• Cheato Codes

    You must type in the word ''CHEATO'' before all of these codes. To get them without collecting the pages first, type in ''CHEATO'' followed by spelling the code backwards

    * You can get this from Madame Grunty's fortune telling tent in Witchyworld, but the probabilities of it coming up are very low. Just enter the code to get it if you grow impatient with entering the tent over and over again. You must, however, spell it backwards. (CHEATOYGGIJTEG)
    ** Look behind Master Jiggywiggy in his temple and answer the riddle to access this cheat, or just type in the code backwards to get it. (CHEATOGNIKTSEN)
    *** After finding the two secret eggs (Blue, Pink) and returning them to Heggy, you'll gain this code. If you don't want to find the eggs first, just type the code in backwards. (CHEATOGNIMOH)

    Banjo runs fasterCHEATOSUPERBANJO
    Double EggsCHEATOEGGS
    Double Gold/Red FeathersCHEATOFEATHERS
    Enemies run fasterCHEATOSUPERBADDY
    Fixes Jukebox in Jolly'sCHEATOJUKEBOX
    Homing Eggs***CHEATOHOMING
    No damage from fallingCHEATOFALLPROOF
    Plays first cast listCHEATOJIGGYSCASTLIST
    Read Jiggywiggy's signs*CHEATOGETJIGGY
    Regenerate Life BarCHEATOHONEYBACK
    Unlimited Air/EnergyCHEATOHONEYKING
    Unlimited Feathers/Eggs**CHEATONESTKING
    View all cinemas from VCRCHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    16    35


  • Banjo's Double Jump

    When Banjo is by himself and has the Pack Whack, jump in the air and press B to use the move. Quickly after pressing B, jump again, and Banjo will perform a double jump. This is useful for reaching Taxi Pack easily and also for navigating the boxes in Grunty Idustries. It won't save you from high falls though, even if you use it before hitting the ground--but it is fun to watch Banjo get hurt from a seemingly short hop.

    Contributed By: LordBowser99.

    8    0


  • Character Parade

    Beat the game 100% to unlock the Character Parade movie in Replay Mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Character ParadeGet 100%

    Contributed By: Hubbin.

    7    1

Easter Eggs

  • Rare's Mr. Pants Cameo

    Once you have gotten Hailfire Peaks unlocked, go to the ice side of it. Search around until you see Boggy's hut (it's a giant igloo). Go inside and look at the TV that Boggy is sitting in front of. You should see this white man with a hat and nothing but pants on. This is Mr. Pants, by Rareware.

    Contributed By: aergd.

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  • Access Jinjos as Playable Characters (Multi-player)

    Once you've learned the Split Up, Bill Drill and Hatch abilities, make your way to the Wooded Hollow. Enter Heggy's Egg and bill drill the boulder to reveal split up pads. Split up and control Kazooie up the ramp to the top of Heggy's Egg. You'll find a secret yellow egg here, so use your hatch ability on it and you will be able to play as Jinjos when in multi-player mode.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    5    1

  • Accessing Dragon Kazooie

    Once you've found the mega glowbo from the ice chest, go (or warp) to Pine Grove and enter Humba Wumba's wigwam just outside of witchyworld. Give her the mega glowbo and Kazooie will be transformed into a dragon, which is much more powerful than normal Kazooie. Jump in the pool again to return Kazooie to her normal state.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    4    2

  • Character select and options.

    If you want to play as other characters such as Grunty, simply select single game then a shootout. Select pick characters and press <- or -> to see various characters. There are also other options in single game.

    Contributed By: pikamillion.

    2    7

  • Finding the Secret Blue Egg

    From where you got the Pink Egg, use the flight pad and fly over to where the waterfalls are (to the west of Grunty's old lair) and go through the opening on top of the waterfall, then swim/jump upstream until you're in the next room. You'll find another waterfall here with a ledge on top of it. Grip Grab along the ledge and climb up directly behind the waterfall to find a hidden tunnel. Go through it to find another Banjo-Kazooie game pak inside the cave. Break it open to get the Blue Egg.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    2    0

  • Finding the Secret Pink Egg

    Make your way to Spiral Mountain and scale the mountain which leads up to Grunty's old lair. On top of the mountain you'll find a flight pad. Use it to fly over to the cave across from the mountain and inside you'll find a Banjo-Kazooie game pak with eyeballs. Break it open to find the pink egg.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    3    3

  • Free Hotel Room

    To get Jolly Roger's room for free in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, just shoot the door with a grenade egg instead of paying. He'll yell at you, but nothing else.

    Contributed By: iammaxhailme.

    6    1

  • Getting the Ice Key

    First off, you must know the Grip Grab ability. If you don't, play through the game until you do, then return to Jinjo Village. From where you enter Jinjo Village (coming from Spiral Mountain/Inside the Digger Tunnel) turn right to find a desert-like area. Go against the wall and you'll find a ledge which you can grip grab along. Edge your way across the ledge, killing the enemies which pop out at you as you go until you reach the end. Climb up using the A button, and go through the tunnel opening. Inside is a walking B-K game pak with eyeballs. Roll into it and the Ice Key will pop out! Collect it to open the Ice Chest later in the game.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    7    0

  • Getting the Mega Glowbo

    To get the Mega Glowbo, first you must have the Ice Key and you must know how to use the Talon Torpedo ability. Once you have the Ice Key and this ability, go to Glitter Gulch Mine and hit the switch near the entrance to open the grating which leads to the Water Storage area. Run to the grating before it closes and go inside. Talon Torpedo the big boulder underwater and go through the tunnel into Hailfire Peaks. Climb up the small hill and unlock the Ice Chest to get the mega glowbo!

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    8    1

  • Swim Faster

    Go over to Banjo's house and look to the left outside the gate. You'll find a large boulder in which you must bill drill. Once you bill drill it, a goldfish will be inside. Collect it and drop it off into the moat around Spiral Mountain. In return, you'll learn how to swim faster (Press A+B while underwater.)

    Contributed By: Dallas.

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