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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadi_Potter

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/10/07

        "A common enemy calls for an uncommon alliance."

        In-Depth Walkthrough and Complete Strategy Guide
            JAVA-based mobile game for cellphones
            Written by : Shadi Sobremisana
            E-Mail     : shadift@yahoo.com
            Location   : Manila, Philippines

This FAQ is copyright © 2007 Shadi Sobremisana

Heya! I'm Shadi, writer and owner of this FAQ. I'm here once again to give an
ultimate strategy guide and complete walkthrough for the mutant RPG game now
for mobile phones: X-MEN LEGENDS 2. If any one of you had played the console
versions, then you'll be familiar with the Diablo-esque RPG approach of the
game. This is my second FAQ, the first being for Sega's The House of the Dead
4 for the arcades. Any positive or negative feedback delivered in a polite
way is warmly welcome to my inbox.

         shadift [@] yahoo [dot] com

This FAQ's only location should be only at this site:


Please send notice immediately when you see this FAQ somewhere else.

X-Men. Brotherhood. Two rival factions with a common goal. Rescue Professor X
and destroy the mutant abomination known as Apocalypse. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN.


  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


I          Revision History
II         X-Men Legends 2 Story
III        Gameplay
IV         Mutant Files
V          Save Points and Items
VI         Enemy List
VII        The Walkthrough
              Act 1:  Genosha Colony Release
              Act 2:  Starship in the Savage Land
              Act 3:  Battle in the City
              Act 4:  Apocalypse's Tower
              Act 5:  Egyptian Pyramid
VIIII      Horseman Strategies
              Act 1:  Abyss, Horseman of War
              Act 2:  Mikhail, Horseman of Pestilence
              Act 3:  Holocaust, Horseman of Famine
              Act 4:  Archangel, Horseman of Death
              Act 5:  Apocalypse
IX         Credits
X          Disclaimer 


 I       R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y

Version 1.0 (11/10/2007)
     - Original release


 II      X - M E N   L E G E N D S   2   S T O R Y

Apocalypse has risen and
no mutant is safe
from his evil plan
to take over the Earth!

Magneto has been exiled
from his own colony
in Genosha and in
desperation helps the X-Men
find their kidnapped
leader, Professor Xavier.

With the fate of the world
in their hands, the X-Men
are forced to unite with
Magneto and his outlaw
brotherhood of mutants
to stop Apocalypse
once and for all.


 III     G A M E P L A Y

I have played XML2:ROA and beat the game several times in the PC version (which
I have an original copy). And in my opinion, the game was excellently ported in
Java-based game for the cellphones. I owned a Nokia 6600 and honestly, XML2:ROA
is one of my personal favorites aside from Final Fight.

Now, I'll list how the game is played and how it differed to the PC and console
versions. Let's go, bub!

Like any other side-scroller, you select your character(s) and move across five
stages (aka Acts) destroying any enemy that crosses your path. Each act is made
of 3 sub-areas and ultimately ends with your heroes facing one of Apocalypse's
4 Horsemen. The final act pits you against each of the Horsemen (stronger) and
finally, the decisive battle with Apocalypse. The heroes will gain experience,
grow in levels, and earn skill points to enhance their mutant powers as they
make their way throughout the levels. The game also has a fighting game engine
approach for pressing a sequence of keys to use a learned mutant power. Skill
trees are also present, which means a certain skill must reach a minimum level
in order to learn another skill. Heroes can also purchase potions called Health
Packs (red) and Energy Packs (blue) by collecting X-Points called Tech Bits
(as coins) from defeated enemies.

KEY: Home & PC Versions (HV), Mobile Version (MV)

HV: The player creates a team of 4 characters from a total of 15 (varies).
    There are unlockable secret characters, and some are console-exclusive.
MV: The player can select a pair (2) of mutants from the roster of 5. There
    are no secret characters to be unlocked nor any exclusive characters.

HV: Each mutant has a very diverse list of mutant powers and skill trees.
MV: Each mutant has about 8-10 skills and certain skills have the maximum level
    of 4. There are mutant powers, passive skills, and Xtremes. Each skill has
    their devastating effects to enemies. Experiment and discover!
HV: Each mutant gains 1 skill point (SP) to allocate for each experience level.
MV: Each mutant gains 2 skill points for each level. Experience is shown by %
    progress. Inactive member gains experience slower than the active one. Some
	skills require 2 SP to learn and 1 SP for next levels mastery. Certain one-
	level skills (Xtremes and passives) cost 2 SP to learn and master.

HV: There is a town center per act where you can restock potions and heal up.
    The player can carry a maximum of 9 health and 9 energy packs. The currency
    are spare parts called Tech Bits used to buy items.
MV: The player can only purchase potions at save points. He can only carry a
    maximum of 5 units of each kind of potion. Any kind of potion cost 3 Coins
    each, while fully healing up the team or reviving a fallen character cost
    6 Coins each. The coins are small gold pyramids also known as Tech Bits.

HV: The player can equip his heroes with gloves (ATK+), armor (DEF+), and
    belts (DEF+) to improve survival rates of each character.
MV: Mentioned equipment are unavailable for purchase nor dropped by enemies.
    Thus the base stats of each mutant remain the same throughout the game
	with no increase during level-ups.

HV: There are several side-quests which are key to level-ups. You can even
    collect comics, sketchbooks, and different types of discs.
MV: The game is straightforward with no side-quests. Just drive your way to
    the boss, defeat him, and you have completed the act. Smart use of your
    Xtremes are the key to level-ups. You also have nothing else to collect
	except X-Points and purchased potions.

