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Are you looking for a challenging puzzle combined with some action? Welcome to Mummy and The Beauty. Little Jane got lost in the Egyptian pyramid and needs your help to find the exit. The labyrinth is filled with mummies. They aren't very intelligent and roam from one obstacle to another, but they kill anybody they touch. The passages are blocked by doors of three different types, which require three different keys - triangular, square or round. The shape of the lock on top of the door tells you which key it requires; the shape of the lock at the bottom tells you what key you will be left with after passing through that door. You need to help Jane figure out the right sequence in which the keys should be used. The game is pretty easy at first but gets to be real tough and challenging by the time you get closer to the final thirtieth level. Run fast, think even faster to save Jane from the mummies and to get her out of the labyrinth.

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