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As Principal Genome Scientist at the Westlake Research Facility, your primary objective was to research, discover, and document the result of isolating the genomes for 8 different species of animal shared within the Human Genome Sequence. With secrecy a top priority, you & your team learned to eat, sleep (and occasionally play) at the Westlake facilities located 2500 meters below the surface of the earth per the security protocol of the unnamed government organization funding your research. Success would bring the fruition of your most grandeur dreams: enormous respect in the Scientific Community and the option for you & your entire team to retire to the Caribbean for the rest of your lives until one night's batch of research started to MUTATE. The primary action of the player is shooting the horrors that you encounter. This is accomplished simply by pressing the Shoot key. Your secondary action is using an item that you have found in a level. This is accomplished passively in the case of the movement detector, or in the same manner as shooting weapons with, for example, Grenades. With the outbreak of mutant animals, the laboratories are full of dangerous creatures. While their appearances differ, their intent is consistent: find food. Unfortunately for the player, they are their food. Each enemy is a 2-part combination of recognizable mammals, reptiles, and birds and is more-or-less easy to kill. Below a list of enemies found in the game.

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