's agreat multiplayer game. You win by either demolishing your opponent, or collect a number of colored ladybugs. The one who gets all the lady bugs first doesn'tautomaticly win, but has to reach the exit first,giving other players a chanceto stop him/her. This let's battles last a little longer.

The graphics of this game are pretty good, most stuff is 3-d, yet stuff liketrees, bushes, ect. are sprites. Many things are actively going on around you asyou race and go through short cuts,giving you some extra eye candy. Lighting effects are fairly great, the sun can shine in your eyes, lights glow, cavesare as dark as they should be, and so on. The graphics for a blowing up Beetlecould be better though.

As for the sound,well, this game could use some touching up. The sound is mostly60s groovy stuff. Some race track's soundtracks just aren't cool. The anouncer just isn't enough in the 60's groove,and among other things the sound could use alittle help.

I'd recommend this game to those who like VW Beetles,a 60's theme,and TONS ofshort cuts. This game is fairly decent and worth renting, but don't buy it unlessyou REALLY like this 60's stuff. The challenge is so-so, not easy, not extremlyhard. It has a ok replay value,but after a few runs, it gets boring. You need asave pak to save your progress,though.

I hope you like this review.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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