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As the hunting season begins, you will need to prove you have the skills to maintain your hunting license. The longer you can keep you hunting license, means the more money you can earn by selling your game. As each day passes, you will be required to bring home more and more ducks to ensure that you won't be going home early. But you have to be quick, because other hunters will be trying to bag your game, and you have a quota to fill.

To bring down these ducks you'll need a lot of skill and a little luck. When the target moves you'll want to aim quickly and accurately to score. If you think it all sounds too easy, well the ducks come thick and fast and you'll do anything not to waste your ammo. Waste your ammo and you'll go home empty handed. Miss too many and you'll lose your hunting licence. So are you up for the challenge? Have you got what it takes to be the best hunter around this Open Season?

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