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Walkthrough by ReyVGMDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: Final | Updated: 01/26/10

                                Hydlide 2 FAQ




 To be used exclusively with the supplemented maps since I will not provide 
 detailed directions. Please follow the guide chronologically or you might
 get stuck in the game for just using a key in the wrong dungeon.


 Return or N:   Menu
 Space or Y:    Change Attack/Defense Mode
 F1-F5:         Use Magic. 
 D:             Remove an item.
 0 (Zero):      Speak Mode (used to talk to characters)
 Esc:           Pause
 Select:        Scroll On/Off

 In Attack Mode: 

 Fire (learned at lev 2)
 Ice (learned at lev 4)
 Wave (learned at lev 8)
 Magma (learned at lev 12)
 Flash (learned at lev 16)

 In Defense Mode: 

 Revolve (learned at lev 2)
 Search (learned at lev 4)
 Sleep (learned at lev 8)
 Cloud (learned at lev 12)
 Silence (learned at lev 16)

 These spells are found in the Camp option on the menu.

 Detoxicate (learned at lev 3)
 Reinforce (learned at lev 5)
 Jump (learned at lev 9)
 Teleport (learned at lev 17)


 This game is really REALLY hard. 

 World Map
 1- You'll start in the forest town. Fight monsters until you reach level 4 
 and earn some money. Be very careful though, not everyone that walks around
 is an enemy. It's very difficult to tell who's a good guy or a bad guy. Only
 attack if they attack you. If you kill a good guy, your FORTH will drop and
 no one will talk to you, including the store owners.
 If it takes you a few weeks to reach level 4, don't feel bad, the game is 
 really designed that way.
 After getting some cash, buy the Lamp and some Oil from the bottom left store.
 Buy equipment from the bottom right store. (Your item/equipment bag can only 
 carry 10 items total BTW.) On higher levels, you'll get to train with the top 
 right person and increase your attack power. 

 2- Once you feel confident enough, head to the cemetery and bash the tombstone
 marked in red (in my map) until it breaks. This is needed to trigger a future
 event. If you fight the Ghouls in the cemetery, they might sometimes drop a
 Black Crystal. This is a bad item since it won't let you regain health. You'll
 actually need it later on, but for now just drop it (enter item screen and 
 press D to remove it).
 3- Go to the open field on the bottom right of the map to where a Key is shown.
 You'll find it by going under the two trees near the river. Some stuff in this 
 game is not found just by merely stepping in the right place, you actually have
 to face a specific direction too. So, go under the top-left tree and face up. 
 The game will prompt you to open a treasure with the [Key] inside. Now that you
 have the key, you'll be able to enter the Desert Tower. 

 Desert Tower
 1- Once you enter, everything will be dark. Don't fret. Open the item menu and
 enable the lamp. (Make sure to disable it once you leave the dungeon or it
 will consume all your Oil.) You'll also probably get a lot of Black Crystals
 here, so just keep removing them from your inventory.

 2- Go left and take the stairs. You won't see anything there though since the
 game doesn't bother to show you stairs or chests. Remember that you usually
 need to face the correct direction to "trigger" a stair or chest. You can also
 use the Search Magic to spot places of interest if you wish.

 3- Go down and take the next stairs to the 3rd floor.

 4- Go right and search the spot with the chest to get the Antidote, then 
 go left and take the stairs up.

 5- Move down to the next screen and position yourself between the two columns
 where the stairs should be and press Left to go to the last floor.
 6- When you see a green enemy named ORC, kill it. It will randomly drop a 
 [Key]. Keep killing him until he drops it. You won't be able to beat the game
 without this key, since they are all accounted for. Now go right and search 
 the bottom right spot for the [Laser Sword], the strongest weapon in the game.
 There are a couple of warps too, the left one warps you back to the 4th
 floor. The right one warps you to the bottom left part of the room.
 Don't step on the other ones or you'll lose energy / get poisoned.
 After getting the Laser Sword and Key, you can leave the tower.

 World Map
 1- Once outside, disable the Lamp. You can now either go to the Desert Town, 
 or head to the next dungeon. It's not necessary to go to the desert town 
 right now BTW. If you have enough money to raise your magic and you think 
 you can survive the desert, then go to the town on step 2 below. If not, then
 head to step 4. 

 2- Go directly down to where the Desert Town is on the map. Now, to be able 
 to see the town, you first need to have destroyed the tombstone I mentioned
 before and you must NOT have a Black Crystal in your possession. Since, you 
 already bashed the tombstone, then just get rid of the Black Crystal (if you 
 have it) and the town will magically appear. 

 3- In this town, you'll see two folks. The left one sells potions, heals you 
 and detoxifies you (all for a fee of course). The right one increases your 
 magic bar, for a fee. There are also two ponds, the left one fills your magic
 (touch the wall) and the right one is poisoned, so don't enter it... yet.
 Ignore the red markings for now, since you have to find other stuff first.

 4- Go to the open field in the bottom right of the map and bash the rock shown
 until it reveals a hole. Enter the Labyrinth.

