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by Lanzz

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Guide and Walkthrough by Lanzz

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/18/2013


Quest for Alliance 2 - The Dark World is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by MediaPlazza for mobile phone. It was released in 2005.

Versions History

  • Version 1.0 = 16 February 2013

The is a first version of this FAQ. It contains Introduction, Plot, Menu Guides, Complete Walkthrough, Enemies Guides, and Credits.


In the previous episode, the Gargoyles threatened to invade the known world and enslave it. Despite all their efforts, the Humans could not prevent this tragedy primarily because the Gargoyles were supported by the invincible Golems. Today all the Humans live under the control of the Gargoyles without any hope of escape. But one fine day, the hero of our story benefits from an unexpected event and escapes from his mine to try to reverse the balance of the world.


In the menu screen, you can do a few thing.

1) Select Continue to continue your last adventures.

2) Select Start Game to start a new adventures. Named your character before start the game.

3) Select Help for some tips.

  • The bag is not without a bottom, choose your objects carefully.
  • Be sure to choose your upgrades carefully as you move up the levels: choose your strong points in order to make up for your weaknesses.
  • In the villages, you will find shops and apothecaries to care for your wounds.

4) Select Sound On/Off to turn off or turn on sound.

5) Select Credits for game's development team.

  • Lead Programmer = Ludvig Larsson
  • Designers = Michael Carcini, Frederic Barralho
  • Project Manager = Michael Pichel

Quest for Alliance is the exclusive property of MediaPlazza 2005. Supplied by mikhan.

6) Select Quit to exit the game.


When you started your game, press Display key right to open the menu. You can choose many actions by pressing any buttons below.

[1] Info - To see your character status, to equip weapon or armour, and to drink potion (by pressing [1])./Bag - To manage your inventory.

[2] Save - To saving your game.

[3] Load - To loading your game.

[4] Sound yes/no - To turn off or turn on sound.

[5] Quit - To exit the game.

[6] Return - To continue your adventures.

Here is you character status in the begining:-

Life - 4/4, Attack - 2, Damage - 1, Armor - 0,

Level 1, Your XP - 0 XP, Next Level - 30 XP, Gold - 10.

My Tips

  • Always save your game.
  • All chests contains random item, and will re-appear if you load your game.
  • Make sure to upgrade your Attack point first. When you're fast enough, upgrade Damage, and the Life.

Gargoyle Mine

From your start location, go east and talk to the man there. You're planning to escape from this mine because there are fewer guards that guarded the mine today.

Go north, and you'll enter battle tutorial when walking near Gargoyle guard there. The monsters you fight can't hurt you. The system will guide you on how to fight.

  • Press [2] to move up.
  • Press [8] to move down.
  • Press [1], [4], or [7] to attack the monsters
  • Press [3], [6], or [9] to drink Potion.

Continue to kill any Gargoyle guards that you found to get the exp point. Once you have 30XP, you'll reach level 2. You can choose to upgrade your life, attack, or damage.

  • [1] Upgrade Life - Increase your life.
  • [4] Upgrade Attack - Increase your attack speed.
  • [7] Upgrade Damage - Increase your attack damage.

I suggest you to upgrade your attack to increase your speed, so that you can attack your enemy first.

Go north a few steps until you see one man in right side of straight railway to the north. He is the Collaborator, leave him for now. Head to the northwest of this mine and you'll see many guards assemble, and they're too many for you to fight.

Return to the Collaborator and you'll tell him that the gargoyles would like gases in pipe 7 and 8. Return to the northwest and all gargoyles that blocking the path earlier got scared of a gas and run away.

Make your way to the south-west of this mine (while killing any Gargoyle guard and avoiding the dangerous enemies that ride the cart). You'll find an exit there. Leave this mine after you reach level 6 (always increase you attack points until it reach at least 6 & damage points until it reach at least 2).


Outside; head north, read the sign, and you'll warped to the different location. From there; head to the south-west and walk near the sign there to warp to another location.

Then head to the north-west to find an exit. Leave this forest to reach the overworld. Leave and re-enter this forest to fight the werewolves to gain exp point. Continue to kill until you reach level 9 (always add attack point until it reaches at least 8). Now leave this forest.


You can found old woman nearby. You can heal yourself or buy some potion from her.

you can press any of these buttons for:-

  • [1] Healing yourself
  • [2] Buy a Potion - Price 5
  • [3] Leave.

When you is done, walk to the north a little steps and enter the first village you see to reach Gargoyle Village 1.

