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A premium soccer simulation game stacked with exciting features including in-game training and a penalty shoot out. It features 16 international soccer teams: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Chile, Colombia, England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Spain and United States of America

There are four different game modes to test your soccer skills.

Training: polish your skills before the big match and practice passing

Friendly mode: play in a friendly match against any of the teams in a one off match to get some practice.

Tournament mode: your selected team participates in a full-on soccer tournament with 15 other international teams.

Penalty shoot out: quick fire, both single and two-player, where you can pick-up and play and get some target practice against any of the featured teams.

The angled viewpoint gives an impressive feeling of height and the 3D penalty-taking and first class graphics maximises the realistic gaming experience. dbi pro Soccer features a wide variety of set pieces including crosses, headers and free kicks. All matches last 90 minutes and you can set the real-time gameplay of a match to last 3, 5 or 7 minutes. In tournament mode the game, if drawn at the end of the 90 minutes, will continue to extra time and then go to a Golden Goal decider until the match is won.
Key Features

- 16 International Teams
- Great graphics
- Friendly and tournament modes
- Training and penalty shoot out options
- Driven by advanced AI

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