HV: Interactive boss battles (i.e. background items can be smashed, etc.)
MV: Fight the bosses with your powers alone. There are no breakable items
    that hide potions to replenish your stock. You fight Apocalypse directly
    without being able to use the Harmonic DNA of "The Four".
HV: Each act has several backgrounds from cities, temples, buildings, etc.
MV: Each act is made up of a single background design from start to end. If
    you have played the game in the consoles, each act in the CP version has
    the act boss scenario as its background (Ex. Act 2's Mikhail in the
    Starship) There are two boss exceptions as will be discussed later.

*All key commands are given for a character facing right.

1 - Use HP+ Potion (red Health Pack)
2 - Directional Pad UP
3 - Use MP+ Potion (blue Energy Pack)
4 - Directional Pad LEFT
5 - Attack
6 - Directional Pad RIGHT
7 - Special Move / Mutant Power (MP cost varies)
8 - Directional Pad DOWN
9 - Xtreme Mutant Power (costs 50 MP)
0 - Toggle active mutant (replacing partner must be alive)

Let's say the key notation for a combo move is 5,5,6. So if your character is
facing right, input the commands in that order. However, if your character is
facing left, input the mirror version of the command: 5,5,4. UP and DOWN keys
are not reversed regardless of which direction your character is facing.


 IV      M U T A N T   F I L E S

Before the character introductions and movelists, here is a brief description
of the skill's notations. Every character has a skill with a certain effect.
It may be used by pressing a specific button (MP cost for skill varies) or
remains active as long the skill is learned. Onto the list:

How skills are listed:


* S.P. stands for skill points. Level 0 characters start with 1 SP. The first
level they gain gives them 3 bonus SP. Subsequent levels earn them 2 SP each.
As of the skill level notation, here is an explanation.
  Example: [X][2][1][1] 
  A 4 Level Skill. The 1st level is already learned from the start (You don't
  need to spend an SP) You must pay 2 SP for 2nd level, 1 for the each of the
  next 2 levels. Thus this skill requires 4 SP total to maximize.

These are the categories of skills. Notations are based on the home versions
of X-Men Legends 2.

ABILITY (Variable MP cost)
Certain heroes have a main ability which are on the offensive side focused on
their mutant powers. If not using their melee attacks, they may choose to use
such powers to inflict considerable damage at a significant cost of their MP.
However, such powers must also be used sparingly. Some specials also benefit
from certain passive skills available to the hero. Each level-up will improve
the overall performance (increased damage, speed, etc.) of the Ability.

BOOST (Variable MP cost)
Certain heroes have a main ability that may temporarily improve a stat or even
recover health without even using items rather than inflicting direct damage to
the opposition. Each level-up of such skills increases the effectiveness and
duration. However, Boost skills consume a substantial amount of MP which leaves
the player to use it sparingly without wasting all MP.

CHARGE (No MP cost)
A charge type skill is typically an extra attack while on the midst of dashing.
It will only work while dashing forward, and is best used to charge against a
distant target with a sudden attack.

SPECIAL (Command varies as well as MP cost)
As you progress, normal attack strikes will do little against more resilient
enemies. A Special skill is suitable for up-close combat and best known as a
combo finisher. This consumes variable amounts of MP, but if used carefully
and strategically, this can decimate a single target to even eradicate a
group of enemies for massive damage.

The ultimate mutant power that inflicts major damage to a single enemy or group
of enemies. Extremely useful against boss battles. The drawback for producing
such devastation is the hefty sum of MP needed to cast an Xtreme. Use it in
moments you need the most. Think of it as a Desperation Attack or Hyper X
Attack in the arcades.

These are the innate characteristics of skills. Notations are based on the home
versions of X-Men Legends 2.

A horizontal straight line attack that pierces through several targets at once.

Only targets within the hero's striking range are affected.

Any offensive skill that sends any form of ranged projectile that travels a
horizontal distance from the character is a missile skill. It may damage a 
single target or a group of targets prone to the projectile.

Passive skills needs not to be used in battle. Once learned, it is permanently
activated in the hero.

Radial skills affects any enemy within the hero's circular vicinity when using
the splash attack.

All on-screen enemies suffer distributed share of massive damage. The maximum
damage inflicted does not change with the number of enemies on-screen.

These are the attributes of the playable heroes. Since you can't buy pieces of
equipment to enhance the base attributes, these stats remain constant in the
entire game. More stars mean higher values.

HP (Default is 100 for all heroes)
The hero's Health Power aka Hit Points, depicted by the yellow power bar at the
upper left interface. This refers the hero's life force and decreases as the
hero takes damage. If ever the hero's HP gauge reaches 0, then the hero is K.O.
(knocked out) unless revived at Save Points. If alive, the other partner will
replace him and enter the fray. If both heroes are K.O., the game is over. Hit
Points can be restored by certain skills and by HP+ Potions.

MP (Default is 100 for all heroes)
The hero's Mutant Power aka Mana Points, depicted by the blue power bar at the
upper left interface below the HP gauge. This refers the hero's energy force
that depletes as the hero uses his special abilities or mutant powers. Should
the hero's MP gauge reaches 0, then the hero is unable to use abilities unless
he has the required MP cost to use the ability. Mutant Points can be restored
by attacking enemies with physical attacks and by MP+ Potions.

STRIKE (Attack)
As the name implies, this is the hero's raw offensive power when he fights in
melee using the Attack button.

BODY (Defense)
This is the hero's physical endurance to attacks. How much damage he takes from
an enemy attack depends on this attribute.

