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The best selling mobile sensation from Korea has arrived on Western mobiles! Journey into a land of heroes to save an entire world from evil in this epic adventure of combat, quests, magic and monsters. Discover the truth behind your mysterious past and gain mastery over powerful magic that lets you control the elements and summon powerful guardians to do your bidding. Battle through untold dangers and collect a massive arsenal of swords, axes, shields and armour, combining them with magic to create the ultimate weapons for your epic quest. Voyage through a huge game world of dungeons, towns and vast wastelands - all filled with deadly monsters and giant bosses. Confront your destiny and become a true hero of legend!

Different Characters To Play: Choose from three different characters, each with their own background story.

Different Guardian Types To Use: Select Guardians whose magical abilities grow with you and enhances your skills.

Character Customization: Customize your characters as you play and level up to face new challenges.

Over 120 Weapons & Items: Collect over 120 weapons and magical items - then combine them to create hundreds more.

Over 80 Monster Types: Fight against over 80 types of monsters and challenge giant-sized bosses.

Over 100 Maps: Explore a huge world of over 100 maps, from desert to icy tundra and lush grassland.

Over 30 Hours of Gameplay: More than 30 hours of role-playing action and adventure.

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#24 lowest rated MOBI role-playing game (#232 on MOBI, #33431 overall)


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#10 hardest MOBI role-playing game (#71 on MOBI, #20478 overall)


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#4 longest MOBI role-playing game (#10 on MOBI, #8794 overall)


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