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-The first completely original RPG for mobile phones in the "Tales of" series-

The first mobile phone original RPG with beautiful graphics delivered in a newly transcribed scenario!
A charming character designed by Mutsumi Inomata, a 2 to 2 linear motion battle, and a combo system that collects hits with continuous attacks are realized, and voice is also adopted during battle!
Let's fully enjoy the story of all 6 chapters!

The current emperor of the Lilliericht Empire, whose national religion is Amnis, Istvan IV requisitions Weltex, which has unparalleled technological capabilities in the world, and monopolizes the technology. He builds up a great force as a military nation and embarks on a mission to seize control of other nations in the name of pagan repression. Meanwhile, a mysterious letter arrives addressed to a girl who lives in peace. It was written that she was a descendant of the founding family of Weltex. The girl sets out to confirm her birth.

[] Character design: Mutsumi Inomata
[] Party characters: 6 people
[] All 6 chapters

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