FOCUS (MP Regeneration)
This refers to the character's concentration to convert energy from physical
attacks into inner energy for mutant power (MP) use. The higher the focus, then
the character is able to recover MP at a rapid rate. 

SPEED (Agility)
This is how accurate a hero is when creating combos. A hero with higher speed
has higher chances to link more hits, thus extending the combo streak.

* All playable characters are in their 'Ultimate X-Men' edition costumes.

====   W O L V E R I N E   ====================================================
Real Name      : Logan (born James Howlett)
Team Alignment : X-Men
Mutant Powers  : Keen senses, regeneration, adamantium-laced skeleton and claws
Main Ability   : Healing Factor (Recover HP)

----[ S T A T I S T I C S ]----
STRIKE : *********            9
BODY   : *******              7
FOCUS  : ***                  3
SPEED  : ******               6
Total  :                     25

* Your main melee hero. Overrated favorite. Sadly, he's not as strong and fast
  as he is in the arcades. Hey, this is no 2-player fighting game engine.
* Even though Wolvie should have better range with his claws, it seems not the
  way he should. Many enemies can outrange Wolvie's melee attacks, so you need
  real toe-to-toe combat. Most of his skills also revolve around the use of his
  claws for pure slicin' dicin' fun! Since you mainly fight melee with enemies
  using Wolvie, chances are you get hit back. Hey, Wolvie has a distinct mutant
  power, yes? Then...
* USE THE HEALING FACTOR! If you learned the skill, that is. This power will
  save your health packs for your other character. Since this skill consumes a
  fair amount of MP, hack enemies to recharge MP, then heal up after the fray.
  Rinse and repeat. Remember to keep a stock of MP potions just in case.
* Wolvie is the only one who has a passive speed boost. He is also one of those
  heavy combo streakers.
* Wolvie's suffers great weak points: His slow MP regeneration. I mean VERY
  SLOW (Focus). And his Xtreme is too impressive. NOT!

----[ S K I L L   T R E E ]----

HEALING FACTOR (Boost) - Command 7; 20 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- This is Wolvie's HP replenishing skill. It costs a substantial amount of MP,
  so you can't go frantic whacking enemies and healing yourself all the time.
  Though this skill may save you some HP potions however, Wolvie's very slow
  MP regeneration rate is a huge downfall. 
  The first skill point on Healing Factor restores 13 HP per use. The second
  heals 15 HP. Maxing out this skill jumps the maximum restoration to 20 HP!
  This skill deserves to be maxed once you place skill points into it. All
  levels cost 20 MP per cast, so maxing it out makes it MP cost-efficient.

DASH ATTACK (Melee, Charge) - Command 6,6,5
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1]
- Wolvie's dash attack gives more range to his standard melee attack. This is
  nifty to close the gap as you dash your way to ranged enemies. Since Wolvie
  is all-out melee, this skill will serve him well till the very end.

COMBO CLAW (Melee, Special) - Command 5,5,6; 5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1][1] 
- Wolvie's basic combo finisher. After a string of hits, he dashes forward
  with claws extended that hits everything in his path. Though it does not
  travel full-screen, the claws are wrapped in energy that also damages any
  nearby opponent. Be sure to allot a point for this.

BACK TURN (Melee, Special) - Command 5,5,4; 5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- One of Wolvie's coolest moves. After a combo, Wolvie drives his claws on the
  ground and performs a somersault. This move damages any enemy in front and
  behind Wolvie. Allot one skill point for this.
ROUND SLASH (Radial, Special) - Command 5,5,2; 20 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Since Wolvie always gets into melee, chances are he often gets surrounded by
  hordes of enemies at once. Wolvie performs a vicious spinning attack that
  damages every enemy in the vicinity of the radial attack, allowing to befall
  a horde before retreating. One of Wolvie's must have in his arsenal.

FAST DASH (Passive)
Prerequisites: Level 5
Skill Levels : [2]
- Once learned, this passive skill enables all of Wolverine's dashes to be
  performed more quickly, allowing him to dash and evade enemy attacks. It also
  improves the Dash Attack, allowing it to hit first before the enemy strikes.

CHAIN RUSH CLAW (Melee, Xtreme) - Command 9; 50 MP
Prerequisites: Combo Claw Lv1, Back Turn Lv1, Round Slash Lv1
Skill Levels : [2][2]
- Call this as Wolvie's version of Weapon X in this game. Basically, Wolvie
  focuses all his energy then performs his three finishers on any enemy in
  front of him for massive damage. It's best to use this move with all the
  enemies in one side of the screen (and even aligned). Though optional, the
  next level slightly improves the damage of the move.

FERAL RAGE (Melee, Special/Xtreme) - Command 5,5,9; 30 MP
Prerequisites: Chain Rush Claw Lv1
- This is like the Chain Rush Claw, but linked from a combo. It is also a good
  idea to get this once you have Chain Rush Claw since this move costs less MP
  to perform.

