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FAQ by Uchiha Sasuke I

Updated: 11/12/2006

FAQ by Uchiha Sasuke I

1 - Main menu
2 - Controls
3 - Tutorial
4 - Main game
5 - Time Attack
6 - Bonus Stages
7 - Legal

1 - Main menu
Tutorial - Starts the tutorial stage
New - Starts a new game
Load - Continue from a previously saved game
Sound on / off - Turns sound on / off
Help - Gives brief description about the game
About - Gulo's Tale version 1.0.21 Copyright(c) 2003 Gameloft
Quit - Quit game

2 - Controls
Left programmable key - Menu
Right programmable key - Quit
Up - Jump
Left - Move left
Right - Move right
Down - Create bubble
1 - Create bubble
2 - Jump
3 - Create bubble
4 - Move left
5 - Create / throw bubble
6 - Move right
7 - Nothing
8 - Create bubble
9 - Nothing
* - Create bubble
0 - Nothing
# - Create bubble

3 - Tutorial
This is the first option in the main menu. It gives a brief description of how
to play the game.

You begin in an area to the left of the map. In the centre of the screen a text
box should appear saying 'Press 2... Gulo jumps!' Do just that while moving
right to collect the two fruits above you. You should now be standing on the
edge of a raised level. A new text box appears saying 'Use 1 and 3 to create
bubbles!' Doing this will make Gulo create a bubble either on the left (using
1) or the right (using 3), and the jump on top of it. You can also create
bubbles like this in midair or standing on bubbles, allowing you to elevate
until you reach the top boundary. Press 3 three or four times to collect the
fruits, then jump or walk to the solid green platform. The new text box will
say 'An enemy hit from above dies.' Notice there is an enemy walking around
below you. Jump off the platform on top of the enemy to kill it. Jump up the
next few steps until you reach some spikes on the floor. The text box will now
say 'Bad, bad spikes! Good bubbles!' So standing on the platform next to the
spikes, pressing 3, 3, 1, 1 will allow you to collect the fruits here and avoid
getting hurt by the spikes. Now walk left a little and you should see a new
text box appear saying 'Hit Bibo from below!' So jump at the platforms the
purple enemies are walking on from below to kill them. Collect the fruit while
attacking the enemy on the right. Walking left a little further, a text box
will inform you '8 grabs bubble, 5 shoots it!' Pressing 5, 8, *, # or down will
make Gulo create a bubble and hold it above his head, and pressing 5 will make
him throw it to attack enemies. Try this on the bee floating around where you
just attacked the bibos. Use 1 and 3 to ascend to the left platform, and 5 to
attack the bee. Collect the fruit up here as well. Now attack the two enemies
to your left. Here will be a dead end, so ascend using 1 and 3 collecting the
fruit along the way until you reach the top boundary. Here move right. There
will be a blue stone wall in your way, which is easily destroyed with bubbles,
or by walking into it. Here a text box tells you 'Bubbles may stop yur fall'.
Walk off the edge, and use 1 and 3 to stop and collect the fruits when falling.
Here move right and the text box says 'Catch the enemy in a bubble!' so stand
next to the enemy and press 1 (if the enemy is on the left) or 3 (if the enemy
is on the right) to trap the enemy in a bubble. When the bubble explodes, so
does the enemy. After this to your right there will be a switch above you to
hit by jumping into it. The wall to your right will disappear, and only after
that will a text box say 'The switch! Hit the switch!' This is the end of the
tutorial. Stand over the blue statue that says 'Press '5' to activate me' to go
back to the main menu.

4 - Main game

Before you start, I highly recommend you turn the sound OFF. The movies in
this game have very annoying music playing and the in-game sounds are
repetitive and annoying too.

When you select 'New', a short introductory movie will play. Press any key to
skip through it where you will start out in part 1 of the World Map. Here
you will see a statue and a wall. Stand over the statue (Which should say
'Gather fruits inside: 5'), and press 5. This will transport you to level 1.

The objective of the game is to collect enough fruit to meet the quota (in this
case, 5) and reach the end of the stage without dying or running out of time.
In the upper left corner of the screen is your health bars. You can be attacked
five times before dying. At the top of the screen in the centre is the time
limit. This is 200 seconds. If you run out of time, you fail. In the upper
right corner of the screen is a count of fruit. It says 'xx/20', xx being the
amount of fruits you have collected. At the start, xx is red, but when you meet
the quota it turns green. I suggest that you collect all 20, as it is very easy
and gives you 'Time Attack' mode at the end. After each stage you also get the
options 'Retry' or 'World Map'.

After you have finished the four stages in World 1, you can travel to World 2.
It looks different from World 1, but that's about it. The objective is exactly
the same, the only thing I should point out is that there are some new enemies
on the ground with spikes facing upwards. Don't jump on these, because you'll
get hurt. Kill them with bubbles. In World 2 there are also four stages, and
you should get all 20 fruits in each. After this you will see the ending movie
and credits, and you can now play Time Attack mode.

5 - Time Attack

In time attack mode the only objective is to get to the end of the stage in
time without dying. The time limits have now changed, and there is no
longer and fruit to collect. After completing all 8 time attack stages, you
have access to 2 bonus stages. The new time limits are:

1-1 = 1:15
1-2 = 1:50
1-3 = 1:50
1-4 = 1:10
2-1 = 1:00
2-2 = 0:50
2-3 = 1:30
2-4 = 1:50

These time limits are ridiculously easy to beat and wouldn't affect gameplay if
they weren't there at all. After you've beaten a stage at time attack the
counter counts upwards, and the limits are removed.

6 - Bonus Stages

After completing the Time Attack stages, two secret levels will become
available, in the form of blue statues in the World Map. One in World 1, and
one in World 2. Standing over the blue statues will open a text box saying
'Enter the Bonus Level!'. Press 5 to do just that. These two stages are the
only two that offer any real challenge. The time limit when you start is just
ten seconds, and the idea is to collect the items that appear to be sand timers
that are placed around the level. These increase the time limit by five seconds
each, and it is important to collect them otherwise you will run out of time.
There are no fruits to collect here either. Another important thing to remember
is to not just run wildly from start to finish, as you will take damage and
probably die. If you collect all the sand timers you should still finish with a
few seconds spare, which gives you enough time to occasionally stop to avoid an

After completing these two stages... Well, that's it. No congratulations,
nothing. Nothing to do but try and shave a few seconds off your time attacks.

7 - Legal

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

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