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As translated by Babelfish http://babelfish.altavista.com/:

1984 years, the large popularity masterpiece game " nuts milk " which is sold in Family Computer & early age becomes the I application game finally, appearance!

Furthermore this time graphics of Family Computer edition was reproduced upgraded graphics prepared 2 versions of " arrangement edition " substantially " classic edition " and, in the modern style.

As for the game, the fruit to operate the protagonist " milk " of the favorite food, after eating the fruit which is inside the picture entirely, if it can arrive to the house " of the ???? " of the sweetheart, it becomes clearing. However, route " of the milk " probably will be obstructed, eternal rival " nuts " disturbs. " The nuts " will be exchanged well and stage will be cleared!

Presently [ the vol.1 ] * [ the vol.2 ] * [ the Vol.3 ] (each 30 stages) download possible is

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