====   C Y C L O P S   ========================================================
Real Name      : Scott 'Slim' Summers
Team Alignment : X-Men
Mutant Powers  : Convert solar energy into concussive laser blasts from eyes
Main Ability   : Optic Blast (Laser energy attack)

----[ S T A T I S T I C S ]----
STRIKE : ********             8
BODY   : *******              7
FOCUS  : *******              7
SPEED  : *****                5
Total  :                     27

* Your ranged good ol' pal. Underrated in favor of Wolvie. We got used to Cyke
  with high combos and massive damage, but in this game he's toned down. Still,
  he's one pretty all-balanced good guy judging from his stats.
* Cyke focuses his skills on his optic blasts and a few melee combat combos. He
  doesn't boast good toe-to-toe fighting skills, but his keep-away ability is
  his key to survive. Then...
* MAXIMIZE ALL BEAM-BASED SKILLS! Maxed MP Charge skill helps Cyke regain MP
  faster with a few melee attacks before going optic-happy once again. One of
  his skills is a cheaper equivalent of his Xtreme: Charge Blast. If you will
  (and you really will) use this skill...
* ABUSE THE CHARGING MOVE! For no extra cost to a regular Optic Blast, you can
  keep a charged beam while moving through scenes and release the beam once you
  see an enemy for a lot more damage than a normal Optic Blast. When fighting
  bosses, 10 Charged Beams are cheap alternatives of 2 Hyper Blasts. Cyke may
  need some MP potions in reserve to refuel his constant blasting.
* EMPLOY HIT-AND-RUN TACTICS! As much as possible, keep Cyke away from melee.
  Only fight up-close to refill MP (MP Charge is great) then move back to safe
  distances. A good combo is attack, Charge Blast, retreat, release. Cyke is 
  among the characters who can create high combo streaks.
* Before using Hyper Blast, group all your enemies in one side of the screen,
  then dash to the opposite side, face them and unleash the Xtreme.
----[ S K I L L   T R E E ]----

MP CHARGE (Passive)
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- This passive skill is very useful for Cyke. Maxed out level is recommended.
  Cyke depends on the power of his optic lasers, so he needs to replenish his
  MP as quickly as possible to allow him to blast enemies from a distance. By
  the time this is maxed, Cyke can fill up his MP gauge in a rapid span of
  time after attacking enemies in melee. His high Focus really helps, too.

OPTIC BLAST (Beam, Ability) - Command 7; 10 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1][1]
- Cyke's bread and butter skill. You'll traverse all of the acts using this
  skill. Each skill point increases its maximum damage. It's imperative that
  you spend your first 4 points to max this out, since it's a prerequisite of
  Cyke's most powerful attack.
SLIDING ATTACK (Melee, Charge) - Command 6,6,5
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1]
- Cyke's dash attack allows him to foot sweep his enemies whilst dashing. Since
  this is a low attack, high attacks (i.e. punches) cannot counter Cyke's kick.
  This skill is entirely optional since Cyke focuses on ranged warfare, yet it
  may prove useful in certain situations when distance is not an option. A bad
  thing is that this move cannot damage flying enemies as well.
CHARGE BLAST (Beam, Ability) - Hold Key 7, press again to fire; 10 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- This is more of a passive skill for the Optic Blast. Once learned, depress
  Key 7 and Cyke's visor will shine, indicating that you charge up power. Once
  you press Key 7 again, Cyke releases the charged beam with more punch than a
  normal Optic Blast at the same cost. The only downside is that Cyke is NOT
  able to move while charging (another skill WILL compensate this). Cyke can
  do more damage by using this rather than his Optic Blast, so this is cost-
  efficient to use one Charge Blast than several Optic Blasts while doing
  the same damage.

COMBO BLAST (Beam, Special) - Command 5,5,6; 10 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2]
- This skill allows Cyke to end his melee hits with a horizontal laser bolt.
  This is excellent for attacking several enemies in front, then send lasers
  to mow down their ranks.

Prerequisites: Charge Blast Lv1
Skill Levels : [2]
- If you're using Charge Blast (and you surely will), then Charging Move is a
  MUST. It improves the versatility of the Charge Blast a hundredfold. Though
  it allows you to move while you keep a Charge Blast, it all makes the huge
  difference: You never have to stand in place before releasing the blast since
  you can move around freely while finding a good place to fire; Charge up a
  blast after clearing a scene and bring it to the next scene before firing it
  again. Repeat and rinse. It all matters.

OPTIC BUSTER (Beam, Special) - Command 5,5,6,4; 10 MP 
Prerequisites: Optic Blast Lv1, Charge Blast Lv1, Combo Blast MAX
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Cyke performs a melee combo followed by a normal optic beam, finished with a
  thicker optic beam. Much like Combo Blast except that two force beams fired
  simultaneously but retains the same MP cost. This deserves as the alternative
  for the Combo Blast move.
HYPER BLAST (Blast, Xtreme) - Command 5,5,9; 30 MP
Prerequisites: Optic Blast MAX
Skill Levels : [2]
- This skill is a widespread beam, because it affects EVERY enemy in Cyke's
  front vicinity. Simply one of the best Xtremes that can be learned very early
  in the game, making Cyke survive a lot longer with this super move. Recall
  Mega Optic Blast of arcade fame: Cyke jumps a bit backward and releases a
  massive blast of laser that devastates all in front of him as he recoils in
  mid-air. Group all enemies on one side and unleash hell!

====   S T O R M   ============================================================
Real Name      : Ororo Munroe
Team Alignment : X-Men
Mutant Powers  : Commands the forces of weather, wind and lightning at will
Main Ability   : Thunder Attack (Strike enemy down with a lightning bolt)

----[ S T A T I S T I C S ]----
STRIKE : ********             8
BODY   : *******              7
FOCUS  : *************       13
SPEED  : ****                 4
Total  :                     32

* One of my top tier mutants in this game. Storm is not strong in close combat,
  but her crowd-control arsenal of abilities are to be feared.
* Storm's standard attack is weird. She punches and a burst of lightning will
  form a few steps away from her position. Enemies within arm's length are NOT
  affected by the punch. The bursts only damage those that come within reach.
* By the goddess, MASTER HER SKILLS! Storm wields an excellent skill list, all
  ranging from short, middle, and long ranges. Mastering when to use a certain
  skill to attack close or distant targets ensures victory. Her crowd-control
  Xtreme is a valuable asset to her as well.
* Storm's best trait: she's gliding from the ground, meaning she's practically
  immune to any hostile ground-based attack.
* Though she will use her skills frequently, smart use of Storm will prevent
  you from overusing any kind of your precious potions. High combo streaks are
  not a problem for her. Hey, she's a goddess! 
* Storm has one of the fastest MP recharge rates. Her Focus stat says it all.

