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The Caped Crusader is in the Batcaves beneath Gotham City. Robin has been captured by Batman's adversaries, principally the Joker and with some cunning assistance from the Riddler. The only hope for escape is to assemble the trusty Batcraft whose parts lie scattered round the deadly catacombs beneath and then speed off to rescue Robin.

Once the 7 missing parts of the Batcraft are located Batman will then have to search for the launch pad whereupon he can fire up the engines and commence the rescue. To help Batman in his most formidable of tasks he will on his travels be able to pick up extra powers. These powers are not everlasting but will allow Batman a temporary push of energy. Needless to say the Riddler has confused matters further by placing likenesses which are indistinguishable and should they be picked up they will negate any
extra energies that Batman has been able to collect.

Batman can either increase his lives, run faster, jump higher or be completely shielded from the Joker's henchmen. Should he collect an article placed by the Riddler he will immediately lose all these extra powers and have to search further to renew them.

The successful assembly of the Batcraft is the object of the game.

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