Where can I find (grip grab)?

  1. i dont know where to find the abbility for grip grab so i can scale across ledges? Help please
    thank you Paula

    User Info: donnieswife

    donnieswife - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The first thing you need to do is use Mumbo Jumbo to raise up the Golden Goliath and have him kick in the nearest stone skull done door. After that, you should be able to go inside with Banjo and Kazooie, and Jamjars' hole should be in relatively plain sight.

    If this doesn't make sense or if you have already made it inside the door and cannot find it, let me know and I will do what I can to clarify.

    User Info: hylianknight3

    hylianknight3 - 10 years ago 8   0

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