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SKRAMBLE! is a game of incredible skill. You must land your spacecraft beyond the defenses of a hostile enemy. There are eight enemy defenses through which you must manuever your spacecraft:
1) Overland
2) Overland through Rockets
3) Wiggy Tunnel
4) Twisty Cavern
5) Meteor Trail
6) Rocket City
7) City Maze
8) Homing Slot
You have three ways to defend yourself:
1) Bombing enemy defenses
2) Shooting enemy defenses using the laser gun
3) Manuevering the spacecraft around enemy defenses
Your spacecraft does not have enough fuel to complete the mission. However, additional fuel is acquired whenever you destroy enemy oil tanks. Points are scored whenever you destroy enemy helicopters and rockets. Remember, it is possible to get through the enemy defenses and land your spacecraft in the Homing Slot.

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