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The aliens, led by the terrible General %@#, attack Earth's major cities in a fiendish attempt to become the new overlords of the planet. As a pilot, you're mankind's only hope of resisting this invasion and protecting New-York, Shanghai, Moscow and Paris from destruction. At the helm of the last spaceship capable of fighting effectively against the alien forces, it's up to you to confront the General and his whole army in epic battles.

To win, you have to destroy all the alien ships. The fewer shots you need to kill all the enemies - and the quicker you save a city - the more points you gain.

- As you progress from city to city, the alien attacks grow harder to resist and the different bosses get tougher and tougher.
- Win lethal bonuses, like the Laser or the Rapid Shot, to help you beat alien fusion ships.
- Follow the fun storyline through the dialogs with your arch enemy: it'll take you back to the kitsch, wacky style of those 50s alien B-movies!

To save Planet Earth, you will need lightning reflexes and nerves of steel. So go for it, pilot! It's Battle Stations ... and all of humankind is counting on you!

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