----[ S K I L L   T R E E ]----

NOTE: Storm has 2 passive skills right from the start: FLIGHT and GODDESS MODE.
She is impervious to any ground attacks. Pressing key 7 enables Goddess Mode:
Storm's skills inflict extra damage at the expense of slowly depleting her MP.
Goddess Mode ends once Storm's MP hits 0 or by pressing key 7 again. There are
also some notes for each of her skills: SHORT, MIDDLE, and LONG. Storm's normal
attack is a middle-range type. Each range is approximately 2 character widths
away from Storm (i.e. 6 is the farthest).

DASH ATTACK (Melee, Charge) - Command 6,6,5
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2]
- Storm extends her arms to her opponent, her fists engulfed into a lightning
  ball that gives more range to her standard melee attack. This is nifty to
  close the gap as you dash your way to ranged enemies. Since most of Storm's
  abilities are ranged, this skill can prove to be effective in conjunction
  with Storm's speed. *SHORT

THUNDER ATTACK (Projectile, Special) - Command 5,5,8; 10 MP
* This is a naming error. In-game it is also named as Dash Attack.
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2]
- Storm's excellent combo finisher. After lightning cloud punches, she may call
  forth a lightning bolt to strike down the enemy. The bolt has the same range
  as of Storm's melee attack, so it will likely hit any enemy struck with the
  combo. Though the bolt's initial damage is small, it actually sweeps for 
  another width forward, which dishes the real damage. This move can take down
  a group of enemies after being caught in a combo. Overall, Storm's combo can
  link into more hits for Thunder Attack's 2-hit bolt. *MIDDLE

GODDESS ADVENT (Melee/Projectile, Special) - Command 7,4,5,6; 20 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Another of Storm's fearsome combos where she basically links all finishers in
  one big-time combo once in Goddess Mode: Whirl Wind, Lightning Bolt, finally
  with Cross Cyclone. Anyone caught by the first strike suffers the succeeding
  hits as well, doing massive damage. This also consumes a substantial cost of
  MP, so it's typical you won't use this all the way. *SHORT, MIDDLE, LONG

WHIRL WIND (Melee, Special) - Command 5,5,4; 20 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- Storm conjures a whirlwind in front of her after a combo. Basic finisher but
  deals decent damage. Remember that it only damages enemies very near Storm.
  In short, this inflicts more damage on those in the front flank of your main
  combo target. Each level adds an extra whirlwind and deals more damage. *SHORT

CROSS CYCLONE (Projectile, Special) - Command 5,5,6; 20 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- Storm throws a tornado farther in front of her after a combo. Another basic
  finisher but needs advanced tactics to use. Its primary use is to knock those
  behind the opponent hit by the combo, thus inflicting more damage on those in
  the rear flanks of your main combo target. Each level adds an extra whirlwind
  and deals more damage. *LONG
Prerequisites: Goddess Advent Lv1
Skill Levels : [2]
- This is much like Cyke's Charging Move skill. If you're bent on using Storm's
  Goddess Mode often, this skill is for you. It allows you to move freely while
  in Goddess mode to unleash more carnage with your Lightning Strikes. Keep in
  mind that being in Goddess Mode continually drains MP so you can't go gung-ho
  over these skills.
Prerequisites: Goddess Advent MAX
Skill Levels : [X][1][1][1]
- Storm automatically learns Lv1 of this skill upon learning Goddess Advent. As
  the goddess of weather, Storm can improve the power of her lightning attacks.
  If you use her Thunder Attack often, maxing this out will help a lot to deal
  loads of damage on several targets at once. And since Storm's Xtreme is also

GODDESS RAGE (Blast, Xtreme) - Command 9; 50 MP
Prerequisites: Lightning Strike Lv3
Skill Levels : [2]
- Recall Storm's Lightning Storm in arcade fame (no pun intended). Essentially
  Storm's crowd control move and quite an impressive show-stopper. Five to six
  lightning bolts sweep around the entire screen, doing several hits as well as
  massive damage to all onscreen enemies. With Goddess Power maxed, this move
  causes real mayhem.

====   J U G G E R N A U T   ==================================================
Real Name      : Cain Marko
Team Alignment : Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Mutant Powers  : Superhuman strength and indomitable endurance
Main Ability   : Rage (Temporarily attack boost)
NOTE: Juggie is NOT a mutant. He received his powers when he found the Ruby of
Cyttorak in Korea and read the inscription on a stone tablet that endowed him
the traits of a human juggernaut. He is also Xavier's half-brother.

