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~ An RPG about changing the world through the power of faith ~

The second mobile phone original RPG with 5 chapters!
Yu Shiina is appointed as a character designer to provide the world of Tales with a fresh new look!
In addition to introducing the familiar skit system in the "Tales of" series, voice acting is also adopted as a part of this production not only in battle scenes but also in various scenes! Experience the world of the new "Tales of" series!

En route to the hometown of his late mother, Alvin meets a girl, Sefina, who is praying at the temple where she is invited for her singing voice. She is waiting for Jill Fixie to be born in the body of a human being. Perhaps because of war, Jill Fixie is no longer born, and people lived with a mechanical Jill Fixie as a substitute. However, it seems Sefina's prayers were answered, as Jill Fixie appeared with the light, and the story of their adventure began...

[] Character design: Yu Shiina
[] Party characters: 4 people
[] All 5 chapters

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