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The Internationally popular BBC gameshow the Weakest Link has now been adapted for Java-enabled mobile phones, bringing all the excitement of the knock-out quiz competition to your mobile phone. Available from September

Packed with sharp-shooting phrases and a wealth of questions this is a single-player general knowledge quiz with no room for the incompetent. You must answer a series of multiple choice questions on a variety of subject categories which are selected at random from the following categories:

- Entertainment
- Geography
- History
- General
- Nature
- Science

After each correct question your potential score is increased by a progressively larger amount. However, you only get to keep this score if you choose to 'bank' before seeing the next question. The current bank and the value of the current question are indicated at all times by the accumulator

Each round ends either when you bank a target score, or when time runs out. If you fail to bank the target amount then you are voted off with a terse "You are the Weakest Link.. Goodbye!?". If you are successful you can select the question category you wish to "vote off" from then on you will not receive questions in that subject. The game continues until two categories remain and you enter "Sudden Death".

You are the Weakest Link... Goodbye

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