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Reviewed: 11/20/13

The Pink Sox Girls get thier own game.

Warning! Super Pink Sox is a very pornographic video game and prominently features cartoon women and their (often lesbian) sexual encounters. This is a Pink Sox game, so you have to expect lesbian sex somewhere along the line. Anyway, if you are too young to play pornographic video games or if you are offended by cartoon sex, then you should probably skip this game.

Super Pink Sox is a full standalone adventure game by Wendy Magazine. It features the Pink Sox girls getting their very own game instead of just having to host pornographic shovelware like they did back in the original Pink Sox games. Super Pink Sox may be familiar to anyone who played earlier Pink Sox games. It has the exact same story as “Manami no Doko made Iku no?”. That name roughly translates to “Where does Manami *censored*?”. I can’t use that last word on Gamefaqs, but it’s a very sexual word that starts with the letter “c” and rhymes with “gum”. If you are a fan of Pink Sox, this should be a wonderful game for you. In the likely event that you have no idea what Pink Sox is, then this game should still be enjoyable if you have at least some knowledge of Japanese.

Story- The story starts where Manami is trying to enjoy her summer vacation when she gets some very interesting mail. It says that she has been selected to go on a huge adventure and save the world from a conspiracy led by a man named Black Mask (no relation to the Batman villain). Manami gets her two friends together to go and stop Black Mask and his evil schemes to take over the world. From there, Manami travels the world, beats up bad guys, and has lots and loses her clothes a lot. There’s both consensual and nonconsensual sex in this game, along with a good dose of lesbians. This is a game by Wendy Magazine, you know. You have to expect this kind of thing. The story itself is not the most deep or thought provoking fiction out there, but at least it is fun and flows by at a good pace.

Super Pink Sox is more of a comedy than a thriller. It certainly has elements of thriller stories, such as the stakes getting higher as the story goes, plot twists near the end that change everything, and a plot to takes you in many different exotic locations. Still, the overall tone is pretty comedic. You’ll end up laughing at some of the gags and antics of Manami and her friends. Black Mask isn’t always the most intelligent villain either, and while he is evil, he’s also an idiot and you can laugh at him for his dumb moments.

Presentation- Super Pink Sox looks okay for an MSX game. The sound is a little tinny, especially when compared to the PC98 version, but that’s to be expected. Graphics mostly consist of CG. Some of it looks better than others. Some scenes even have bits of animation to them, though the animated scenes are few and far between. Yes, Super Pink Sox does have pornographic content. It’s fairly graphic for an early 90s hentai game, though censorship does rear its head in a few instances. If you don’t know Japanese, you can probably get a rough idea of what’s going on just by the pictures, though you will be missing out on a significant portion of the story.

Gameplay- Super Pink Sox is a “Look, Talk, Move, etc.” style adventure game. Gameplay mostly consists of brute forcing through options until the story moves forward. A lot of early Japanese adventure games worked this way, so it’s pretty typical. You get a few context specific commands that only show up under certain conditions, usually for storyline purposes. You also get a large number of options to try when sex scenes show up, usually related to whatever sexual act you want to perform. Super Pink Sox has a lot of possible things you can do in the bedroom.

When it comes down to is, Super Pink Sox is just another average classic style hentai adventure. While it is a fun and silly game, it kind of loses something as far as Pink Sox games go. Pink Sox used to have a lot of character and even when the games were bad, it was still fun to play through them. Mutating the series into just another average game removes a lot of that attitude that drew me into Pink Sox in the first place. I wanted to give this game a lower score due to its disappointing results in context of its series, but the game does stand on its own and a few scenes did make me laugh, so I guess that’s good enough.

Cool Fact- You can find cameo appearances by other Pink Sox characters in the backgrounds of some areas! Watch for the monkey from Doshi Fun. He is a funny little monkey.

Also Try- Dareka… Special is a more intelligent and emotional game that got its start in Pink Sox. As far as other old school hentai games that were never translated go, there’s also AmbivalenZ and Quintia Road. Both of those games have a lot of story and depth behind all the porn scenes.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Super Pink Sox (JP, 12/31/90)

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