----[ S T A T I S T I C S ]----
STRIKE : ********             8
BODY   : *******              7
FOCUS  : **************      14
SPEED  : *****                5
Total  :                     34

* The Brotherhood's tank. If you figure how insanely powerful this lug is in
  the comics or in other games, too bad you won't play Jughead like that.
* In terms of skills, Juggie has his own jumping, standing, and ground-smashing
  skills, all which can decimate closely-packed targets. Juggie's melee attacks
  are not to brag about in terms of damage, but can outrange most of enemies'
  melee attacks (i.e. punches). Like X-Men's Wolvie, Juggie also has a uinque
  skill, which is to...
* RAGE! Capcom gamers are familiar with Juggie's Ruby of Cyttorak move and he's
  lived to his name as 'unstoppable'. However, the version of this skill boosts
  damage for a certain amount for a short duration. Too bad the skill wears off
  once Juggie moves between screens.
* It's worth noting that Juggie is one of the fastest MP regenerating heroes.
* Also worth noting that Juggie has the WORST mobility in the game, both in
  moving and attacking (Speed stat doesn't refer to mobility). His damn slow
  speed might be negligible in the first 2 acts, but once Juggie faces enemies
  with ranged attacks, or worse (gasp) face even a single Demon. A Demon can
  beat Juggie to pulp before he can even land his own blow to retaliate. Use
  him at your own risk. Still, he can dish out better combos than Wolvie.

----[ S K I L L   T R E E ]----

RAGE BOOST (Boost) - Command 7; 15 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [1][1][1]
- This is Juggie's butter to his bread. Initially, Rage Mode improves Juggie's
  damage to 110%. The next level jolts damage to 125%. Maxing out this skill
  bumps Juggie's Rage power to 150%. This is only worth maxing out if you want
  to learn another good skill, otherwise just invest an SP for extra damage

HEAD BOMBER (Melee, Charge) - Command 6,6,5
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2]
- Juggernaut Headcrush, anyone? Too bad he does not traverse the entire screen.
  Juggie charges forward and swings down his rock-hard head forward, damaging
  any enemy that comes into range. The range of the attack is a tad shorter to
  Juggie's excellent reach punches. This is nifty to close the gap as you run
  your way to ranged enemies. Given Juggie's slow speed, you almost need to use
  this often to come nearer to enemies and stun them for a moment while also
  dishing out damage.

MISSILE DROP (Melee, Special) - Command 5,5,2; 5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Juggie's aerial finisher. After linking melee hits, he may choose to jump for
  a short while and land with a crushing stomp on the ground. This is actually
  a ground attack, but the best advantage of this finisher is that Juggie is
  invulnerable to ground-based attacks during his jump. You need one level for
  this skill as prerequisite for the Xtreme. If you used the Barbarian in the
  game Diablo II, his Leap Attack is generally Juggie's version of the skill.
  However, the landing blow is ground-based and won't affect flying enemies.
FULL SWING HAMMER (Melee/Radial, Special) - Command 5,5,6; 5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Juggie's frontal and radial finisher. After linking melee hits, he can flail
  out his arm and swing his mace-like fist in circular motion, devastating any
  enemy that falls within range of his punch. Effective for clearing out hordes
  of enemies when you get surrounded as you do a combo. You need one level for
  this skill as prerequisite for the Xtreme.

GROUND WAVE (Projectile, Special) - Command 5,5,2; 5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Juggie's ground finisher. After linking melee hits, he may slam the ground
  with his fists, creating a rock tremor that rushes a good distance forward.
  In fighting games, this is known as Juggie's cheap attack Earth Quake. This
  skill is excellent for knocking out a row of enemies immediately. You need
  one level for this skill as prerequisite for the Xtreme. The main and only
  disadvantage of the skill is inability to damage flying enemies.
LONG DASH (Passive)
Prerequisites: Level 5
Skill Levels : [2]
- As this skill's name implies, this passively improves the length of Juggie's
  dash, thus also improving the effectiveness of his Head Bomber attack. It is
  entirely optional, yet this skill can benefit Juggie's dash attack till the
  very end of the game.
EARTHQUAKE (Radial, Ability) - During Rage Mode, Keys 7,7; 15 MP
Prerequisites: Rage Boost MAX
Skill Levels : [2]
- One of Juggie's strongest, double-edged 'sword' in the game. Juggie pounds
  the ground with his fists, creating a circular tremor in the ground and
  damaging any enemy in the vicinity. Like the Ground Wave, its disadvantage
  is that airborne (flying) enemies cannot be affected by this skill. One of
  the bosses has a version of this skill.

CRAZY RUSH (Melee, Xtreme) - Command 9; 50 MP
Prerequisites: Missile Drop Lv1, Full Swing Hammer Lv1, Ground Wave Lv1
Skill Levels : [2][2]
- Extremely similar to Wolvie's Xtreme. Juggie focuses all his wrath then
  performs his three finishers on any enemy in front of him for massive damage.
  It's best to use this move with all the enemies in one side of the screen
  (and in a row). Though optional, the next level slightly improves the damage
  of the move.

====   M A G N E T O   ========================================================
Real Name      : Erik 'Magnus' Lehnsherr
Team Alignment : Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Mutant Powers  : Control the forces of magnetism and manipulate metal
Main Ability   : Magnetic Pulse Attack (Magnetically capture nearby enemies by
                 magnetizing the iron from their blood or armor)

----[ S T A T I S T I C S ]----
STRIKE : ******************  18
BODY   : ************        12
FOCUS  : *****                5
SPEED  : ***                  3
Total  :                     38

* Based on stat total, he's the best hero in the game. Hands-down. Only he or
  Storm in a team can be able to breeze through the acts with relative ease.
* Erik's magnetic skills are simply the best and most are easy to acquire (esp.
  his Xtreme). Since he specializes on magnetism, you don't have to spend the
  points on different skills. A reason why Magneto is the Master of Magnetism.
* ABUSE MAGNETIC SKILLS! Magneto is so specialized and versatile with control
  over magnetism. He can 'hold' nearby enemies and by learning certain skills,
  he can send them closer for more pummeling or throw them away to open doors
  for escape. He will never be outnumbered once he uses his Xtreme, the best
  one there is in the game. Clean-up is a breeze (or even not necessary).
* Erik strikes with a spray of metal debris with good range and immense damage
  (Strike), and also brags of a high defense (Body). He's the worst combo maker
  due to his attack strength (Speed), unless you can connect it with an Xtreme
  in the middle of several targets.
* Erik has 2 prelearnt skills as he begins and once he reaches a certain level,
  gains another prelearnt skill! Yay!

