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Monopoly, is a game similar to the famous board game that goes by the same name. A multiplayer square board game with over 100 (one hundred) blocks, players role a dice to move forward. Any block that has not been bought by anyone is open for the player to buy and build various buildings on it. By creating these building on the blocks, the (real estate) price on the block is increased. This inturn increases the amount the next person that lands up on that block has to pay you. The better the building you build, the more the person has to pay you. rnrnIn this manner, you need to slowly mass up your fortune, and slowly buy more and more land, build more and better buildings, and turn yourself into a real-estate tycoon. Once all the blocks have been bought, you are scored as to how well you played, and then ranked according to all the other players who have played the game.

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