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Reviewed: 01/13/04 | Updated: 09/01/11

Game, set, match. Not in this title's favour.

All Star Tennis '99
Game, Set, Match

Introduction: All Star Tennis '99 is one of those game where everyone has their own opinion on it. My opinion is it does not deserve to be a game at all.

Graphics: 2/10

The Graphics are quite poor and do not live up to most of the other Nintendo 64 Games. However the look-a-likes of the players are not too bad and the actual Tennis court does not look too bad either. However, the crowd and surrounding scenery leaves a lot to be desired as well as other things.

Sound: 1/10

What sound? There is no sound in this game except for the title theme which is not all that good. I would love to say more about the sound but, there just is no more.

Controls: 6/10

Finally something good. The controls are very easy to learn and handle and it will not take you long to get quite good at them. There are a few complicated controls and not all of the buttons are very easy and some could have been on better buttons. But, the game controls are not all that bad and turn out to be probably, the best part of the game.

Gameplay: 3/10

There are many options to play in All Star Tennis. There is Bomb Tennis, Normal Tennis, Championship Tennis and Free Play. Most of these are not very good and are quite boring. Bomb Tennis is probably the best and it quite amusing. This is where you play with a bomb instead of a tennis ball. Normal Tennis is fine as long as you do not play against a computer. Championship is the one player version and it is almost impossible to beat the computer players. Free Play is fine and is the multiplayer mode in the game.

Challenge: 5/10

There is nothing challenging about this game except for the one player mode. The one player mode is way to challenging and very frustrating to play again and again and again. Eventually you will want to give up unless you love trying to do this type of thing.

Rent of Buy?

Rent. If you actually are still interested I would suggest renting it first. If you are a tennis fan then you may enjoy this more than I do. But, do not buy it first, like with most games you should give it a go first.

Overall: 3/10

I hate to say it but this is not a fantastic game. There is a bit of challenge and the controls are good. I would recommend renting it first as the graphics and sound are not all that good.

Rating: 3

Product Release: All Star Tennis '99 (EU, 06/25/99)

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