Gargoyle Village 1

There are nothing important here. But you can found Item Shop in the north-east of this village.

Inside, you can press any of these buttons for:-

  • [1] Buying weapons or armours.
  • [2] Selling weapons or armours.
  • [3] Leaving this shop.

You must buy a helmet, shield, or boot that increase 4 life and 2 armour from the shop here (buy at least two of these items).

You also can find the Potion Shop in the south-west of this village. If you don't have any other business, leave this village.


From that village, walk to the north a little bit until you see the bridge. Walk across that bridge, and head to the north-east. Enter the village there. Make sure to kill the enemies you found to gain exp point, and add attacks points until you fast enough. Then add damage points to increase your damage.

Gargoyle Village 2

Talk to the old Gargoyle woman in the southwest, and she ask you to find fire so that she can have light in her house. Leave this village.


Make your way back to the previous bridge. Then walk west and then north until you found another village that you can enter.

Gargoyle Village 3

You can found Potion Shop in the south-east of this village.


From village 3, walk to the south-west and you will see the entrance to the forest clearing nearby. Enter the forest clearing, and collect the flame there. Make your way back to the Gargoyle Village 2.

Gargoyle Village 2

Use the flame to lights the house of old Gargoyle woman, and you'll found an underground passage there. You then will emerge at the higher area of this village.

There, you can found two Item Shops and one Potion Shop. Talk to the wise man in the north-east, and he'll tell you that this is the village of Gargoyle who refuse the present dictatorship, and who are at peace with humans. They think the Stone Golems are a bad thing and without them, gargoyles and humans would be equal.

He also tells you that the only person capable of knowing how to get rid of the golems is Doctor Gourmik that can be found in the north of this village between the two forests.

The wise man's daughter, Karia then will join your party to help you in your journey to search for Dr Gourmik. Leave this village.


From village 2, across the bridge in the north and enter the graveyard in the north-west.


From the entrance, head south until you found the tomb of Dr Gourmik. You can't do anything here yet.

Make your way to the south-west of this graveyard, and you'll found the sorcerer house nearby. He'll give you the bottle of powder that enables you to speak with the spirit of the dead.

Make your way back to Dr Gourmik's tomb and use the powder there. You now can talk to Dr Gourmik. He tell you that the golem was given a life through the power of an orb made of gold, and only the power of the Fire Hammer may destroy it. If you want his help, you must look for him in the realm of the dead.

Realm of the Dead

Talk to Dr Gourmik in the south. He'll join your party, and suggest asking the King of the Dead for help. Nearby, you can found Merchant that sell items.

Make your way to the south-west of this realm, and then walk north a few steps. Talk to the King of the Dead there. He'll tell you that he will grant one of your wish, and you then will ask to borrow the Fire Hammer from him.

He'll give you the hammer, and tell you to head to north-east and tap on the magic stone there three times so that you can leave this realm.


Make your way back to the Sorcerer house, and leave the graveyard through the exit in the south-west.


Enter the forest in the east.


Make your way to the north-east of this forest, and you'll find a sign nearby. Use it to leave this forest.


Once you leave the forest, head west until you see the Merchant that sell the potion, and also can heal you. Then, head south, and then east until you found a cave.

Enter that cave to emerge in another location. Kill the strong Gargoyle Guard there, and then talk to the Witch in the south. She'll cast a spell to revive Dr Gourmik.

Make your way back to the previous cave, and head to the north-west. Enter the Gargoyle Castle there.

Gargoyle Castle

Make your way to the north-west of this castle, and enter the next room. In the next room; head north and ready fight the Gargoyle King. When he is died, the game will end.


You destroys the orb, shaking occurs throughout the castle and all the golems solidify.

Now the humans are able to get to the gargoyles because they fight with equal weapons.

The road to freedom is still very long, but the struggle to win it has begun.



Gargoyle Guard1-302-81-19
Vampire Bat3-453-4
Gargoyle King601030


  • MediaPlazza - For developed and published this game.
  • Lanzz - Author of this walkthrough.
  • GameFAQs - For posting my walkthrough.


This FAQ is Copyright 2012 by Lanzz. All rights reserved.

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Final Words

  • I'm sorry if I misspelled words or make wrong sentences. English is not my native language.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions or give comment on this FAQ.
  • If I have forgotten something or you know any secret, then please contact me so that i can updating this FAQ. I will credit any help given to improve this FAQ.
  • If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.
  • Thanks for reading. I hope you'll enjoy this game. Bye!