 1- Take the Red Warp 1 and you'll be dropped in Gray Warp 1, head left, down, 
 right and take the chest for a Salve. Then go left, down, left, up, pass
 through the false wall shown in the map as an arrow, right, up and take the
 chest for a [Key].

 2- Now go down, left, pass the false wall, down, bottom right exit and touch
 the marked spot to receive the "PURITY" password.

 3- Now head up to Red Warp 2 and you'll be dropped in Gray Warp 2, from there
 head to the entrance and exit to the world map.

 World Map
 1- Head to the bridge between the desert and the open field and go down to
 the river through the false bridge wall. Head left until you reach the 
 River Dungeon. Enter through the false wall.

 River Dungeon
 1- You should have 2 keys in your possession. Go up, hit the left Switch 
 and the wall with the two-way arrow on the right will open. Now go to the
 right switch and the wall with the two-way arrow on the left will open.
 You will now have used up the 2 keys.

 2- Pass through the right wall that just opened and go down to the fire
 enemy enclosed in a wall. Don't be fooled though, the right and left walls
 are false. So step in, defeat him and stand where he was to get a [Key].

 3- Now head towards the left fire enemy and defeat him just like the last
 one. You will use up your key and get the [Green Crystal]. Head outside
 to the world map.

 World Map
 1- Now you can head to the desert town. But first, go back to the desert
 tower, fight the Ghouls until you get the [Black Crystal]. If you have one,
 ignore this step and head directly for where the desert town is.

 2- When you reach the spot, you won't see the town since it's normally hidden 
 from view. Before you uncover it, use the Search Magic and you'll see a spot 
 light up. Step on it to receive the [Mystic Drug]. You'll also get poisoned 
 (use the Detoxify spell to remove it). By the way, DO NOT use or delete the 
 Mystic Drug or you won't be able to beat the game.

 3- Now, if you didn't come to the desert town before, this is the time to do
 it. Just make sure you have destroyed the tombstone mentioned before and 
 remove any Black Crystals from your inventory. The town should magically 

 4- In this town, you'll see two folks. The left one sells potions, heals you 
 and detoxifies you (all for a fee of course). The right one increases your 
 magic bar, for a fee. There are also two ponds, the left one fills your magic
 (touch the wall) and the right one is poisoned, so don't enter it... yet.
 Instead, stand below the 1st tree from the left (the one with the red mark on
 the map) and press Down. You'll be prompted to write something. Write on the
 keyboard the password you got in the Labyrinth (PURITY) and press Enter.
 Two openings will appear in the two ponds. The left one drops you off in the
 world map river, so ignore that one. The right one is no longer poisoned and
 it drops you in the final dungeon.

 If you thought the game was hard up until now, get ready for this dungeon.
 It's bigger than anything you have played so far and harder. Go back to the
 forest town and buy the maximum amount of Oil. You're gonna need it.

 Final Dungeon
 Basement 1:

 1- Go all the way down and then right to get a chest with a [Key].

 2- Then go all the way up until you see another structure. Here you will
 find Oil to the left (for when it gets too low) and to the right, the stairs
 to the 2nd basement.

 3- In the top left of the map you'll find the stairs that lead you back to
 desert town if you get the need to buy stuff. To the top right there is a 
 fairy, but she will only appear after you've gotten all the crystals, so
 ignore that area for now. Head for basement 2.

 Basement 2:

 1- Go to the right and hit the switch below the headstone to open the wall 
 where the arrow is on the map. As soon as you pass, the wall will close and
 you'll be poisoned. So quickly run to the bottom and hit the other switch.
 Your condition will be back to normal and a new path will open to the left.

 2- In the next room there is another false wall on the top left. But first,
 go down and pick up the chest for an Antidote. If you don't have room in 
 your inventory, then make room or leave it. 

 3- After passing through the false wall, go all the way left and pass 
 through the false wall on the bottom to find a switch, press yes to receive
 a [Key]. You should have 2 keys now. Ignore the stairs going down since they
 lead nowhere. Take the Red Warp 1 and you'll be taken to Gray Warp 1 in
 Basement 3.

 Basement 3:

 1- Those stairs right below where you start from takes you back to the warp 
 that you just took in Basement 2 to get here. In case you want to know.

 2- From where you start, go right, hit the switch, go down, watch the marks
 on the floors or you'll be put to sleep and the enemies will kill you. Take
 the one way arrow to the left, go down and move the headstone up to open
 a wall on top. This will also trigger a chest right below. You'll lose some
 energy after opening it, but you'll also get a 3rd [Key]. Now, go up and 
 take the opened path left.

 3- Go all the way left and use a key to open the chest and receive the
 [Yellow Crystal]. 

 4- From now on, there are several ways to reach the 4th Basement. By stairs
 and one-way warps. Just follow the ones I mention. But first...

 5- Go right and head for the chest. You'll receive the [Dream Staff].
 It's not as strong as the Laser Sword, but it stops those nasty lizards
 and harpies from casting spells. Once you pick up the chest, you won't be 
 able to leave that small space. So search for the Red Warp 2 down below and
 it will take you to the Gray Warp 2 in the north part of the map.