----[ S K I L L   T R E E ]----

Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [X][1][1]
- This skill improves the range of Erik's melee splash attack. Placing your
  first 2 SP here to max it not only gives you a powerful head start for the
  rest of the game, but also enables you to learn a kick-ass Xtreme!

MAGNETIC CAPTURE (Radial, Ability) - Command 7; 15 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [X][2]
- One of Erik's useful skills. For a certain range around him, he can magnetize
  the iron present within his victims, effectively paralyzing them for a short
  duration! The stun time is long enough for Erik to strike down an enemy or
  two without fear of reataliation. Try this out while in the middle of a horde
  of enemies and smack them down with am Xtreme!

MAGNETIC SHOCK (Melee, Charge) - Command 6,6,5
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2]
- A good overall skill. During a dash, Erik can perform a knee attack, his
  entire body enveloped in a magnetic energy and damaging any enemy that falls
  into contact. Being one of Magneto's powerful skills, you can dash through
  hordes and knock their health significantly before deciding their fates. Get
  this skill ASAP to learn another neat skill!

MAGNETIC PULL (Radial, Ability) - Command 7,4; 15+5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- One of Erik's mainly optional skills. Basically, Magnetic Capture is useful
  enough, but with Magnetic Pull, you can even drag any stunned victim closer
  to you and open to any form of your attacks. Note that this only pulls the
  victims struck in front of Erik. Once you have learned most of Erik's good
  skills, it's worth investing a level for this skill in later acts.

MAGNETIC SPLASH (Radial, Ability) - Command 7,6; 15+5 MP
Prerequisites: None
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- Another optional magnetic skill, which does the opposite of its earlier
  counterpart. Instead of dragging any stunned enemies, Erik can throw them
  across the screen away from him, significantly opening a huge breathing
  space after being surrounded by a thick horde. Later in the game, you'll
  find out that this is one of Erik's must-haves in his arsenal.

POWER SAVE (Passive)
Prerequisites: Level 5
Skill Levels : [X][2]
- Another useful passive skill that enables Erik to use less MP when using his
  'Magnetic' skills, that is. This skill does not lessen MP use from Xtremes
  (too bad), but somehow, being able to abuse magnetic skills by using MP far
  less than usual helps Erik. A LOT. Since this is prelearnt, you may not max
  it out, especially if you don't quite use his magnetic stun skills.

COMBO SHOCK (Melee, Special) - Command 5,5,6; 10 MP
Prerequisites: Magnetic Shock MAX
Skill Levels : [2][1][1]
- If you enjoyed Magnetic Shock, Combo Shock will thrill you more. After you
  deal magnetic debris on your enemies' faces, finish them with a 2-hit Knee
  Shock attack. The finisher hits so hard that enemies are killed even by the
  initial hit. The second hit also deals considerable extra damage that makes
  this skill so useful for most of the game.

GRAVITY JUDGMENT (Blast, Xtreme) - Command 9; 50 MP
Prerequisites: Attack Boost MAX
Skill Levels : [2]
- The best and most powerful Xtreme there is in the game. Flashy show-stopper.
  Recall a beefed-up version of Magnetic Tempest in arcade games. Erik calls
  forth magnetic rocks and debris to rain down continuously on all on-screen
  enemies. It's so powerful that one cast can destroy EVERYTHING on the screen,
  save for bosses which also suffer considerable damage. It's also one of the
  skills of Erik that is very easy to obtain so early in the game.


 V       S A V E   P O I N T S   A N D   I T E M S

In the console versions of XML2, the player is able to save only at certain
location points called X-Traction points, depicted by flashing blue X-marks on
the floor. In the mobile game, these hotspots are simply called Save Points.
It has the same blue X-mark on the floor appearance, but aside from being able
to save progress here, it also doubles as a shop where you can purchase items
at the cost of coins called X-Points.

HP+ Potions____________________________________________________COST: 3 X-POINTS
These are called Health Packs in the console versions, and these red crystals
recover 30 points of your HP gauge. You can carry a maximum of 5 at a time.

MP+ Potions____________________________________________________COST: 3 X-POINTS
These are called Energy Packs in the console versions, and these blue crystals
recover 30 points of your MP gauge. You can carry a maximum of 5 at a time.

RECOVERY_______________________________________________________COST: 6 X-POINTS
It doesn't exist as an item, but when selected, it recovers both your heroes'
HP and MP gauges back into a full 100 points. Incapacitated heroes (KO) won't
benefit from this unless revived first.

REVIVE_________________________________________________________COST: 6 X-POINTS
It also doesn't exist as an item, but when selected, it revives your fallen
hero with a minimal amount of HP. Thus, it also obligates the player to buy
potions or use the Recover commands to bring them back to fighting form.

