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1944. A vodka distribution company, 'STALINKA Corp.', is perfecting a strategy of global communist invasion using a secret weapon: a genetically engineered vodka which completely and utterly deprives those who drink it of individual willpower. The company is run by Stalin-bot, a robot 'drunk' on power, genetic crossbreed between Stalin and the future Mir space station. Igor Marlevitch and Natasha Kalinski, the cream of the Russian Air Force, get wind of this secret plot and deploy a special air strike to destroy this horrible invention. The code name for the operation is 'Assault Wings'. Fly your plane through three different worlds: fight in the skies, fly over the Artic sea and over the Siberian forests. You will encounter a wide range of enemies: Fight against soviet cannons, tanks, battleships and planes. To beat them, you can upgrade your main weapons up to a triple cannon, but for really tricky situations, use your secret weapons and blast your way through with the mega ray and the mega bombs! Each level features one or several bosses: large bombers, silent submarines and heavy war machines developed by Stalinka Corp. When they're hit, watch them sinking or falling in flames! Assault Wings 1944 is the successful combination of blockbuster gameplay with an original scenario.

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