How do I get past (Moon's level)?

  1. How can write the word "dedit" in the board?
    I have used the chalk with the blackboard several times but then nothing happens.

    User Info: serxies

    serxies - 12 years ago


  1. Use chalk in'll see a word missing between all word yes it is dedit!!
    look below in all Jnioms says there are a few letter and you click become dedit....!!And tara...!!!!

    User Info: XainasFZQ

    XainasFZQ - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. there are a few letters below the missing part (a b c d i t, etc.) you just need to click over the letter ;)
    hope it helps :P

    User Info: Jnioms

    Jnioms - 11 years ago 0   1

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