This is known as Tech Bits in the console versions, which is the main form of
finance in the game. There are two variations of this: small and large. Small
X-Points are worth one unit each, while large X-Points are worth FIVE units!
However, X-Points collected throughout the act are gained as bonus points, so
it behooves the player to save X-Points till the end of the act. Each X-Point
unspent is worth 100 points at the end of the act and are carried over to the
next act.

Locations of Save Points will be discussed in the walkthrough.


 VI      E N E M Y   L I S T

Here is the game's bestiary, listed in order of appearance within the 5 acts.
Higher difficulty settings give the creatures more life and attack much faster,
thus if you got the hang of the game, take the challenge to become a legend!

----CRITTER [Night Critter]----
Appearances: Acts 1 to 4
Console version gamers recognize these critters from the Cerci brood. They are
the first cannon fodder thrown against you in early acts, but later which will
become nastier and more dangerous when in hordes.
MELEE   : Bite
MISSILE : Acid spit (travels around half-screen before reaching the ground)

----HELLHOUND [Hell Hound]----
Appearances: Acts 1 to 4
Though these creatures are slow and don't breath fire like those in Dungeons
and Dragons, they pack quite a punch each time they attack. Watch out for
their attacks from any distance. They were not as humongous as they were in
the home versions, but still, watch out!
MELEE   : Bite
MISSILE : Pouncing claw (very fast execution)

----TROOPER [Shock Trooper]----
Appearances: Acts 1 to 4
The only armored human enemies. They are technologically enhanced to dispatch
mutants and are even controlled to do Apocalypse's bidding. Their attacks have
alarming ranges.
MELEE   : Shock fist (enhanced range)
MISSILE : Tectonic beam (no effect to flying heroes) 

----PROBE [Culling Probe]----
Appearances: Acts 1 to 4
Mechanical sentries armed with security cameras and cannons that fire at will
on intruders and anything hostile. Since it is flying, it is impervious to any
ground-based attack. Beware of laser beams from a mob of Probes! They also have
a damaging self-destruct sequence once their HP reaches 0, so use ranged skills
to destroy them, or just dash away quickly if you're in melee.
MELEE   : Nothing
MISSILE : Probe laser (horizontal beam; VERY dangerous from Probe mobs)

----INFINITE [Infinite]----
Appearances: Acts 2 to 4
The primary mechanical enemy in the game. Like in the console version, it can
be tough especially in later stages. Easiest to destroy when used with radial
or piercing attacks especially in mobs.
MELEE   : Infinite fist
MISSILE : Infinite tackle (distance attacks are best used as counterattacks)

----SENTINEL [Sentinel]----
Appearances: Acts 3 and 4
Gee, console version Sentinels (Bastion fight, remember?) are HUGE! Their human
like size in this game reminds of the popular beat-em-up game from Konami (oh,
nostalgia). Still, Sentinels kick ass. Consider tougher Infinites with ruthless
hand lasers used like there's no tomorrow and you'll have a nightmare.
MELEE   : Nothing
MISSILE : Sentinel laser (horizontal beam; VERY dangerous from Sentinel mobs)

----DEMON [Energy Demon]----
Appearances: Acts 4 and 5
The toughest non-boss creature in the game. It has the nastiest damaging moves,
flies slowly but attacks very fast, strong defense with high HP, and worse has
immunity to ground-based attacks. Even Magneto's strongest attacks cannot take
down a single Demon that easily. Keep your eyes against these gargoyles! And...
good luck if you're using Juggernaut. He can now say, 'I'm stoppable!'
MELEE:  : Claw swipe
MISSILE : Claw coil


 VII     T H E   W A L K T H R O U G H

Coming soon...

LIFE: 560 HP

LIFE: 950 HP

LIFE: 1240 HP

LIFE: 1600 HP

LIFE: 3500 HP


 VIII    H O R S E M A N   S T R A T E G I E S

Coming soon...

ACT 1_______________________________________
ABYSS, Horseman of War (560 HP)
Special Attacks:
* Headbutt
* Dimensional Destruction

ACT 2_______________________________________
MIKHAIL, Horseman of Pestilence (950 HP)
Special Attacks:
* Teleport
* Fireblast

ACT 3_______________________________________
HOLOCAUST, Horseman of Famine (1240 HP)
Special Attacks:
* Tackle
* Earthquake

ACT 4_______________________________________
ARCHANGEL, Horseman of Death (1960 HP)
Special Attacks:
* Flying Tackle
* Wing Missile

ACT 5_______________________________________
APOCALYPSE, The Final Battle (3500 HP)
Special Attacks:
* Power Strike
* Beam Bolt


 IX      C R E D I T S

I wish to thank Activision and MFORMA for a nice conversion of one of the most
wanted games into a portable mobile phone version. For anyone who spent their
time to read this FAQ and wish to give me their corrections, suggestions, and
the like, they'll be credited in this section in future revisions of the FAQ.



 X       D I S C L A I M E R

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can be distributed for FREE as long it's the latest unmodified version (found
in GameFAQs). It is made for PRIVATE USE and MUST NOT be reproduced for any
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profit was gained from this FAQ, nor be used by anyone else for their personal
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Email any corrections, errors, suggestions, etc. to me at this email: 

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Note that you are reading the latest version prior to sending me the email.

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respective owners.

Copyright infringement is heavily punished in the US and other countries, but
not as heavily here in the Philippines. Pirated optical media are given more
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Please notify me whenever you see this FAQ sold or published for monetary
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I should say that I once bought a Chaos Legion FAQ magazine once in my store,
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in GameFAQs. Only the walkthrough was included, but everything else like
author's notes etc. are wholly omitted. The magazine is a text file cut-copied
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