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Tasteless Nazi Lesbian Bondage Rape

Warning! DPS SG is a very offensive and very pornographic game! One of its scenarios features a Nazi officer woman lesbian raping a captured allied pilot woman. This is very offensive, even for me. It is completely understandable if this game offends you. If Nazi rape is just too much for you, then you should probably skip this game. It also has consensual sex in all other scenarios, possibly to cushion the blow. If you are too young to play games with pornographic content, then you should also skip this game.

DPS SG is the first sequel in Alice Soft’s long line of DPS games. It does not do much to improve upon the first game. The flaws are still there. No save feature. Screwing up and making the wrong choice still instantly takes you to a “game over” screen. All of the scenarios are basically just short and really poorly designed visual novels. It does add some interesting new gameplay and story elements that might make it worth your time, assuming you have the patience to start again from the beginning if you manage to screw it up.

Story- The framing device is basically the same. You have this “wonderful” game console called the DPS. It plays pornographic game cartridges. Each game is basically just a watered down visual novel scenario. The new thing that DPS SG offers is that each individual story can be played from many different points of view. This is the best thing about DPS SG, as many of the stories are just excuses to show cartoon characters having sex.

The first story is called Fahnen Fliegen, which sounds German. It makes sense, because the story deals with a female World War Two pilot getting captured by a female Nazi dominatrix. You can play as either the Allied pilot or the Nazi dominatrix. I know that this game was not cut out for me, because I just found it too much to play as a Nazi. Please don’t play as the Nazi girl. She is evil and was indirectly part of one of the most heartless, if not the most heartless war crime in the history of wars. Also, I know this is porn I’m reviewing and I seek out the crazy stuff like this just because it makes me laugh to think that someone with a screwed up mind spanked their monkey to this. Please do not spank your monkey to this scenario. Think of all of the people who died in The Holocaust. Think of how you would be disrespecting all of them by spanking it to Nazi lesbian bondage rape. Do you really want that on your conscience, that you spanked it to a Nazi torturing and raping someone in a stupid and tasteless 8-bit porn video game? If you find this to be hot, then you are a very sick person who needs to get some psychological help immediately.

The second story is a bit more standard. A teacher is giving a student private lessons. If you play as the teacher, you are trying to seduce the student. If you play as the student, you are trying to feign innocence when really, you just want the teacher’s man bits so bad that you can barely even think. You want to get him closer to you by showing him that you need his help and that you’re failing English. This is the best scenario if you are an English speaker because parts of this one are in English.

The third scenario is about three different people in a love triangle in feudal Japan. The story itself is kind of like Archie, but with more Tea, and in some story paths, Betty and Veronica can just say “Who needs boys?” and lez out right in front of him. It’s actually a pretty funny scenario and can be played from three different points of view. It’s the best written one and is probably the most lighthearted of the three stories.

Other than the brutal Nazi bondage rape from the first story, DPS SG is considerably lighter in tone than the first game. There is a lot less rape going on and it’s presented as a bad thing that only the evilest of evil people (Nazis) will do. In terms of storytelling, it is actually a huge step up from the first game also because you can play from multiple points of view.

Presentation- DPS SG actually has some good music this time! It’s not the most memorable music, but anything is a step up from the first game. Also, Graphics are just about on the same level as the first game. There is limited animation and most of everything has a general cartoony look to it. It’s pretty hard to take seriously, unless the Nazi scenario is playing.

Gameplay- The gameplay is largely unchanged. Okay, you don’t have to program your DPS this time around, just select your cartridge and be done with it, but it still has problems. Make a wrong move down the dialogue tree? Go back to square one. Don’t bother saving before you try anything. There is no save feature. It’s very frustrating. You can’t brute force your way through this if you do not know Japanese, so you’ll just have to get lucky or get a translator.

Uncool Fact- A lot of people were killed in The Holocaust. How screwed up in the head do you have to be to even come to the conclusion that you would find Nazis sexy?

Also Try- If the Nazi thing pissed you off like it did me, play a game where you get to slaughter them. Return To Castle Wolfenstein on the PC is a really good First Person Shooter for this. Just crank the difficulty down to the lowest level and kill some virtual Nazis until your stress has been relieved. It’s actually a lot of fun!

Rating: 4

Product Release: D.P.S. SG (JP, 12/31/90)

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