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Nightmare Program System

Warning! DPS is a pornographic video game that contains some pretty disturbing themes. There is both human on human rape and monster on human rape. In fact, pretty much every sex scene in this entire game is not consensual. It seriously is a messed up game that lets you play as both the rapist and the one getting raped. If you are too young to play games with pornographic content or just find the contents of this game too disturbing or offensive, then you may want to skip this game.

DPS is a fictional game console, its name meaning Dream Program System. In its universe, it has a pretty large game library and all of its games are pornographic in nature. In the real world, DPS is just a collection of three short visual novel scenarios that are not even very good and it gives you tons of other pointless things to do in the beginning just to frustrate you. It is generally a pretty poorly designed game.

Story- The framing device is that you have a new game console system, the DPS. It is a game system that can play porn games and make your dreams come true! Okay, it really won’t make your dreams come true unless you dream of getting raped by monster, raping a girl in the doctor’s office, or getting lesbian raped by a psychotic stalker of yours. If those really are your dreams, then you should probably look for psychological help.

Each individual story is pretty short and not really good either. The first one has you playing as a doctor at a doctor’s office. All of your patients are women. One in particular catches your eyes and it is your job to cure her with your magical healing genitals. This devolves into tricking her into taking off her top, getting her alone in your office, and raping her. But it is for her own good, as her health would take a turn for the worse if you did not rape her? Whatever. Japanese porn games have narratives that jump through all kind of ridiculous hoops to try to justify whatever weird and freaky stuff they want to put in. It’s all a contrived mess.

The second story has you playing as a knight. Monsters have taken your princess captive and are planning to rape her. They do, rescue you her! So, what does the knight do once he rescues the princess? You get to decide. You get a few choices here, some of which are right and some of which are wrong. The princess spends a good amount of time with most of her clothes torn off in this one and it is by far the most brutal and disturbing of the three scenarios.

The third story is where you play as an idol singer. You have this crazy stalker fan that gets you in bed, but instead of normal lovey-dovey lesbian sex, she pulls out a bunch of crazy bondage and sadomasochism stuff. The idol is not okay with this and asks her crazy stalker fan to stop. She doesn’t, and it just turns into rape and gets worse from there.

All three of the stories have “bad endings” that you can accidentally stumble into if you just try to brute force your way through them. The bad endings are pretty boring and just consist of a couple of lines of text followed with “game over”.

Presentation- DPS has different music for each game. All of it sounds fairly quiet and forgettable. It also has theme music for when you are programming your DPS. It is very loud, obnoxious, and sounds terrible. Music is not something most gamers even think about when reviewing games, but you really do no know how to appreciate good music until you have heard something as headache inducing and repetitive as this.

The graphics look okay. There is limited animation to them, so you get to see lips move when people talk and lips move when stuff gets sucked. You see tentacles move in and out while a character get tentacle raped. It’s a little sad, but all this depiction of rape actually looks pretty good considering that it’s on something archaic like the MSX. It really is a shame that it had to be rape.

Gameplay- You know about those three scenarios that are DPS cartridges? Good luck getting them to work. Before you do anything in this game, you have to program your DPS. You need to go through a very long and arduous process of adjusting the circuits, figuring out how it works, turning the stupid thing on, and you do not even get to choose which “game cartridge” you get to use first. Oh no, that is determined by DPS during programming. Do you want to switch to a different game? Okay, then you have to go back and program your DPS! It’s a ton of pointless busywork that serves only the pad the game out and frustrate you. Do you really have the patience to wait half an hour programming a fictional game console just to play some pornographic visual novels that are not even very good? This is actually one of DPS’ lesser problems.

Speaking of that, the scenarios are not very well designed at all. All of them are full of “instant death” pit traps. This means that you can instantly lose at them and get kicked back to your game console. So, I’m menu surfing and I accidentally pick the wrong choice? Well, it’s time to start over again! Thank goodness the scenarios are so short. Getting kicked back to the start instantly when you’re ten hours into a twenty hour visual novel with no save feature would hurt.

Really, the only thing that would make this game appeal to anyone, assuming they won’t just throw their hands up in the air and scream from the monotony of programming a fictional game console in the beginning, is the writing. The writing is terrible. Look at the short descriptions of each “cartridge” in the section that covers the story. Do any of these stories look like something you would want to read over and over again? Probably not, because they are contrived and hackneyed in every way possible.

Cool Fact- There are a few other Japanese porn games that poke fun at DPS and its failings. Despite this, it received a lot of sequels and ports to other systems.

Also Try- If you want a good collection of Japanese porn adventure games, try Pink Sox 6. It is some of the best pornographic shovelware out there.

Rating: 1

Product Release: D.P.S. (JP, 12/31/90)

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