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Alone, the wind whistling in my ears, I wait for the breach order through the static of the radio. Looking at the building, everything seems in order. If it was not for the dozen flashing lights of the police cars below and the eerie silence, you could swear this was a normal day. Unfortunately, for the dozen people trapped in the National Bank, it was far from a regular day. Normally, local authorities handled these kinds of situations, but this time it was different. Rumours of a terrorist organisation were all that was needed to bring us to action.
Static in the radio. 'Tango' on the roof. Hostage present.
'Bravo-One, do you have a shot?' Asked the Captain.
Bringing my massive Barrett 82 into baring, I had the armed suspect in sight. I instinctively answered 'Affirmative Captain.'
He was frantically trying to pull the young brunette about. She was clearly in distress. I lay there motionless. When the order came, I felt a massive thud against my shoulder has I whispered 'Tango neutralised'. The woman was clearly in shock, but it was too late now, the breach was in progress and from now on, we were in charge.

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