Review by DavidCarr8

Reviewed: 09/06/04

Probably not worth your money, even for $5

The only reason I have this game, and decided to play it, was because I got it for free from a friend, and once it was in my N64, and I was too lazy to take it out, and played it. I also enjoy playing tennis, so that as another reason I have it.

Gameplay - The gameplay could be improved greatly. You have to practice a lot to be able to beat the computer. I've played for a while, and it's still pretty hard for me to win a set against the opponent. Even though the gameplay is not earth shattering, or even close to it, it can be rather addicting. Controls are sloppy, could have been improved though. There are many modes that you can play: Bomb Tennis, Normal Tennis, Championship Tennis and Free Play. It's not that fun to play single-player. Multiplayer is much better. I don't think I've ever tried Championship Tennis, due to the level of difficulty of the computer.

Graphics/Sound - Wow, the graphics are pretty lame. They could have done much more to make quality of use of the Nintendo 64. The motion is pretty sloppy, and the models are alright. The surrounding is also bad, such as the crowd. The sound is very limited, not much at all. My N64 is screwed up pretty bad, I don't think it lets me hear any sound... Only one I heard is from the title menu, which the developers could have at least put some effort into, but decided against it.

Play Time/Replayability - It's a sport game, so you can play it whenever you want, as much as you want.

Final Recommendation - In my opinion, I would rent it, or buy it as cheap as you can get it for. Hopefully, a friend will have it, and then you can give it a go. If you want a pretty cheap game for the Nintendo 64, and is really fun, get Mario Tennis. The main point of this review is to warn people, that could possibly want this game, that they shouldn't waste their money on it, unless they really enjoy it. I think that they could have done much more to make full potential of the Nintendo 64.

Rating: 4

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