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Take to the high road! V-Rally® Monte Carlo is one of 8 downloadable tracks in which you can race and take part in the ultimate challenge to become the V-Rally® champion. Choose from 3 race modes; Time Attack and Arcade where you can practice to achieve your best time & position and Championship where you can compete in 24 stages across all eight countries in any order! There are 5 cars to choose from with a 6th high performance car available if you achieve a good Championship result. Faster track times will score more Championship points and your cumulative points will go towards a Championship result. When you have raced all stages of a country, you will be given a V-Rally access code number to select and download your next track when it becomes available. Keep track of your race times and points on the Championship status page. If you achieve a score of 60 points or more, a bonus high-performance car will be unlocked which you can race to see if you can beat your personal best!

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