 6- Go left, go through the one way wall and take the stairs back up to an
 inaccessible area from Basement 2.

 Basement 2:

 1- From where you start, take the false wall to the right and go left
 to the chest. Use a key to receive the [Purple Crystal]. You should have
 one key left.

 2- Now we are done with Basement 2. Take the Red Warp 1 again to go back to
 the beginning of Basement 3.

 Basement 3:

 1- Head towards Red Warp 2 and then take Red Warp 3 to be taken to the
 confusing Basement 4.

 Basement 4-1:

 1- There are two Basement 4's and both can be very confusing without help.

 2- From where you warped, head right until you enter the area with the brown
 soil, use fire magic on the lower-right headstone (press F1 in attack mode)
 to destroy it, step where the headstone was and use your last key to receive
 the [Red Crystal].

 3- Backtrack to where Red Warp 9 is to jump to the lower left part of the 

 4- Let's trigger Basement 4-2 now. Head to the area with the brown soil to
 the bottom. See where those up and down arrows are on the map? That means to 
 stand inside that area, go up to the next screen, then come down. If done 
 right, you should see a headstone in the middle of the screen. Now, if you
 go up again (and only up) you'll automatically be in Basement 4-2.

 Basement 4-2:

 1- If you did the up/down trick from the top-left part of Basement 4-1,
 then you'll be able to go left and down towards a chest with an Antidote.
 It's not worth it, so it's best if you just do the trick from the top-right
 part of Basement 4-1, that way you'll be able to go to the north part of
 Basement 4-2.

 2- Anyway, from where you start, go up then left into the water through the
 false wall. Ignore the false wall below since you can't go through it yet. 
 Instead, enter a false wall on top to go into the lava river. You'll lose
 energy so be quick. Instead of doing the logical, which is to go right,
 go left to the end of the screen and you'll magically wrap around and 
 appear in the top-right part of the map. Keep going left and go through
 the false wall to step out of the lava. Much quicker than if you would 
 have gone right.

 3- Go down and left until you come across some fire breathing dragons.
 If you ram into them you'll defeat them quickly, but you'll also take a 
 lot of damage. Instead use Flash magic, it might take a while, but you
 won't get killed.

 4- After you're done, keep following the path, be careful with the warps
 and once you are finally in the top-left room, search the right part for
 a switch that opens up the the false wall you skipped before and search
 the left part for the last [Key].

 5- Now, you have to get the last crystal. Go right and take any of the
 Red Warps 1 and you'll be dropped in the bottom-left part of the map.
 Find your way up again to the false wall that leads to the river. Now 
 you can take the bottom false wall you ignored earlier. It will lead to 
 a chest with the [Revive Potion]. Take it. Make space for it. (Do not go
 left or right or you'll lose a lot of energy.)

 6- Go up and take the false wall to the lava river. Go right along the
 path and take the left false wall out of the lava. Step into the river
 and go right then down. Careful with the warps. Use the key on the chest
 to get the last crystal! The [Blue Crystal].

 7- Now use your Jump spell (found in the Camp menu) and go all the way
 up to the 1st Basement.

 Basement 1:

 1- Go to the top-right part of the map to where the Fairy is. Now that 
 you have all the crystals, the fairy will appear.

 2- Take this opportunity to go out and buy oil or potions if you wish.
 Make sure you are at maximum level (20) and you have increased your
 strength with the trainer in the first town and have increased your 
 magic with the guy in desert town. Once you've done that, head back to
 Basement 1 and take the stairs down to Basement 2.

 Basement 2:

 1- Find your way down to Red Warp 1 to get taken to Basement 3.

 Basement 3:

 1- Head towards Red Warp 2 and then take Red Warp 3 to be taken to 
 Basement 4.

 Basement 4-1: 
 1- Go right towards the area with the brown soil where you found the 
 red crystal. Then go down through the false wall and find your way down
 to the only stairs leading to Down. Now that you rescued the fairy, you 
 can enter these stairs.

 Basement 5:

 1- Multiple forms of Varalys (the last boss from the first game) will 
 greet you. Don't bother attacking them.

 2- Place crystals on both the middle right and left statues. Then go up 
 to the next room.

 3- Place a crystal on the 2nd statue from the left. Go to the left room.

 4- Place a crystal on the 3rd statue from the right in the top left row
 of statues. Go to the previous room and then go to the right room.

 5- Place a crystal on the middle right statue. Now go to the previous room.

 6- Stand between the two horse headstones and push the right one to the
 right and the left one to the left. A crystal will appear.

 7- Use the Mystic Drug (the white potion) and you'll start to flicker.
 This allows you to stand inside the crystal. Do so and wait 3 or 4 minutes.
 If you see your energy going down, then you are not standing in the same
 spot as the crystal. After the 3 or 4 minutes are up (I have no idea why 
 you have to wait that long), you'll get the lousy ending.


 Huge thanks to a now defunct Japanese page:

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