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Travelling all over the world, living the high life, flying on private jets and watching world famous rock stars playing gigs in front of millions of people, a Roadie has a great life. And when the gig has finished, the after show festivities run late in to the night. These rock stars know exactly how to party!!!

You play the part of Roadie Jack and your job is to help the greatest rock group on the planet during their sellout world tour. Unfortunately, all the years of late night partying have had an effect on the band, and they now seem to have a habit of leaving their equipment somewhere, and not being able to remember where it is.

Well it is now the day after the night before, and just when the group are preparing to go on stage, they realise how difficult it is to perform without their instruments. As their trusted Roadie it's up to you to get the group on stage, it's a simple job to hunt around backstage and find their instruments, or it would be a simple job if the stadium security simply allowed you to go where ever you wanted, and the crazed fans weren't chasing you for pieces of the bands memorabilia.

To gain access to all of the backstage area you must be carrying the correct backstage pass, you can find various discarded backstage passes lying around, and these will help you access the areas you need to, so that you can gather the group's instruments.

A truly excellent game featuring superb graphics, brilliant gameplay, both action and strategy puzzles in eleven rocking levels, and many groundbreaking features for a mobile game.

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