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Reviewed: 02/17/15

One of these stories is actually a winner! The other two are just as bad as previous DPS stories.

DPS is Alice Soft’s series of hentai story collections. They usually have you selecting who you play as in the beginning and then go through short scenarios that usually put more emphasis on either comedy or sex than plot. Not all of them are bad, but most of them are. This one in particular has one of those rare “good” stories. It’s not enough to save the whole game from badness, but it’s at least nice to see that Alice Soft has gotten better at these.

Story- There are three stories in DPS SG 2. One of them is about a haunted house with phallic monsters that live inside. The second one is about a fire in a hotel. The third involves the doctor from the first DPS game on another lecherous adventure of touching women in strange places to try to get them to feel better.

The haunted house story is actually awesome. It is way more fun than the other two and blows everything from all previous DPS games out of the water. The story is called Antique House, by the way, and while it is short, it’s also very good. Is it good enough to save this game from its other two (very bad) scenarios? Not really.

Presentation- There isn’t much in the way of animation here, which is kind of a shame because the MSX could handle simple and basic “looping .gif” style stuff, as shown in various Pink Sox games. The art is okay as far as MSX games go. Some of the stuff actually looks cool! A great example would be the monsters as seen in Antique House. Some of it looks awful though, like just about every sex scene in the hotel fire story.

Gameplay- DPS is all about making choices. You read dialogue, make choices, hope you don’t get a cheap and random bad ending, and keep going until you reach the true end. This one isn’t nearly as bad about random bad ends as the other DPS games, but they do exist. Otherwise, this is a bad (but not irredeemably awful) adventure game compilation. You might enjoy it if you’re a diehard Alice Soft fan or something, but for the most part, there are better old school Japanese adventure games out there.

Cool Fact- The “doctor” scenario reuses some of the same cahracters, but the art’s gotten a little better. It’s kind of cool to see these characters drawn in ways that don’t make my eyes hurt.

Wanna Play?- Alice Soft, the makers of this game, have DPS Zenbu up for free for download on their website. DPS Zenbu is a compilation of every DPS story plus an exclusive scenario. How can you say no to free games? Damn, I wish I wouldn’ve known about that before I paid money for the MSX versions of these things.

Also Try- DPS is very similar to Dor in that they’re both short collections of stories that usually aren’t very good.

Rating: 5

Product Release: D.P.S. SG Set 2 (JP, 12/31/91)

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