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As you await flight control clearance for departure, you wonder if the pioneers of space exploration felt the same icy chill, awaiting lift-off of their crude 20th century space shuttle missions.
Fully briefed on the mysterious waves of alien encounters in a dimension uncharted by human life forms, you alone must defend the solar system for the good of mankind.
Suddenly, the reality of the mission sparks a rush of energy through your body. At every turn you encounter deadly alien spacecraft. With the fireworks of explosions encircling you, you blast the aliens with your laser beams. In a last effort to escape certain death, you quickly grasp the joystick and firmly place one hand over the warp trigger.
Instantly you are hurled through a kaleidoscope of color for a moment that seems to last an eternity, a moment that is exciting beyond belief, a moment that is...JUNO FIRST!
Konami brings you the top hits such as Frogger, Scramble, Gyruss, Track and Field, Pooyan, and now Juno First for you home computer from Datasoft!
- spectacular graphics and sound
- laser beam and warp controls
- one or two players

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