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Prepare to take command of the captain's chair as you are placed at the helm of the USS Enterprise-E. Assume the role of Captain Picard in the new movie, Star Trek Nemesis, and get ready to save Earth from the most lethal threat it has ever faced.

Shinzon, the leader of a dangerous Romulan faction, has control of a terrifying weapon and he plans to destroy all life on Earth. Command the Enterprise through the Bassen Rift in a pulse-pounding race to defeat him. Fight through a fleet of Romulan ships, locate Shinzon's mammoth flagship, the Scimitar, and engage in a battle to the death.

There are four levels of enemies to confront before the Enterprise reaches the Scimitar. A full complement of phasers, photon torpedoes, and quantum torpedoes are at your disposal. You will also need to carefully divert power between weapon systems and shields to avoid destruction from enemy fire.

With a limited number of torpedoes that cannot lock on to cloaked targets, such as Romulan Warbirds and the Scimitar, you'll be faced with your greatest challenge yet.

The Scimitar can fire when cloaked and is a powerful and elusive enemy. The only clue you get to its location is when it fires disrupter blasts. Your first job is to take out its cloaking device with several direct hits. Once the cloaking device is down you can take out its shields before delivering the final blow.

Become one of the few selected captains to take control of the Enterprise and prevent the destruction of the Earth and the Federation!

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