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Oh no! A horde of badgers has invaded your allotment, intent on ruining your prize vegetables! Bash the filthy beasts with your spade as they pop their heads out of the ground. Be careful not to whack your pet cat Gary who also spends a lot of his free time down at the allotment!
There are 3 modes to play Badger Bash:

Bash as many badgers as possible before the time runs out

Avoid missing any badgers or hitting Gary the Cat

The aim is to bash 100 badgers as quickly as possible

This game is fast and furious - the badger onslaught lasts about three minutes with 100 badgers to bash so you need to be quick!

Key Features
- Simple but fun agility game
- Several types of badgers each worth different amount of points
- Three gameplay modes
- Full of humorous taunts

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