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The world is under the threat of subterranean darkness again, dead arose from the graves to clear the Earth from any man alive, they are driven by eternal hunger and someones evil will. You will have to save the mankind from the creatures of darkness. The path of hero is not easy, perilous adventures and difficult tasks lie in wait for him, but brave warriors are ready to join your army, and those who are at the bright side will show you the way. The magic and artifacts will serve you surely. Save the world from evil spirits.

Control your hero, find treasures and perform tasks to obtain money, hire the army to win. Excellent single-step battles will allow you to plan your own tactics of battle action.

The official game site http://quest.qplaze.com is always open for guests, here you can get to know more about the game and the game world, about different races, artifacts, magic and heroes.

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