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Among Square Enix's signature RPG "Final Fantasy" series, "FFVII" is considered an especially famous masterpiece.

6 years before the events of "FFVII". What happened between the Shin-Ra Company, The Turks, and AVALANCHE? What were Reno, Rude, Barrett, Cloud, and Sephiroth doing at the time...? The truth is revealed in BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII!

There are two game modes: "Episode" where you can enjoy the story delivered every month, and "Free Mode" where you can walk around the city freely. There are also extra elements such as "Training" where you can use the accumulated rank points to fight against Reno and others.

To play, first select your own alter ego from multiple prepared characters and give them a name. After that, he will receive a command from the Turks boss to which the player belongs and carry out the mission.

[] Select a character that will be the player's alter ego from multiple men and women. Weapons such as rods and guns differ depending on the character.

The field advances while making full use of movement up, down, left and right. When an enemy is found, it shifts to a battle screen different from the field.

The battle is an action format, and while avoiding enemy attacks, the player stealthily flanks the enemy and causes damage. On the other hand, in the field, you can use the terrain to drive the enemy, or hide in the blind spot of the enemy, bide your time, then when the moment is right...take action!

[] Hunt down the enemy, or vice versa. There are various actions that take advantage of the terrain of the field.

[] The battle screen is separate from the field. Make the best use of the characteristics of your weapons and dig into the enemy's foot!

Sometimes it is important to use magic called . This can be used by equipping it with weapons and armor. It is also possible to launch attacks with special effects by combining it with weapons such as "Materia bullets" that use a combination of guns and Materia.

Of course, if you equip and finish the battle, experience points will be added and the magic effect will level up.

[] Materia is obtained by taking a picture with the FOMA camera! What kind of materia can be made? ...I'm looking forward to copying it!

The only way to get Materia in this game is to take a picture of your personal belongings with a mobile camera. If you take a picture with a camera and convert it, you will gain a piece of Materia...

In addition, has another important function called "Materia support". This is a system in which when the MP decreases and you are in a pinch, if you request "Materia support" from the headquarters, you can be sent a new from other friends who have been contacted.

If you use this "Materia Support System", you can rest assured even if you run out of MP. You can also summon a beast if certain conditions are met, such as the amount of Materia. On the other hand, if you send the surplus Materia immediately when you receive a request, your friends will be grateful to you.

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