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A Shattered Land...
It was long ago in the past, or maybe far off in the distant future.
The world... Isrenasa. A world blessed with the bounties of nature - lush, green hills, rolling plains, majestic mountains and cobalt blue seas. Nature's hand was on the people and freedom reigned throughout the lands. In the center of Isrenasa lay the Kingdom of Farlayne. Corwin, a kind and gentle King, ruled his people with mercy and justice that knew no bounds. And although the Kingdom was not a rich one, the citizens enjoyed a life free from misery and suffering. But in the deep dark night of the seventh moon, disaster struck their capital, Castle Sylvan. Untold numbers of beasts, fiends and monsters poured over the outer defenses and broke like a stormwave against the First Wall. Yet fate turned against the cruel army that night, for their ice-cold hearts could not press the advantage their numbers gave them, and, just as the first rays of light melted the darkness, they hesitated, then fled. The citizens of Sylvan, barely able to believe their good fortune, streamed into the streets and began a celebration the likes of which had never been seen in the Kingdom before that time. The celebration, however, was short-lived. News soon spread of a tragedy which had befallen in the midst of victory - the King was dead. His death heralded the coming of a new age - a dark and desolate age. The King's most trusted advisor - Baron Drax - announced to the people that King Corwin, in his last breath, had handed over the reins of power to him. He was to assume the Regency until the time that Prince Logan, the true heir to the Throne, reached sixteen years of age. For ten years Logan has waited in Exile on the Isle of Glen. Ten long years. Now Logan is ready. Ready to be crowned King... and ready for revenge!

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