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Reviewed: 10/28/05

Run to the edge of the area, tap shoot, ball lobs the keeper, GOAL! Repeat until full time, score, 8-1.

FIFA 2005 was a big hit for PS2, PC, etc. and now EA signed Digital Bridges to make a mobile version, to make the fluid TV style football game small enough to fit in your pocket, with the first mobile version being FIFA 2003. Now here we have the 2005 version, with nice graphics but mixed gameplay.

FIFA 2005 has 16 fully licensed national teams, and there’s a friendly, tournament, and a penalty shootout. The tournament is a no-thrills knock out, and you can have a two player with the penalties. You can make substitutions and the like, plus your players get booked, all the normal football rules there.

You won’t start scoring straight away, you’ll concede a goal before you realise how to play the game, but fortunately the controls are simple to use, plus you can use the joystick if you use a phone like the Nokia 6600. The players themselves move automatically, so you don’t have to keep moving the joystick. However, this FIFA game is no ace. Although the isometric view the game now uses looks nice and the pitch looks realistic, it opens up the way to many flaws. Remember having sweet spots on FIFA 95? They’re back, and better than ever. It won’t be long until you realise you can run to the edge of the box, shot a lob shot and it goes in. Even on pro mode, you’ll find yourself winning 8-2. Tackling involves having to catch the player and running in to him, and every slide tackle results in a foul.

When you pass, you have to wait for the power bar to fill up, so you don’t trickle the ball to another team, and you’ll have got tackled anyway before you pass. If you shoot, filling up the power bar does a nice straight low shot, but a tap is all you need to lob the keeper. There is no tactics involved here; when you cross, run down the wing, wait for the cross symbol (you’ll see blue dots flash by the player) and pass. Your player will do a Beckham style pass, tap header and it’s in. Easy.

FIFA 2005 isn’t an unplayable game, it’s sometimes good fun to keep you occupied on the bus, and tackling other players can get annoying, plus you want to see how many goals you can score against the other team. The game can play realistically, until it comes to scoring that is.

The graphics are nice, the pitch looks real and the players move crisp and smooth. The sound is non-existent, there is only the whistle blow and the cheer when a team score.

Graphics Smooth animations and movements 9/10
Sound Crowd cheers when you score, whistle blows. 1/10
Gameplay Realistic in some ways, but very automated and easy 5/10
Length Fun to play every now and then 6/10

Don’t let the FIFA endorsement fool you into spending your £5 on this. If you don’t want to bring your PSP/DS/GBA on the bus with you all the time, or don’t fancy shelling out lots of money, buy Real Football instead as it actually plays like a football game. This is no Pro Evo, 1-0 wins don’t burst you into satisfaction. It’s not awful and is fun sometimes, but, had it not been so easy to score goals, this game could be quite good.

Final Score6/10

Rating: 6

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