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How clever are you? Do you think there's no puzzle too tough for you and no computer game you can't beat? Then you haven't played Ken Uston's PUZZLEPANIC.
Eleven series of puzzles will test your reasoning ability, logic, coordination, powers of observation, and memory. There are puzzles based on music, arithmatic sequences, colors, patterns and shapes, and much more!
Try to solve each puzzle individually. Then, when you think you're ready to take on The Master, tackle the "Metasequence," Ken's ultimate challenge, in which you must follow clues hidden in each puzzle on your way to the Grand Solution!
So put on your thinking cap, grab your joystick, and try to beat the world-famous Ken Uston at his own game!
- Eleven Series of Puzzles
- Over 40 Individual Puzzles to Solve
- Solve Puzzles Sequentially or Randomly
- "Metasequence"--The Ultimate Challenge
- Joystick Controlled
- One Player

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