Is your game centered on the screen? Seriously read on

  1. I recently purchased, on ebay, this(BK) and BT. When I tried them neither was centered on my screen(CRT). I checked my other games, mostly originals a couple second hand, and all off them were centered and played perfectly. I returned both games and found other copies at local Retro shops and These aren't centered either!!! Are These being bootlegged??? The copies I currently have aren't As bad as the first 2 but I notice it and it's annoying as heck. Does anyone have this issue or heard of it before???

    User Info: Slider3X

    Slider3X - 1 year ago


  1. How much off-center? On a CRT, different systems and possibly different games will display differently. If BK is only slightly off, you can access the service menu of you tv and adjust the horizontal and vertical positions to find a compromised position that will display all your systems/games as best as possible.

    But if you tried 2 different copies and they produced different results, I have no idea what would cause that.

    User Info: eccoboy

    eccoboy - 1 year ago 0 0
  2. BK is only slightly off. The Right right side has extra black space in the middle far right. The left side starts off fine at the bottom but about halfway up it starts to angle into the picture, like if you were to cut a 1/2 inch off of a piece of paper from center up. The First BT was ridiculous. Huge black borders on the left and top that cut off the screen image. I'd post a video if I could. Every other game of mine worked flawlessly and i tested it on multiple tvs and different systems.

    User Info: Slider3X

    Slider3X - 1 year ago 0 0

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