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Titans is a fast paced tank shooter developed for the J2ME platform, featuring dozens of levels, multiple power-ups, enemies, and hours of explosive game play!

It's all out war! Your capital city has been invaded. Now it's up to you to counter attack the enemy and capture as many bases as possible.

As the hero, you are in command of the prototype Titan X Tank. Your orders are simple: Destroy the enemy bases. However it won't be easy, as powerful enemy tanks are relentlessly on the hunt and attempt to take down your own base. On top of this, a powerful shield protects each enemy base.

Fend off the waves of opposing tanks as you search for the power key to bring down the enemy shield. From lush tropical beaches to the frigid north, the battle rages on. You are the only thing standing between the enemy and your nation's downfall, so charge onward to victory!