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Reviewed: 02/17/15

The best DPS, aside from Zenbu.

I’m going to admit, I hated the first DPS and think that it may just be the worst game ever. Then, as I went through the series went, it grew on me and I’m not just saying that because the games got progressively better. Two out of three of the “games” on this compilation are decent, the only dud being the honeymoon story.

Story- There are three stories on this compilation, one about a couple’s day after their wedding, one about a dragon attacking a school, and a third that’s some kind of Alice in Wonderland tribute starring a woman dressed as a bunny. Each story lets you do some degree of customization at the beginning. This customization will affect how the story plays out. For example, in the honeymoon story, you get different dialogue and sex scenes depending on what you choose.

The stories themselves are kind of hit or miss. The first scenario has you and your wife celebrating the day after their wedding. You eat food, have sex, drink alcohol, have sex, sleep, have more sex… It’s pretty dull unless you really like reading about sex with 8-bit graphics in front of you.

The second story is about a guy who is graduating from high school and wants to tell his crush that he loves her. He starts to get nervous and jittery until a dragon attacks. Now he has to save her. It’s a very weird story that was better than I thought it was be. The last one is called Rabbit P4P. It’s about a woman dressed as a bunny running around and trying to get random weird people to like her. It’s kind of funny at times and while not bad, it’s certainly not as good as the Graduation story with the dragon.

Still, the stories, like before, are too short to really get invested in and they’re really just excuses for Alice Soft to put poorly drawn hentai on your computer screen. This set of stories is slightly better than usual, but that doesn’t mean that it’s some kind of amazing must-play game that is essential to any MSX owner’s library.

Presentation- The music is screechy and gave me a headache. The graphics are about what you’d expect from a game on the MSX, kind of bad. It’s clear that Alice Soft had to take the system’s limitations into account, but that doesn’t stop this from looking ugly. I guess Rabbit P4P had trippy and abstract art, so it looks slightly better than the other two and there are small bits of animation here and there, but otherwise, this looks about the same as every other DPS game.

Gameplay- In the honeymoon story, you can play as either the husband or the wife. Either way, you’ll pick how you have sex with each other. Both sides of the story are essentially the same. The graduation story will ask you to create your character before the start. That affects how he does things later on, but either way, you’ll still have the same choices and the same way of getting an ending that doesn’t involve people getting killed. The rabbit story is the same deal as the graduation story. You can customize your playboy bunny protagonist, but that doesn’t change much, save for where you go and who you have sex with in wonderland. Be careful what choices you pick too. Bad choices can lead to “Game Over”, which occur sometimes without much foreshadowing. It makes the game more frustrating than it should be.

DPS SG Set 3 doesn’t do much that the previous games also did. Granted, it isn’t as incompetent as some of the other games in the series, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good. If you’re interested in some of Alice Soft’s weirder and more obscure stuff without any care for quality, then by all means, try this out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though.

Cool Fact- Rabbit P4P shares a lot of similarities with Alice no Yakata, in that they both take place in a Wonderland and they both are full of “sexy” version of Wonderland characters.

Also Try- Pink Sox. The games start off kind of bad, but they get way better and grow on you as you play through them. They’re some of the better h-game/galge compilations I’ve played. There’s also DPS Zenbu, which outdates all the other DPS games because it has all of their stories included with an additional scenario that it’s good, but nice to have.

Rating: 5

Product Release: D.P.S. SG Set 3 (JP, 12/31/92)

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