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Reviewed: 07/14/05

All controversy begins with doubt.

What is Snatcher? It could be described as a rare classic of a game; it’s old and most of today’s gamers have never heard of it. Many people have never experienced this great game. It’s a graphic adventure aimed at an adult audience. You don’t see too many of those around anymore. This game was made back in 1988 by the genius Hideo Kojima so plot twists are to be expected.

Gameplay - 7/10
The gameplay is pretty good. You select the action you want to perform using the number pad from a bunch of options that you’re offered. Of course, this style of play isn’t for everyone but it’s how it works. When you’re fighting the enemy, be it a Snatcher or an insector, you have to hold down shift to aim and use the 789, UIO, JKL keys to shoot. The shooting parts use a 3x3 grid and the nine keys I mentioned earlier are each used for the grid in the order that they appear. It’s hard to explain on paper but once you get into the game, you’ll understand what I mean. So as long as your keyboard works, the controls in this game will work. The action segments can be very tense at times when you don’t know what’s going to pop out at you, especially towards the end of the game.

Story - 10/10
The story in this game is absolutely amazing. You play the role of Gillian Seed, a man who has just been recruited into JUNKER in the year 2042 to help fight the Snatchers. Snatchers are “bioroids” which steal the skin of a human, wear it, and take the human’s place in society. JUNKER is trying to stop them. Gillian has no memory of his past other than the word Snatcher, which plays a part in the ending of the game. I hate to give away the story here but it’s like a mystery, where you play the part of the detective. I both loved and hated the ending of this game. It’s a complete cliffhanger that leaves you with more questions than answers. Gives it a bit of a Blade Runner feel.

Graphics - 7/10
The graphics are pretty good. Nothing too stunning for its time though. They have a kind of rough and gritty appearance but that adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Sound - 9/10
The sound in this game is incredible. All of the music in this game fits the scene that it plays in. The opening piece, Twilight of Neo Kobe City, fits the image of Neo Kobe City that is on screen as the credits roll. There’s a tense piece that plays when something is about to or might jump out at you which definitely helps keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, this may just be me but, I did notice that there were some throws to the music from Metal Gear. It is most noticeable when you get your navigator, Metal Gear mk II. Metal Gear fans remember that piece? It is Tara’s Theme remixed a little bit.

Replayability - 7/10
Unfortunately, I don’t really see much reason to play through this game again. I mean, sure, you could beat it again just because it’s an awesome game and incredibly addictive with a great story to boot but other than that there isn’t much.

Final Recommendation
I highly recommend this game. It is more of an experience than it is a game when you actually play through it. If you can find it, get it. This is a beautiful game with a beautiful storyline and no one should miss out on it.

Rating: 10

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